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What You Should Know Before Relocating to Chennai

Relocating to a new city for jobs or for any other reason will never be easy. When the city is as unique as Chennai where language barriers are, and more, then this move makes it tougher. But at the same time, this makes it adventurous too. You have the option to learn various things to make it a smooth and enjoyable phase of life. Yes, you need to make some preparations and for the same, you need to know some little things about this city. Want to know what those are, then here you find the same. Read this article and gather the information for sure.

5 Things to know before moving to Chennai

1. Climate is ready to torture you always

Chennai has a good friend and that is the sun. Yes, this is really true. Actually, the bond between the two can’t be weaker at any time of the whole year. You find this city hot, hotter and hottest. So, at any time of the year, you can’t think of enjoying the beach under the sun. You can’t take the Goa feeling in this city though there are beautiful beaches. You need to enjoy the beauty after the sunsets.

So, you just need to prepare yourself for it and don’t forget to enjoy a wonderful evening at Marina Beach just after moving to Chennai. 

2. Difficult To understand the local language

When you reach Chennai, you will find their pride in the local language. They love to speak Tamil which is Chennai’s language. Actually, through speaking the same, then just carry their heritage, nothing else. So, if you want to communicate with Hindi, even that is the most spoken language in India, you don’t find support in that. So, really it is a challenge. Dealing with Packers and Movers Chennai or for any person will give you stress for sure.

Are you afraid to know that? Don’t be. Actually, you can easily deal with this problem. You just learn some local words. Surely, it helps you to make your life easier there. If you are not able to do that, then give it a try to understand what they want to tell you. This much your initiative will be appreciated and you find that your life in Chennai will be just awesome.

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3. Food

Chennai is the place to have awesome food. You get good options of street foods. Really, the taste will be awesome. There is one more reason that makes you happy will be its price. Your pocket can do a dance after knowing the price. Don’t forget to try the beach foods as well. There are many varieties, no matter, you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Dosa, Uttapam, Idli, curd rice and more are some of the dishes that you should try in Chennai.

4. You need to be an early bird

You are fond of night outs, going shopping after office hours and more, then your move to Chennai changes this habit for sure. Actually, the city believes in ‘Early to Bed Early to Rise’. So, the shop closes early. Actually, the city has its own time and you need to follow it.

You can get the idea of their working hours when you start talking with the Packers and Movers in Chennai about shifting the goods. So, prepare yourself as per this new clock, so that you can enjoy the easy life here.

5. Know everything before shifting

If you are thinking of taking the home on rent in Chennai, then there will be different things to discuss openly. You need to know that most of the locations don’t prefer to give the home to the living-in couple, and bachelors. In some areas, a single woman is not allowed as well. So, it will be your responsibility to know the rules before taking the home on rent. There is one more fight and that is between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. After taking the home, you may find the instruction from the owner that you can’t cook or eat non-vegetarian food there. How challenging things will be if you are fond of non-vegetarian.

So, you need to discuss all things to avoid any unwanted circumstance. Once, you know it well and you find the place perfect, then it is for sure that you can take that on rent and make your move there.

Here, one tip is for you that if you are thinking of taking the auto for your daily communication, then you should ask the fare in advance. You should know that you can’t get the service of the auto by meter system. So, know the cost of the travel in advance and then take the ride.


Well, these are the things to be sure about and then your stay in Chennai will be just awesome. I hope that the brief will help you a lot to settle in this city. So, go ahead and don’t forget to share your story experience with us.

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