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What Makes Iron Supplements The Best? Explore Its Benefits Here:

A lot of time we hear our doctors suggesting iron supplements in the prescription stating the deficiency. However, have you ever considered why you need iron? What does the doctor mean by iron deficiency and what harm can it cause? What are the symptoms? Last but not the least Are these iron capsules enough? What are the benefits of iron capsules?

Normally doctors explain some of these questions, where some remain unanswered or too hard to understand. So, let’s break down the topic and understand from the starting.

We all know that our body needs minerals, nutrients, vitamins, etc. to work efficiently and stay healthy. Well iron is one of the minerals present in the human body which helps in keeping our body healthy. Iron is the one mineral which can be the cause of “anemia”.

“Anemia – A condition in which the blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells.”

In layman terms, our blood is the mix of White blood cells (WBCs), Red blood cells (RBCs) along with other several components. WBCs help our immune system whereas RBCs help in circulation of oxygen in the body and lungs and collection of Carbon dioxide from body to lungs for exhaling.

Lack of iron in the body can hamper the process of making hemoglobin hence lack of Red blood cells in the body. This lack of RBCs can cause anemia which later can be the reason for several diseases. In short, your body is not healthy. 

Anemia or deficiency of iron can be diagnosed with simple blood tests. Doctors prescribe iron capsules and change in the eating habits to meet the demand of iron by the body. There are several benefits of iron capsules. They not only help in replenishing the need of iron content of the body but also helps in managing health.

There are several known symptoms of anemia, each of which can make your simple day hard and far less than efficient.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Tiredness, Weakness, Lethargy
  • Paleness, colorless, or yellowish skin
  • Difficulty in breathing, shortness in breathing
  • Irregularity in heartbeats
  • Dizzy spells or light- headedness 
  • Headaches, head- spins
  • Pain in chest
  • Unusual cold hands and feet
  • Infections 

Remember the symptoms won’t be too prominent from day one but will get worse with each passing day. Some of the common reason which led to iron deficiency includes:

  • Loss of blood (due to any disease, accidents, other health conditions, mensuration in women, etc.)
  • Lifestyle and eating habits with less iron-based food
  • Special increase of body’s need for iron like in case of pregnancies for women
  • People above the age of 60 -65 are more likely to be affected
  • Regular use of blood thinners
  • People with Kidney problems or kidney failure

Along with iron capsules one can include some of these food items in their diets to speed up the process. Kidney Beans, Banana, Tofu, Peanuts, Brown rice, Spinach, Lentils etc. for those who follow a vegetarian diet and Oysters, Beef liver, Beef, Turkey, Eggs, Tuna, Shrimp, Lamb, etc. for those who enjoy non vegetarian diet.

Benefits of Iron Capsules or iron in general for human body:

  • Treatment of anemia:

As we discussed earlier, iron capsules help in the process of making hemoglobin which eventually treats anemia in one’s body. Lack of iron is normally the reason for anemia, so these capsules manage the deficiency.

  • Helps in deep sleep:

Some of the earlier research by known scientists has proven connection with sleeplessness, insomnia, etc. with lack of iron content in the body. With the help of iron capsules and a regular healthy diet, one can treat their sleep issues. And can easily fall into deep sleep with beautiful dreams.

  • Muscle metabolism:

You might not know but muscle weakness can be caused by lack of iron in the body too. Lack of iron can cause muscle inflammation, severe pain and muscle fatigue which will impact the muscle endurance. One of the benefits of iron capsules includes, helping in maintaining the muscle metabolism at an appropriate level.

  • Fatigue:

Always remember any unusual difference in your body or feelings has a solid reason behind it. So, if you are feeling unusual fatigue or lethargy then you might have a deficiency of iron and the iron capsules can help in curbing the issue without any major side effects. It’s better to take an iron capsule than staying tired on a daily basis.

  • Immunity:

Iron helps in boosting the immunity in the body. Immunity is what keeps the diseases away from the body. It fights infections and heals the body. Iron helps in boosting the immune system so that it can keep you safe and healthy all the time.

Even after so many benefits of iron capsules you can only start seeing the difference from one week to one month. So stay focused and work to make your body more healthy. 

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