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What Should You Know Before Choosing a Bathtub?

Nowadays, building a new bathroom or remodel an existing bathroom bathtub can be a luxurious addition to your home. Synonyms with sprawling luxurious spaces and bathrooms bathtubs are feasible in a small bathroom too. Don’t let a shortage of the area keep you from creating your desired bathroom. Bathtubs, being a decorative element, fulfill the daily hygiene functions, and that is why it is important to decide the best option.

Taking a bath is the ultimate relaxation, but purchasing a bathtub can be stressful to you. There is a dizzying array of bathtub shapes, dimensions, and materials available today, and it is a decision you need to get right. With some research and some good planning, you can add a bathtub to the bathroom. Here are some lists of things you should know to keep in mind before choosing a bathtub for your bathroom.

Tub Size and Shape

Bathtubs are not one-size-fits-all. Select the right size based on the space you have and your goals for a new bathtub. And if your old tub was cramped, this is the time to upsize if you have the space. The standard bathtubs tend to be around 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. On the other side choose a shape that matches your needs. This is also a chance to select various types of styles for your new bathtub if you can accommodate any necessary plumbing changes to the bathtub. You can also go with freestanding spa bathtubs, which are a little more expensive than built-in tubs. They come in different sizes and shapes according to your needs. They are more complex and have more designs.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Style of the Bathtub

When it comes to bathtubs, there are a few styles to accommodate just about any bathroom, with each emphasizing some factors, materials, and space. The amount of space you have large influences what style is perfect for you. While you may be inclined to clawfoot or oval-shaped freestanding bathtubs, you only have enough space for a round tub. The material will also influence the style as few materials are only made with specific styles such as natural stone and copper.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Before going with a particular type of tub, you need to know just what your bathroom can accommodate. The standard is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide, but many others are also available with different options. You need to take measurements of your bathroom and also with doorways carefully. Also, back-to-wall bathtubs allow for the installation of a shower, so check before purchasing if a bathtub shower combo is a must-have feature for you and your family.

Needs of the Inhabitants:

A shower is more comfortable for older adults, and where the kid is, the great solution is the drop-in or under-mount bathtub. If you put both concepts together, you will find the best ally in combined bathtubs. All the requirements of the people in your bathroom will be satisfied, and you can add accessories like spa accessories for hot tubs and shower handles, etc.

Drop-in Bathtub

Bathtub Depth and Height:

You need to consider the tub height relative to the bathroom floor. A built-in tub can be installed into the floor, making it simple and may save on space. On the other side, more elaborate bathtub surrounds may need an elevated tub. Always keep in mind you have enough support for your plans. The second thing is how deep the bathtub should be. For instance, deeper tubs fit for soaking will typically be 18 to 22 inches depending on the bathtub’s style.

Core Materials:

Standard tubs usually have a fiberglass or acrylic construction that keeps the interiors as hollow as possible to reduce weight. And the heavier tubs may use enamel and metal. Modern luxurious tubs can even be made with natural concrete and stone, although this is a particularly expensive and heavy option for you.

Design and Comfort:

Bathtubs are decorative, and it is important that they are consistent with the rest of the bathroom elements. There are a number of models, from four-legged tubs to the most modern luxurious with innovation in shapes and materials. On the other side, the bathtub will provide you a relaxing time and also helps to reduce stress. For more relaxing best choose spa baths are the complement for the ultimate relaxation in bathing. You will have different features as massage with a warmer touch will give you extra comfort. It is important to keep these types of bathtubs up to four times more expensive.

Bathroom Size:

If your bathroom is a little bit small, select a rectangular shape the size of the wall farthest from your bathroom door. So in this way, you can achieve greater depth. Another option is to use a corner tub, leaving more free space in the rest of the bathroom. If the room is large, you will have a huge range of possibilities to choose from.

Determine the Budget:

These models range from 140 to 190 meters. You also lower costs with the choice of products depending on the bathtub you see for. The common materials are steel and acrylic. You can use the rest of your budget to complete your bathroom with hydraulic furniture, tiles, or faucets direct shower head.

Walls and Corners:

This dictates the range of styles and designs you can select from. If walls surround your bathtub, you have small choices. If the bathtub is against only one wall, you can enlarge it more simply and easily. Another best option is the back-to-wall bathtub is a great solution for smaller spaces where you need the look of a freestanding bath.

Can the Water Heater Handle the Task?

The size of your bathtub will affect your monthly expenses. A typical bathtub consists of one-third chill water and two-third hot water. If you have a hot water tank, can a bathtub supply you with enough hot water? Bathtubs will vary in size, holding 25-150 gallons of water. Make sure that the water heater is large enough to fill two-thirds of your bathtub with warm water.


When selecting the bathtub, see for an added value that will suit your goals. For a family with kids, bathtubs with a huge flat side edge are great for holding cosmetics, toys and serving as a potential screen installation. In the upcoming years, it will be a primary objective.

Should You Need to Repair or Refinish the bathtub?

If your tub is leaking, worn, or cracked, it might be time to replace your bathtub. Lining or refinishing your bathtub is the best way to take care of stains and unsightly stains. Some companies can refinish your bathtub with a polyurethane coating that gives it a high-gloss, hard surface. Other companies can outfit your tub with an acrylic molded exactly to its shape, size, and style.

Finishing Materials:

You don’t need to keep the appearance as the inner surface. You can tile around the front of your bathtub or build out space with some stone highlights. Just remember to use high-quality sealant in this moisture area.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you are interested in buying a new bathtub for your bathroom, follow the tips mentioned above and advice from professionals before starting a renovation.


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