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Travel and Leisure

What to wear during a desert safari in Dubai?

Desert safari in Dubai is the quintessential activity that all travelers must tick off once in a lifetime. Amongst hiking the world’s tallest building, skydiving above the skyscrapers, browsing the largest shopping mall, and visiting the most unique flower garden, Dubai turns the world upside down with its extraordinary safari excursion. One of the major concerns that arise in this exciting city is, “What to wear?” — especially in desert safari expeditions. With the hot temperature, a bunch of adventures, camping activities, and sand everywhere, deciding the perfect outfit for the desert tour can be overwhelming.

So, here is the guide on what to wear during a Dubai desert safari:

The popular evening desert safari begins with dune bashing. Later, you will hop off the 4*4 ride to skate on the dunes, rev up the engine of the quad bike and also perch the camels. Walk around, take picturesque shots, and roll in the dunes. Following this, you will be reaching a well-decorated and beautiful camp. Here you can watch the exceptional belly dancing, have a delicious buffet, get your hands henna-designed, wear an Arabic outfit, and enjoy unlimited fun. The trick is to wear comfortable yet decent clothes.


  1. Comfortable and cotton clothes
  • Get cotton and linen attire. These are good for the early morning safari and the initial phase of evening desert safari in Dubai when there is sun out in the sky.
  • Pick a light and loose-fitting clothes as you will have to stay in the vehicle for long.
  • Wear t-shirts, tank tops, tees, or long/ short-sleeved shirts with comfortable lowers. You can choose from jumpsuits, causal cotton pants, loose or stretchy pants, capri pants, leggings, Bermuda shorts, or long shorts.
  • Tops must be at least half sleeve shirts as you have to follow the UAE dress code.
  • A bit of fashion advice that can save your day— wear something in bold colors or prints, or a dress that has one solid color from top to bottom. This will pop out against the gold and brownish background of sand.
  • You can also buy an Arabian headscarf from the desert.
  • Shorts are acceptable — but can be uncomfortable during camel riding. Also, shorts won’t make you feel pleasant at times you would be sitting in the air-conditioned vehicle and during the cold evenings.
  1. Shawl or sweater 

As the incredible sunset is over and the night arrives, the temperature is expected to drop making the ambiance cold. You can bring a hoodie, pullover, scarf, shawl, or light jacket to keep yourself warm.

  1. Open shoes 

As you have the opportunity to frolic in the sand, doing it in closed shoes is a big no. The sand could easily slip inside the footwear and will be difficult to take it out. So, it is preferable to wear open shoes, flip flops, or sandals.

  1. Sunscreen 

Don’t forget sun protection! Slap some sunblock or sunscreen as the desert’s temperature and sun rays could be harsh. A hat and sunglass can come in handy. Lip balms can help your lips get rid of cracking from the dry weather. 

  1. Accessories

Carrying or wearing accessories in a desert is not such a great idea. As you would be indulging in the exhilarating, adventurous activities and you might lose them in the sand. If you need to add a piece of jewelry to your attire, wear a simple and inexpensive one with a little detail.


The main aim to book desert safari in Dubai is to have uninterrupted fun and thrill. And the outfit could make or break the experience. So, follow these rules and you are going to have an unforgettable tour of the city.



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