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Where To Buy Folligen In United Kingdom

Support your natural hair growth process with FoIexin uk, canada and australia

Do you know that Folligen  has  now changed  its  name to Folexin due to its popularity , Now you  Should buy Folligen from Folexin Website ( The New Name of Folligen)

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The effective Combination  triple formula of  Foligen(Folexin) Tablets

  • For targeted strengthening of the hair root
  • For more strength and growth for your hair     from 12 weeks onwards
  • With scientifically proven effectiveness .
  • Prioress is very well tolerated. There are no known side effects.
  • Prior-in can also be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

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Results that can be Expected

It is always important to have expectations that are realistic and This Product is in no way a miracle cure. This is because it takes its own time for producing results and works well with different bodies. The result always varies from one person to another. Some may see the incredible results in just a few weeks while for some it may take some time.

Whether short and straight or long and curly: full, strong and shiny hair not only emphasizes a person’s personality, but is also an expression of wellbeing – dull, dull and thinning hair Hair loss can be a sign that the hair root is not getting enough nutrients.

The most common cause of thinning hair to hair loss in women is the hereditary hormone hereditary hair loss, the so-called androgenetic alopecia of the woman. The hair root is not sufficiently supplied with the nutrients that are important for the formation of healthy hair.

In hair loss, more and more women rely on Folligen . With the micronutrient complex of valuable millet, regenerating vitamin B5 and the natural hair component cystine, it strengthens the hair root from the inside and gives the hair back the strength it needs for healthy growth.

Folligen – dietetic food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)

For the dietary treatment of hormonal hereditary hair growth disorders and hair loss in women (androgenetic alopecia).

1 capsule contains : millet extract 140 mg, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 9 mg, L-cystine 2 mg.

Ingredients per 100 g: 

Wheat germ oil (34.55 g); Gelatin (beef, pork); aqueous millet extract (9.65 g); oily millet extract (8.2 g); Humectants: glycerin, release agent beeswax, yellow; Humectants sorbitol; Emulsifier: soya lecithin ; Calcium D-pantothenate (1.28 g); Release agent: magnesium oxide; Dyes: iron oxides and iron hydroxides, titanium dioxide; L-cystine (0.26 g); Aroma

Due to the special nutritional requirements in the specific field of application, the content of pantothenic acid is increased.

Folligen (Folexin) contains a special complex of special micronutrients and is intended for the dietary treatment of androgenic hair growth disorders and hair loss in women (androgenetic alopecia). For complementary balanced diets, the legislator requires the following important note: Folligen should be used as a complementary balanced diet under medical supervision.

Folligen provides the hair root with important micronutrients in androgenetic alopecia. This is how Folligen re-establishes the cause of healthy hair. Foligen works on the basis of natural ingredients of millet in combination with the essential vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and the protein building block L-cystine. Folligen is used for the dietary treatment of hormonal hereditary hair growth disorders and hair loss in women (androgenetic alopecia).

  • Strengthens the hair root
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Supports the hair structure

Folligen (Folexin) should be used regularly for at least 3 months. This period is necessary because the process of hair growth is very slow. The hair only grows about 1 cm a month.

In case of hair loss

In the first 3 months in the morning take 2 capsules and in the evening take 1 capsule whole with a little liquid. For a sustainable treatment then usually 1 capsule per day is sufficient. Easier hair growth disorders Once daily, take 1 capsule Folligen whole with a little liquid. For later recurring hair growth disorders, the treatment can be repeated with 3 capsules of Folligen daily .

Where can one buy Folligen Capsules Or Shampoo In UK ?

To get a charge out of the fundamental focal points of the item, determine you essentially buy folligen tablets in UK on the web, in the official site . Presently, you don’t require any medical prescription to buy this supplement.

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