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What you should know about I-Mop Floor scrubber Dryers?

If you’ve attended any shows based on cleaning in the last couple of years or kept your focus in the development of the cleaning industry you’ll haven’t any doubt been involved within the on-going mania surrounding the i-mop floor scrubber dryer. This refreshing new piece of cleaning equipment proves as a unique gift for the market with its sleek, modern design and super functionality. From the time of its release, a huge response is noticed and it keeps stealing the show at any exhibition – however besides its look and design, what’s it about this piece of gadget that agencies are flocking to buy? Here you will get to know each and everything about the i-mop floor scrubber dryer, an honest review to look if it really does stand up to the hype.


Straight away, the appearance of the i-mop suggests this isn’t your ‘run of the mill’ piece of cleaning gadgets. Straying from the traditional, heavy-weight scrubber dryer styling one is more usual to see in this marketplace, the i-mop is refreshingly narrow. With smooth curved tanks and easily maintained control pad, the i-mop looks futuristic and revolutionary as per its name suggests. The aluminum shaft, titanium hinge, and durable plastic water tanks collectively appear like an excessive mode of transport than a cleansing gadget but that honestly is part of the appeal.

The scrubber dryer deck:

Sometimes the i-mop is defined as that it’s far quite simply ‘a scrubber dryer deck on a stick’ which illustrates its ease of use, complete flexibility however additionally it’s cleaning ability. The preferred i-mop has rotating brushes of nine inches each is provided with a path of cleaning of 18 inches (similar to many other scrubber dryers on the marketplace). However, in contrast to it’s one hundred seventy-five RPM competitors the i-mop cleans on 350 RPM ensuring a far efficient clean than the models available in the marketplace. Now you will also find XL & XXL versions of the i-mop which offer up to an impressive 25″ working width permitting the operator to cover a big 1000m² per hour of cleansing.

When this slender and ergonomic i-mop is compared to other machines, it has been engineered to hold complete pressure on the cleansing brushes to assist in the deep cleansing of floors. As no weight pressure is lost because of wheels or different obstructions, in the i-mop there is pressure on the brush pads of about 22Kg – almost double that of a traditional scrubber dryer.

The i-mop additionally now comes with a brilliant range of accessories which include colour coded brushes with patented and innovative buffer pads such as twister pads in various grades. Also, you can replace them without any extra efforts in one simple click that can be done without any tools. There are also various other accessories, designed to make your life easier, consisting of trolleys and garage lockers to ensure the i-mop takes a suitable place in your cleaning line-up.


What customers like most about the i-mop are that it’s completely cordless. No need to get stuck in all that trip hazards or looking for elusive power points to connect the cables. Because of its cordless feature, the i-mop may be used at any time of day with minimum disruption, and it becomes beneficial when you want to do spot and re-active cleansing. The i-mop is powered by lithium-ion batteries, if you are using it, it will last up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Further to this, if you are working with 2 sets of batteries, continuous cleansing can be achieved as 80% of the charge is replenished in an hour. Also, as a bonus, the i-mop deck can draw electricity from the alternative batteries to make sure that it works for a long time.


The i-mop consists of two tanks – four-liter clean water or you can also consider it a cleaning solution tank and another tank of nine-liter which is called a recovery tank. These can be emptied and refilled easily above a sink and you can clip on and off it easily without using any tools and disruption which is extremely good for small janitorial sink stations and confined areas. There are a lot of floor cleaning solutions available in the market which really compliment the cleansing energy of the i-mop.


There are many customers who often compare the controls of i-mop to a washing machine dial as they’re stripped back, simple and straightforward. I-mop is really an appealing gadget to you If you’re looking for something which literally means ‘plug and play’ from the box (minus the plug as it’s completely cordless!). The control pad, situated at the top of the device handles, contains a battery existence indicator, manages dial, and water/reset switch. That is all. No need to get confused in the multiple options, simply turn the dial to what operating mode you want: Solution + Brush, Brush, Brush + Vacuum, Brush + Solution + Vacuum.


When you use the i-mop for the very first time, you will realize this machine is none other than a business. As you compress the handle levers you notice the i-mop powering up in the direction of 350 RPM. When in motion, the one factor which you will surely love is how effortlessly it moves, almost like a hovercraft in which the consumer inherits none of the machine weight. The self-propelling design means that the i-mop movements are as rapid or as gradual as you do at any angle which feels almost liberating.


Not only did we find this machine stopped us from having to hold around grimy water however it also stopped us from having to rearrange the layout of the region we were cleaning as the i-mop floor cleaner can smoothly clean beneath tables and fixtures and alongside the side of the wall. Those who have used it generally give it a 10 on 10 ratings as it is easy to use and complete work faster without putting any extra effort. 

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