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Which One is the Best Fence Types for Family & Kids & Pets

We know the feeling. Your kids are playing in the backyard, and you’re not quite sure where they are at any given moment. The dog is running around like a maniac chasing squirrels, and all you can think about is the time that he bit your neighbor’s kid while they were walking by. The neighbors down the street have a pool, and you worry that someone will think your dog is going to jump in and start swimming.

Does this sound like a familiar situation? There are ways to make your home safer for pets and children. I intended to build a fence near me in order to eliminate the similar circumstance. One of the most important things to do is to protect your property with quality fencing. It might seem like an unimportant detail, but it can definitely make a difference when it comes to keeping your family safe from harm’s way.

So, which type of fence should you buy? And how do you make sure that you get the best quality for preventative measures? If you’re considering buying a metal chain link fence:


Fencing options for your family and kids:


There are different types of fencing that you can get for your home. Depending on why you need the fence, you will have to decide which one is best for you and your family. If you want a low-cost option, it will be better if you go for a regular chain link fence because it is not that expensive. However, if you have a lot of money to spend, then getting ornamental fences or wrought iron fencing would be the way to go. This type of fencing will be very expensive, but you can’t really go wrong if you want to spend the money on this kind of fence.


What is chain link fencing?


The metal chain link fencing consists of a series of six-inch metal links connected together. It is also referred to as chicken wire and links. This kind of fencing is very easy to clean and maintain, as it is made out of sturdy materials. This fencing is also lightweight, which makes it easy to move or cut down. On top of all this, it is very durable and resistant to rusting.


What does chain link fencing offer?


  • Highly durable and resilient – this kind of barrier can withstand the weather as well as vandalism from kids. It can also protect your property from intruders such as thieves or animals.
  • Easy to install – it can be sewn with wire or installed with a stapler. It is also easy to clean, which means you won’t have any problem doing that yourself.
  • Versatile – it can be used for fences for pets and also for privacy fencing. This fence type is definitely one that everyone would like to have.
  • Good choice to protect your home – this kind of fencing is strong enough to keep out children, dogs and even cats. However, this fence type can also be relied on to give you protection from intruders.
  • Repairable – it can be stapled, as mentioned above. It can also be fixed by a professional if necessary.
  • Non-flammable – there are no issues of burning or fires if your metal chain link fences get damaged and become faulty. And, in case of a fire, it is easy and quick to clean them up because they are not flammable at all.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its metal material. It is resistant to rusting, so you don’t have to worry about the fence rotting or becoming damaged by water. 


What if I want a vinyl privacy fence near me?


Vinyl privacy fences are considered one of the most popular fencing options. This type is currently more affordable than wrought iron fencing and ornamental fences. It also looks good and modern to work with as well; it doesn’t make your property look outdated at all.

Because privacy fences are often made of vinyl, they can be installed over your existing fence. But if you want to go all-out on vinyl, then you will have to build a new fence just for the purpose. It is all dependent on what you want and what you are willing to spend on it.

If you are getting a vinyl privacy fence for your home, it will definitely require the help of experts unless you want to spend hours installing it yourself. It is best to get a professional to handle it because they know what they are doing and they will be able to do the job better and more efficiently. However, you should choose a fence expert who can also offer you quality customer service so that you will feel comfortable with them.


What if I want a wood fence near me?


Having a wood fence is a great choice for you for many reasons. It has the durability that can last for many years and you get to have more privacy and security than having other types of fence.

The wood fence remains as the most popular choice as far as the looks of your home goes. It is usually made up of cedar, acacia or cypress wood that will give you security and privacy for many years. This type of fence is relatively easy to install and affordable too but you should be careful to choose a cedar fence that has been pressure treated with arsenic to keep poisonous insects away. Neither an injection nor a regular stain will do so.

Another type of wood fence is made up of 4×4 posts and 2×6 boards that are nailed together with 6″ insulated wood panels on it. The reason why this kind of fence remains popular is due to the fact that it remains as the best choice if security and privacy is what you want.


What if I want a steel fence near me?


This fence has been a popular choice since the 1930’s and even today, it has been used by all homeowners. The one type of steel fence that is popular is the one made up of steel posts and bars that can be either 4″ or 6″. The posts are usually placed slightly deeper than the top rail so they are strong enough to hold the fence weight.

The best thing about this kind of fence is that there should not be any damage to your home. Even if thieves cut through it, then they will have a heavy gate that would make them think twice about breaking into your home again.

These days, steel railings and gates have been installed in front of many homes with a warning sign on it that reads “stay away” or something to that effect. This is an effective way to keep intruders away from your home.

According to research, many people opt for a steel fence as their first choice because it is cost-effective and easy to install. The best part about this type of fence is that you can paint it any color you want so your home will look better.


Final Words:


Best fence for family, kids and pets comes in different designs. With ideas on the benefits of choosing the right type for your home, you can choose the best fence for your family according to their needs.

There are particular types of fences like chain link, wood or steel, picket, and top rail that work best with some homes while other types might not be a good match because they may be too flimsy. Some might even have bullets on them that are ineffective against thieves or wildlife. All these can make you choose the best fence for your family.


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