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What You Should Know About Custom-Made Wardrobes

When you want to have more space in your bedroom and have a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and your room interior, the answer is a custom-made wardrobe.

Most people have less storage space to keep all the items they accumulate, from clothes, bags, shoes, and other items they think are necessary. Freestanding wardrobes offer temporary solutions because they do not allow for customisation or space maximization.

A custom-made wardrobe is a good option when you want a closet that fits your taste and lifestyle. The company can make it to match your bedroom interior and the other fixtures that already exist. You can have it in different sizes and finishes to fit any space in your bedroom.

Here are the things you should know about a fitted wardrobe.

A custom-made, built-in or fitted wardrobe will provide you with these features and advantages.

  • You will get more space. With a fitted wardrobe, your closet will not have gaps above and underneath it. Since it is custom-made, the builder can fit it to the full height of your room. If the room has irregular walls, the wardrobe can follow the contour of the available space.
  • A fitted wardrobe is an investment. Admittedly, a custom-made wardrobe is more expensive than a freestanding wardrobe. Moreover, you should have it when you intend to live in your current residence for a long time.
  • It can fit your budget. Several bespoke firms offer fitted wardrobes at different prices. You can choose to work with a fitted furniture specialist or go for a mass-market retailer. When working with a specialist company, they can design and hand-make the wardrobe, although this will be more expensive. Your advantage is that your wardrobe design is going to be unique.
  • The doors of the wardrobe can make a big difference. Most wardrobes have door panels that open out. With a fitted wardrobe, you can opt for a sliding door or a bi-fold door. This type of door is ideal if you have limited space or you want something that looks sleeker. Moreover, you can order a door with a full-length mirror to create an illusion of a larger room, or you want to see the full effect of what you’re wearing for the day.
  • It is made to measure. If you are working with a specialist, the representative can check and measure the available space, and check the integrity of the walls, ceiling, and floor to ensure that your room can take the additional weight. More importantly, they want to know if the floor and ceiling are sagging. The company will also consider the wainscoting, skirting boards, coving, and other protrusions to ensure that the design will fit the space perfectly.
  • You can choose the wardrobe’s interior. A bespoke wardrobe caters to your preferences. Therefore, you can choose the style of its interior. For example, you can have pull-out shelves of different heights and widths, drawers, racks for shoes and bags, hanging rails, and even interior lighting.

With a fitted wardrobe, you can maximise the available space in your bedroom, including the odd-shaped spaces. Browse the company’s portfolio to see the range of wardrobes they can manufacture, including the styles and finishes they recommend.

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