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What things you must not do in your regular life when you have asthma

Asthma Treatment with Asthalin Inhaler

Asthma is the most common chronic, recurrent lung condition in which the airways within the lungs are obstructed. Though the disease is of life long, it can be expected that the degree of pain that you suffer from it would change from time to time.

Previously, asthma was deemed as a “bronchospasm” condition. Although in the early 20th century there was a drastic increase in the death rate, with the beginning of New research and gradually with the advancement in research the disease lost its deadly appearance. With the advancement of research and with the supply of medicines like that of Asthalin inhaler for regular use, the deadliness of the disease is in check to date.

Asthalin inhaler
Asthalin inhaler

Although consumption of tobacco continues to serve the most important asthma triggering element, researchers have allotted extensive research to prove the fact that allergens too play a significant role in triggering asthma. In any normal allergy, the airways get inflamed and trigger asthma. A number of the common allergens that may cause allergy to an excellent extent include insects like mites, cockroaches, dust, pollen grains to say few. Excessive consumption of alcohol and foods containing sulfites is additionally to blame for triggering asthma. Asthma can get triggered by activities that involve excessive physical workouts like hardcore exercises, cycling, and swimming.

Although 1 out of each 5 children and 12 adults get stricken by this reoccurring disease, it will be kept in check by following certain guidelines. With the correct intake of prescribed medicines, asthalin inhaler, there are certain things that a person suffering from asthma must refrain from doing-

Smoking –

Smoking is the first and foremost thing that patients suffering from asthma must not indulge in. Both active, as well as passive smoking of tobacco, play a major role in triggering asthma. Along with this, it must be kept in mind that cigarette smoke isn’t the only kind of smoke that causes asthma. Any kind of smoke is capable of triggering chronic asthma. Smokes generated from agarbattis, burning of coal, fuel, while cooking can cause asthma too. Hence people suffering from asthma must not expose themselves in any kind of smokes. Asthma patients must not fail to avoid smokes and stuffy areas to lessen the chance of getting an asthma attack.

Failing to Take Asthma Medication on Time –

This is the most important measure that a patient of asthma must follow and should never forget. An asthma patient must not skip the regular prescribed dosage of medicine even if he/she is feeling better. Interrupted intake of medicine can cause uncomforting symptoms and might hinder the proper functioning of the body. Patients suffering from asthma are advised to keep Asthalin inhaler for regular use and do not forget to keep other medicines handy.

Failing to Identify Asthma Triggering Elements –

The primary step that must be taken to keep asthma under control is that of identifying asthma triggering elements. Some of the common asthma triggering elements include that of tobacco, strong fragrances. Extra tiring activities like swimming, core exercises, cycling can also trigger asthma in many cases. Sudden changes in weather conditions can also act as an asthma triggering element. Avoiding the extensive use of air condition, thus, is advisable. Other agents like molds, cockroaches are also responsible for worsening asthma. Failing to identify any of asthma triggering elements might lead to worsening of the condition.

Sharing Space with Allergens –

If a patient suffers from allergy and asthma, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance from all kinds of allergens (things causing allergy). Exposure to an allergen can vehemently increase the inflammation in the airways which in turn can result in causing an asthma attack.

Failing to Allergy-Proof the Living Space at Regular Interval –

Although the idea sounds costly, there are various ways by which one can allergy proof the house. Exposing the bed sheets, pillows and blankets to sunray can help in destroying microorganisms that otherwise are invisible through naked eyes and are responsible for causing allergy that might provoke asthma. The responsibility must not be overlooked in order to avoid fight asthma.

Keeping in mind the uncertainty of the occurrence of an asthma attack, it is better for asthma patients as well as their family members to be prepared for any kind of emergency. During an asthma attack, the lung fails to take in life-supporting oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide, in situations like this, the brain can get severely damaged eventually resulting in the demise of a person. If a patient suffering from asthma experiences extreme difficulty in breathing it is necessary to call the doctor immediately without delaying for a moment. Such patients, as well as Families of such patients, must keep Asthalin inhaler for regular use and for controlling any kind of emergencies

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