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What to Look For When Choosing Leather Biker Jacket

A leather jacket for a motorcyclist is like a visiting card of an aggressive style. And a person with a free spirit, always ready for adventure and movement. For most people, when they think of a motorcycle jacket, it is a black leather jacket that they imagine. Rightly so, because leather jackets really have many advantages. Strength, durability, stylish look and comfort in almost any weather, except very hot or very cold.

Where did the fashion for biker jackets come from?

Motorcycles themselves became particularly popular in the 1920s. Irving Scott was the first who invented and began to wear leather jackets back in 1928. The son of Russian emigres and factory owners borrowed the style of the jacket from aviators. They added a bit of distinctive style, and also moved the zipper to one side for modernity and originality.

A quarter of a century later, a celebrity like Marlon Brando made the leather jacket a worldwide hit. And for more than 100 years, this classic leather biker jacket has remained an invariable part of the wardrobe. Not only a motorcyclist, but also of any fashionista. This perfect shape has become an icon of the 20th century and has been used by bikers. Hollywood films, and the collections of almost every famous designer.

Check out some of the best leather motorcycle jackets in stock at Their skin and tailoring are so cool you won’t want to take them off after the first try-on!

Classic leather motorcycle jackets like “Marlon Brando” are of course fashionable now. But for a motorcycle there are more suitable models, made taking into account the fit on a motorcycle. With full protection, reflective elements and warm pads. We advise you to beware of cheap leather moto jackets, as a worthwhile item cannot cost less than £150.

Leather motorcycle jackets – how to find the best for yourself

The first thing you do, even without any advice, is look at the look of the motorcycle jacket. Choose between a softer or harder leather color and texture, a shiny solid color or stylish vintage scuffs. A classic model or a sporty one with bright stripes.

And, although they say that appearance is not the main thing, it is the main factor in your comfort. After all, if you like yourself, and if you drive with confidence, then you will pay full attention to all road factors. Which will positively affect your own safety.

The second thing worth paying attention to is your convenience. Be sure to check that the leather motorcycle jacket matches your size. Because no matter how beautiful it is, if it is too short for you. Then you will not be able to attach it to your motorcycle pants, and also during a fall. At best, you will scratch your back. If the jacket is too loose, it will dangle during the ride. Which is not very pleasant at speed and distracts from the road.

Leather jacket for motorcyclist

Look at your individual sensations – raise and lower your arms, squat, twirl as if sitting on a motorcycle. Everything will become clear to you. If you’re comfortable, take this leather moto jacket.

Additional benefits in modern leather moto jackets

Check the sewing: ideally if the seams are triple, which means 11-14 seams for every 5 cm of leather. Stretch the seams: if you see holes from needle punctures, then the leather is of poor quality. Another sign of poor quality leather is if the jacket is made of a large number of small parts. In addition, such a jacket is considered less reliable in the event of an accident.

Check the operation of all zippers – open-close. Are they moving smoothly? Will the fabric get stuck? So everything is all right.

At the last, but not least, in size – a leather jacket should be like leather gloves. At first it should be completely tight, because after a few times the jacket will undoubtedly disperse and sit on your figure. As a guide – in a new leather moto jacket. You can move your arms normally, but you can visually cram a maximum of a beer bottle under the jacket.

The third is for protection. If your leather motorcycle jacket of your choice contains protective inserts, then it’s worth looking at how good they are. You can find out by certification: The EN1621-1 designations should be marked on the protective inserts on the elbows and shoulders. EN1621-2 on the protective insert on the back. Level 2 (Level 2) indicates a higher security level than Level 1 (Level 1). If you doubt something. It is better to change the protection from the kit to a more reliable and certified one. After all, your safety is above all!

Bought the right one – and it is with you forever!

When choosing a leather moto jacket, you should also pay attention to the material. After all, leather is such a material that you can wear for many years. Now there are many options for genuine leather – both in color, and in dressing, and in texture. The best is considered to be cowhide or sheepskin leather, and in thickness – not less than 1.1 mm. There are also models up to 3 mm thick. But in such variants the weight of the product turns out to be heavy.

The main thing is that, unlike textiles, no matter how strong it is. Leather always copes better in contact with asphalt and textiles will fray and you will get more damage.

There is a variant of combined leather motorcycle jackets. Genuine leather is combined with inserts made of elastic textiles or other material. Such options are also available on Real Leather Garments, for example, Biker Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Suede Jackets and Shearling Jackets.

The advantage of such leather motorcycle jackets is a tighter and more beautiful fit to the body. As well as greater freedom of movement. And the disadvantage is the faster wear of the textile part, compared to the leather one.


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