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What types of videos should I upload to my YouTube artist channel

Now that you’ve designed, optimised, and organised your YouTube artist channel, as well as learned how to optimise videos, it’s time to start uploading videos! What kinds of videos should you share? This is where you may let your imagination run wild. Show off a variety of parts of your personality, interests, and music to your admirers. People become tired with a channel comprised of only music videos, so spice it up with these ideas.

Music videos: Yes, we just said that if your entire channel is music videos, people will become bored. However, these are the most important aspects of every musician’s YouTube account. Construct a budget for your best song and make a decent-looking, creative video for it.

Streaming video: To capture one of your live sets, ask a friend or hire a videographer. This could be just you playing at home, or it could be a video of a prior performance from back when live performances were an option (remember that?).

Streaming live: You can use the same technique as previously with a videographer, or you can do it yourself at home. With our live streaming tutorial, it’s a breeze!

Cover songs: A common and simple technique to add videos to your channel is to record your own rendition of another artist’s song.

Viewers enjoy seeing your unique spin on a popular song, so choose a couple and make them your own!

The best aspect is that uploading cover songs to YouTube does not include the same restrictions as selling them.


Lyric videos have been a YouTube fixture for years, dating back to fan-made videos of text paired to music that was uploaded.


Because they’re super easy to make. You can participate in the game by performing one of your songs in which the lyrics are very meaningful to you.

Simply type those phrases in a nice font on a pretty background and adjust the speed to match the beat of your song.


Visualizers are short animated videos that react to the music you’re playing. You can easily make these with Rotor Videos!

Behind-the-scenes: These videos, also referred to as “vlogs,” offer a different side of you than a performance video. Allow your followers a glimpse into your life, whether it’s in the studio discussing your music and creative process, or in your everyday life. This is how you engage with people on a more personal level than just your music, making them feel as if they know you.


These are frequently in the form of Q&A sessions with your audience. Post a standalone video or a tag at the end of your most recent video inviting people to ask you questions in the comments section, and then respond in a separate video. This is another wonderful opportunity for people to get to know you while also allowing you to express yourself.

How-tos: Are you a car enthusiast? Make a video of you unwrapping your latest toy, and include a link to the product’s webpage. If someone buys a product from your link and you’re an affiliate, you could make some additional money! Do you have a cool home studio?

Show viewers around your rig and discuss all of the technology. Make a video of tutorials on how to play a few of your tunes, or just a video of lessons on your chosen instrument. If you’re an expert in anything, tell your followers about it!

UGC stands for user-generated content. These are videos that other people have uploaded to their accounts. Perhaps a fan captured a particularly memorable video of one of your live performances. When people watch and love these films, they drive traffic to your channel, and you can make money from them with Content ID! This brings us to the next step.


How can I get the most out of promote my YouTube music?

There are a few things you can take to ensure that your films reach the widest possible audience:


Make a schedule for yourself. And make sure you stick to it! This is more essential than the weekly amount of videos you post. Set realistic expectations for your audience and then deliver on them. Viewers are more inclined to subscribe if they believe you are trustworthy.

Analyze the data. This offers vital information on the time and engagement of the watch. For additional information on how to read YouTube Analytics, see the section below.

How can you make money from your YouTube channel?

Now that you’ve created your channel and added videos, it’s time to start earning money! However, how is money made from YouTube music? YouTube employs a feature known as Content ID, which automatically recognises any video on its server that matches audio in its database. It inserts an ad on a video with matching audio when it finds it. YouTube reports money to the distributor for each click on the ad.

Music streaming on YouTube generates streaming money in the same way that it does on other platforms like Spotify, so when you monetize your videos, you’re earning twice as much!


So, how do you get your music into the Content ID database on YouTube? Easy! CD Baby is a YouTube distributor, and we monetize your videos for free. Simply check the boxes for these two items throughout the submission process:


On the page for Distribution Options, there is a section for YouTube Music promotion.

On the Monetization page, look for the YouTube Content ID.

How can I tell if my YouTube promotion is working?

You may use a few measures to determine the performance of your YouTube shorts promotion activities, and you can view them all in your account.


Here are some things to keep an eye on on your YouTube account:

Views are the most basic indicator for determining the success of a channel. The more views you get, the more marketers will pay to have their advertising shown on your film, making it more valuable. Checking the view count for all of your movies on a regular basis is a good practise.

Playback and retention are indicators that show you which portions of your videos people are watching the most and when they stop. Knowing this will enable you to determine the content that your specific viewers value the most and what they don’t care enough about to keep watching.

This is how you can see how people are finding and watching your videos: traffic. Are they on the lookout for them? Trying to figure out what’s “up next” on another video? Using a blog embed code? Through the use of social media? The more you know about your viewers’ preferences, the better you can personalise your channel’s offerings to boost traffic and overall views.

Subscribers: These are the people who keep coming back to you. When a user subscribes to your channel, your material will appear on their personal YouTube dashboard. This encourages repeat visits and more views, as well as suggesting your material to other individuals with similar subscription/viewing patterns as your present subscriber.

Who are your true viewers, according to demographics? This feature provides information on who is watching your videos. Knowing your viewers’ age, geography, and gender is important not only for the material you provide, but also for your channel’s entire identity.

What are the many YouTube types?

There are various YouTube channels that are connected but not the same. Aside from the standard YouTube that we’re all familiar with, there’s:

Premium on YouTube:

A YouTube experience that is ad-free and subscription-based.

This monthly subscription service ($11.99) allows users to watch videos without advertisements, gain access to exclusive material only available to subscribers, and enjoy ad-free YouTube Music streaming.

Music on YouTube:

YouTube Music is a music streaming service that includes a vast library of Art Tracks, which we briefly discussed earlier.

YouTube Music curates millions of official Art Tracks (videos with high-quality audio and a cover art image), music videos, and more. This video is accessible as ad-supported streaming for free users, ad-free for YouTube premium members, and as a standalone, ad-free subscription service for $9.99/month.

Art Tracks are the videos that occur when CD Baby distributes to YouTube.

There are a few things you should know regarding YouTube music:

You may read about it here.

It’s a music streaming service similar to Spotify or Apple Music (it even has its own app for mobile devices)

It features music-specific filters that aren’t available on standard YouTube, such as “artist” and “song.”

With the YouTube Music App, users may listen to music in the background (without having to keep a video open) or download music for offline listening.

The content is usually arranged by artist name or in playlists with music recommendations based on theme, genre, and other factors.

Artists will be assigned to either their own “subject channel” or genre-specific “various artist” channels.

Even if your channel doesn’t fulfil the Partner Program standards, YouTube pays on a per-stream basis when art music offered by CD Baby are streamed (much like Spotify or Apple).

Creators on YouTube


This is where you’ll find information on platform updates, opportunities, best practises, and more.


YouTube Creator Academy can help you become a creator.

Through online lessons and videos, YouTube’s Creator Academy is a terrific method to learn about video skills, channel optimization, and more. Although the Creator Academy is technically part of YouTube Creators, I thought it was worth noting separately because people still refer to them as different entities.


With YouTube Studio, you can better manage your channels.

YouTube Studio is a set of tools within YouTube that allows you to better manage and organise your channel and videos. You don’t even have to register for anything else! To gain access, simply log in with your regular information on YouTube Studio’s homepage. can help you gain more admirers., one of our promotional partners. Offers a variety of ways to advertise your YouTube channel and videos both on and off the platform. You can launch a video on YouTube and promote it using’s Interactive Ads on your fans’ favourite websites! You may get started for free, and their marketing campaigns are among the most cost-effective available online.


That’s all there is to it. You’ll have everything you need to make your YouTube channel the next big thing! It’s a lot to remember, but happily, we’ve compiled all of the information on this single page. Because YouTube is a continuously changing platform, we’ll keep you updated as new features are announced. Meanwhile, go out and enjoy yourselves.


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