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What Software Is Best For Digital Art?

Digital Art has turned out to be a prevalent art form in today’s world. In the era of digitalization, how could it be left behind? Digital artists can now create beautiful pieces of art using a few strokes of digital paint using digital brushes. They can create multi-dimensional images, designs, and everything else that earlier required manual hard work. In market, there are lots of software available in the market for digital art. Though choosing what software is best for digital art out of them is quite difficult. Here we have picked a digital art software that both newbies and pros can use with ease. But before heading to that software, let’s have a look at the factors that you should look for before choosing a digital art software.

Choosing the best digital art software does not have to be difficult. While there are a plethora of attractive apps available for all budgets, only a small number of them are truly worthy of your attention, and we’ve already identified the best options to save you a lot of time searching.

When searching for the best digital art software, you should consider whether you want a full-featured artistic workhorse that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it or a more narrowly focused app that reflects your specific style. Normally, the former will cost much more, but with a more specialized package, you may find yourself a little restricted if you feel the need to spread your creative wings a little.

Whatever type of digital art software you require, if you continue reading, you will almost certainly find the best option for you. We discovered everything from free (but still high-quality) apps to strong budget options and full-fledged professional packages with professional price tags and subscription plans. Simply scroll down to see our suggestions.

What To Look For In A Painting Software?

Before deciding what software to use, there are lots of factors that you should consider like:

  • The types of brushes provided by the software and their strokes are important things to know before finding yourself a suitable software. Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop are the two best software that comes with a plethora of brush styles.
  • Your requirements matter. If you are a beginner, you can go for any free software to practice. But for professionals, paid software is better as they provide a wider range of services and tools.
  • The software should be chosen according to the drawings you create and the type of brushes and equipment that are needed for the same. It should also be assured that the concerned software contains the required brushes.
  • The type of device you are using should be kept in mind. Different software has different compatibility standards that should be matched with the computer. You cannot download heavy software that cannot run on your device.

Adobe Photoshop: The Best Digital Art Software

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the king of all software and helps to create digital art. It is an old, yet still relevant software that updates itself with time, adjusting to the needs of the art-makers. It was developed and launched by Adobe Inc in 1988. Over the years, Photoshop has launched many versions of its software like Photoshop CS (2003), Photoshop CC (2013), Photoshop 2020, and the latest of them all being Photoshop 2021 (version 22.4.2). It is also continuously upgrading itself and in the future, it is expected to come with a lot more features. In the further section, we have mentioned the features that one can get with this software.

What Makes Adobe Photoshop The Best Digital Art Software?

As stated, Adobe Photoshop is an advanced digital art software and offers a plethora of features to its users. Due to this many users including some famous professionals use this software for exploring their art. The prime features that a user may get with this software are:

Supported Multiple Layers

With this tool of photoshop, you can create different layers of drawings and then stack them up according to your requirements. The layers palette lets you have control over each and every object on your drawing page, making it an exclusive feature.

Pen tool

The pen tool of Adobe photoshop provides you with three anchor points, which can help you draw your piece with bare hands, in case you do not have a digital pencil for instance. It is very flexible and smooth and gives the user the feel of traditional drawing.

Provider Various Shapes

The shape tool provides a variety of shapes to the users which they can draw and edit using the pen tool. There are a number of shapes to choose from and they can go from basic to exclusive.

Multiple Selection Tools

The selection tools of photoshop are very easy to use and despite so much competition, are still prioritized by the painters. Over the years, Photoshop has also increased its precision qualities and the details that are provided as a result.

Retouching Tools

Tools like the Red-eye tool, Healing tool, Patch tool, etc., that are a part of retouching tools, help the painters to edit their work with so much ease that it has reduced almost the whole of man effort regarding the same. They are used for making corrections in the image at the early stages.

Photoshop 3D

This tool is one of the most crucial reasons for the success of Adobe Photoshop worldwide. This 3D tool helps create 3D images with so much ease and saves time for the painters, who traditionally, would take so much more time to paint or sketch a 3D object.

Supported Lightroom Integration

This software also supports integration with Adobe Lightroom. This means you can access all the features of Lightroom directly from Photoshop. You can also use the Optics drop-down menu of Lightroom to work on your projects.

Pricing Of Adobe Photoshop

So far we have discussed the major features that you may find with this video editing software. Now, let’s discuss the price that you may need to spend on this software to make it yours:

  • Monthly plan @ $31.49 per month
  • Annual plan @ 20.99 per month

With both of these plans, you will get access to the followings benefits:

  1. Access to both iPad and desktop versions of Photoshop.
  2. 100 GB of cloud storage that can be used for saving your projects online.
  3. Access to the other Adobe applications including Fresco, Portfolio, Fonts, Spark, etc.
  4. Access to the latest updates of Adobe photoshop.
  5. 10 images free for 30 days by adding Adobe Stock.
  6. 30 days money-back guarantee so that you can cancel your subscription if you didn’t like it.

These are the major benefits to which you can get access by choosing the best digital art software Adobe Photoshop.


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Wrapping Things Up

The best thing about Adobe Photoshop is its capacity to come in accordance with the needs and trends that alter with time. It has been the easiest and most handy tool for painters since its inception, and with time, it launches the latest version to keep its users updated. There are numerous other features that make Adobe photoshop undoubtedly the best. Every digital art creator should try it, at least once in life. If you feel Adobe Photoshop not working for you, then you opt for its prime alternatives, Clip Studio Paint. You can also get an amazing Clip Studio Paint discount while purchasing this software.

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