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When should a real estate or a property lawyer be hired?

You may have to hire a real estate or property lawyer in Dubai when it comes to managing property disputes. Property disputes include issues that involve contractors, developers, owners, or landlords. You will also have to pay the lawyer well in advance for taking care of routine questions and other problems that arise. 

Real estate lawyers in Dubai will help you examine risks and draft legal contracts. Moreover, these lawyers can also help landlords keep liabilities at bay. Nevertheless, you may not have to consult a lawyer regularly if you clearly know when you will need the assistance and help of property and real estate lawyers in Dubai

When to seek the help of Real estate and Property Lawyers 

Now, are wondering which are the situations where you should immediately seek the assistance of property lawyers in Dubai? Well, let us discuss 4 instances where you should definitely appoint a lawyer for help.

Failure of the Tenant to Pay Rent

The tenant is supposed to pay his rent at the exact time as per the agreement between the landlord. It is his/her legal obligation. Yet, there are situations where the landlord is not paid the due rent for a couple of months. Retrieving it can be a task as there are legalities attached to it and your procedures should be in compliance with those rules. You can consult a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai to help you deal with such situations the right way. He/she can also help you file a case against the tenant if necessary.

Tenant Eviction

One advantageous aspect of an eviction lawsuit in UAE is that the procedure consumes way less time than civil cases. Yet, the landlord will have to follow strict and detailed rules and regulations which includes actions like filling the right concerning eviction in the court and sending a notification to the tenant. It is also quite difficult to receive a judgment that favors the landlord as the judges will have to be convinced with proof since it is the tenant’s home that is at the risk of being lost. It is always best to hire a lawyer in Dubai for handling your case, especially if:

  • You are trying to handle your first eviction
  • The tenant opposite you has already hired a lawyer
  • The tenant has filed for bankruptcy
  • Abiding by rules of eviction related to renting control or housing program

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Property Damage by Tenant

The agreements between the tenant and the landlord will mostly contain a clause asking the former to maintain the property without causing any damage to it. If the tenant fails to abide by this term of the clause, then the landlord can definitely ask for a compensation amount. Though you may be able t o carry this procedure yourself, we would still recommend you to hire a real estate lawyer in Dubai to handle the case smoothly.

Sued for Illness or Injury

If the tenant files a lawsuit accusing you of causing an injury or illness, then you must hire a lawyer to defend you as these cases cannot be handled by individuals without the proper know-how. An experienced lawyer can help you negotiate the case effectively and get the ruling in your favor.


Given above were the 4 most important situations that demand the help of property lawyers in Dubai. Searching for lawyers in Dubai is not a very hard process, but shortlisting the best should be done by keeping some points in mind. You should first check how many years of experience the individual has as a real estate lawyer in Dubai. It would also be great if you can contact his ex-clients and ask them about their experience with him/her. Finally do check how the lawyer approaches your case and then hire him/her.

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