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Do you or your partner feel that sex is no longer going the way you wanted it to before you start? If so, you are not alone when it comes to getting off your feet quickly. This is one of the most common sexual problems in men during intercourse. The problem affects about 70 percent of all men, reasons for premature ejaculation caused by stress, diet, exercise, a smoker or a drug user, or you eat a lot of junk food, that is probably the reason.

What is delay spray in Pakistan?

Delay sprays in Pakistan are used to increase men’s ejaculation timing during sex. Now you are in the right place if you also have premature ejaculation or decreased sexual timing and stamina. Buy delay spray in Pakistan via Moonmedics and enjoy your life.

Why is delay spray in Pakistan necessary?

It leads to deficiency in men due to poor diet and nutrient absorption. These deficiencies lead to premature ejaculation and an early orgasm during sexual intercourse. To overcome these shortcomings, supplements are also formulated to increase male fertility. However, you can get a quick result by using the advanced formulas of long lasting delay sprays. You can also find the male extender spray penis desensitization spray from Amazon Online Shopping in Pakistan. The high quality and maximum strength of penis desensitization spray extends the duration of sexual intercourse by reducing the sensitivity of the penis skin.

How does delay spray in Pakistan work?

Extended Delay Spray is available in liquid and cream-colored forms. It is used for spraying or applying to male genitals. The numbing ingredients reduce the sensations felt during sexual intercourse and extend the time to orgasm. It helps men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

The advanced desensitization formula increases the time for sexual pleasure four times. The best-selling delay sprays are quickly absorbed into the skin to give both partners better and longer-lasting pleasure. It starts to desensitize penile skin in just 5 minutes after being sprayed on male genitals.

The only downside to the sexual enhancement spray is the burning sensation in the vagina during intercourse. However, it is also safe for female genitals.

How do you use the delay spray in Pakistan?

  1. Use the delay spray 15 minutes before Sex.
  2. Before use wash your organ and dry it
  3. Apply 3 to 4 short sprays on the head of penis.
  4. Do not massage when applying spray. Just wait 15 minutes.

Advantages of the delay spray in pakistan

  • Increases the timing of intercourse for longer, enjoyable sex
  • Completely satisfies your sexual partner and thus leaves her with a better masculine impression
  • Increases the love and closeness between you and her
  • Develops a happy and content relationship between the married couples


You can find delay spray in Pakistan in very  high quality. All you have to do is choose the one you want, place your order, and get it to your place via Moonmedics. You can also pay cash on delivery for a better online shopping experience in Pakistan.

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