Why a Glock Trigger Kit is a Must-Have for Competitive Shooting

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a regular gun guy, upgrading your Glock trigger can help your shooting game. A lighter trigger pull and shorter reset can help you shoot more rounds in less time, which is crucial when facing a dangerous opponent.

Luckily, Glocks are super simple to take apart and modify. The best part is that you can do it yourself in a fraction of the time it takes to go to a gunsmith.

Better Accuracy

The standard Glock trigger is a valuable piece that delivers results when you squeeze it. Still, an upgrade can unlock some of the performance and ergonomics you want in a competition-level pistol.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when upgrading your trigger, from reducing over-travel and pre-travel to adding a trigger weight and figuring out how you want it to feel. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can compare the various options and decide which trigger is right for you.

One of the most popular options is a drop-in replacement trigger. These are easy to install at home and provide a noticeably smoother pull. However, they need some breaking in, and there may be better choices for duty guns or defensive handguns.

Faster Reset

Glock pistols are one of the most modular guns on the market, which means there are countless accessories you can use to make your gun a little more efficient. From comps to flared mag well kits, there are a lot of great aftermarket parts to choose from.

The trigger is a critical component of a gun’s performance. A lighter and smoother trigger will allow you to shoot more accurately at longer ranges.

A smoother, lighter trigger pull will also help keep your finger on the reset button longer. This will reduce fatigue and make you more accurate overall.

Some of the best Glock Trigger Kits are available from companies. These businesses are renowned for producing premium triggers for all Glock pistols, and if you send your handguns to them, they will even install them for you.

Less Fatigue

Whether you’re just looking for a trigger upgrade or competing, the suitable Glock trigger kit can elevate your shooting experience. Additionally, it might improve your accuracy and prevent weariness.

A good trigger will lower the length of the pull and make the trigger feel smoother. It’ll also help reduce the amount of creep and break.

The Enhancement Trigger is an excellent drop-in replacement that will decrease overall trigger travel while providing a smooth uptake and reset with a crisp trigger break. It is around a pound lighter than the original trigger and has the same safety features as the standard pistol.

If you are a competitive shooter, you’ll want to look for an upgrade that reduces trigger travel, helps keep you from experiencing trigger fatigue, and gives you a clean break when releasing the trigger. These three benefits are crucial to achieving fast, accurate hits and controlling follow-up shot placement.

Better Control

A Glock trigger is one of the most critical parts of a pistol, and it can make or break your competitive shooting. If your weapon has a quality trigger press, you can be assured that it will shoot straighter and more consistently than one that doesn’t.

There are many ways to improve the trigger on a Glock, from replacing the trigger bar and connector to adding a lighter disconnector and springs. These can all improve the trigger pull, but it’s important to remember that each piece does its job differently.

Triggers can be a complex system with lots of moving parts. This can make it difficult to change how they work, but there are some simple ways to get better control without changing any other components.

A straightforward upgrade to improve the trigger pull is replacing the factory trigger shoe with a custom-machined version made from 6061-T6 aluminum. This will reduce the friction when the trigger bar hits the rear end of the trigger shoe, resulting in a lighter and smoother trigger pull.

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