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When Do you Need to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?

Here is situation when you Need to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card

Permanent Account Number card or PAN card is an indispensable possession of every Indian citizen. From filing IT returns and creating accounts with financial institutions to being a vital KYC document for approval of loans and credit cards, a PAN card has multiple applications.

Even though PAN is permanent, PAN cards often get misplaced, stolen, and damaged. Consequently, the absence of a PAN card delays several official and financial processes. 

To deal with this issue, the Income Tax department has enabled individuals to receive a duplicate PAN card after a due application process. Individuals should have an idea about the circumstances that might lead to the issuance of a duplicate PAN card.

Reasons behind the application for a duplicate PAN card

Since PAN card has extensive applications across all financial and official activities, individuals may have to apply for a duplicate PAN card online in case of the following events – 

  • Damage – In the event that a PAN card detail inscription is tarnished or the card itself has been disfigured or mutilated, an individual has to apply for a duplicate PAN card. 
  • Theft or loss – Individuals often keep their PAN cards in their wallets and handbags for convenience. However, these cards are often misplaced or stolen from cardholders. This increases the risk of misuse, which can be avoided by timely application for a duplicate PAN card and notification to the legal authorities. 
  • To update or rectify existing details – Cardholders may choose to include new information or rectify existing details on their PAN cards. As PAN is permanent, the only recourse that remains is an application to the IT department for a duplicate card. 

The reasons mentioned above are the primary causes behind multiple duplicate PAN card applications from several cardholders in India. 

Duplicate PAN card application 

Individuals have the option to get duplicate PAN cards online and offline from the official portal of the Income Tax department and their regional branches respectively. 

The due process for duplicate PAN card application online is as follows – 

  1. Visit the official website TIN-NSDL.
  2. Choose “Changes or correction in existing PAN data” or “Reprint of PAN card (No changes in existing PAN Data)” as per your requirement. 
  3. Provide relevant information in the mandatory fields marked with asterisks. 
  4. Preserve the generated token number from your email ID for future reference. 
  5. Input appropriate details in the ‘Personal Details’ section and select the method of submission of the duplicate PAN application form. 
  6. You have the option to provide the application document physically to the PAN services unit of NSDL or submit your e-KYC and digital signature online, or upload scanned versions of the documents required. 
  7. Choose between a physical or electronic PAN card. 
  8. Provide details in the “Contact & other details” and “Document details” section. 
  9. Pay online after being directed to the online payment webpage.
  10. Check the status of duplicate PAN card with the 15 digit acknowledgment number. 

For duplicate PAN card application offline, follow the steps given below – 

  1. Download and collect the print of the application form from the official website. 
  2. Fill up the form using black ink and block letters. 
  3. Attach two cross-signed passport sized photographs. 
  4. Send the application and KYC documents to the NSDL facilitation center. 
  5. NSDL then forwards the application to the IT PAN unit. 
  6. Check the status of the duplicate PAN card with the 15 digit acknowledgment number provided. 

Individuals find it very difficult to predict the longevity of an important document such as a PAN card. This card being a compact document, individuals are highly likely to misplace them. To reprint duplicate PAN card in India is an extensive process that incurs a specific cost and involves a lot of valuable time. 

Bajaj Finserv, a leading financial service provider, offers a Purse Care insurance plan under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions as a means of financial coverage for the expenses incurred due to the loss of this important document along with other valuables such as credit and debit cards.

This company also helps individuals insure their handbags against accidental loss, among other possible mishaps with the handbag assure insurance plan. Individuals can also cover their financial expenses against damages and losses associated with their wallets by purchasing the wallet care insurance plan.

Duplicate PAN cards are thus an alternative option for individuals who want to avail of a new PAN card in case of theft, misplacement, or damage to the previous card. They can apply online or offline with the steps mentioned to receive their duplicate PAN cards within 2 weeks from application.


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