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Why Do You Need A Demolition Contractor Geelong

Need a demolition contractor to support you in the big changes that are coming to your home or business? Whether it’s a major renovation, a minor modification, or the addition of a building, you will need the Demolition Geelong services of a certified general contractor. Destruction does not only mean destroying a building entirely but also destroying a certain part of it and recovering the rest.

When we talk about demolition, it doesn’t have to be heavy work. It also applies to minor work, such as removing flooring, countertops, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and even stair railings. We make sure to do a safe job without damage to electrical wires, surroundings, etc.


We mistakenly believe that demolition is simple and easy. In some cases, such as during small demolition jobs, this can be true. Often we have to demolish buildings that are badly damaged and dangerous or contaminated. Before proceeding with a major demolition, we should always do some contamination testing.

There are certain contaminants that we can see with the naked eye, such as fungus. There are others that we cannot perceive as asbestos. Despite this, it is always preferable to have the place analyzed because some fungi are volatile and require as much care as asbestos.


When our Demolition Contractors Geelong and their demolition expert team encounter this type of obstacle on our sites, we must carefully seal the contamination zone so that we can then install powerful fans that will maintain negative pressure, thus filtering the contamination like asbestos dust or fungus. This method will force dust to settle on surfaces previously coated with special glue for this purpose. Our workers must put on a dry suit and work with full masks.


Row houses also present good demolition challenges, as machinery often does not have access to the back of buildings. The machinery is very important, especially to quickly clear the materials from the sites in the right place. We recycle or recover a good part of the materials, but most of the work is done by hand without machinery.

As an experienced contractor, let us advise you on your demolition project! A good evaluation will be essential because each project is different.


At Demolition Geelong, nothing escapes us when it comes to excavation work! As a contractor specializing in an excavation in Melbourne, Australia, we guarantee unparalleled quality and professionalism. Any execution of your excavation work is also always carried out or supervised by the owner. Whether to execute digging new foundations of a house or a residential or commercial building. Performs work of all types of excavation, such as repairing the foundation, the additions, or reconstruction from one foundation to another.

With our plumbing experts, we also carry out works of connection of the regular or storm sewers, the entry of drinking water, the drawing of pipes, the elimination and replacement of lead water pipes. Without forgetting our greatest specialty: the repair or installation of drains, access chimneys, and water retention wells. Nothing stops us when it comes to the excavation of all kinds!


There are many reasons to call on our excavating contractor for your work in Australia. In general, excavation usually concentrates on several specialists in excavation and structure. At Demolition Contractors Geelong, our specialists have solid knowledge and experience in the field in order to complete your project. In construction, excavation is the work of digging the ground, normally using power shovels and other specialized tools. Some soils are stronger or softer and therefore require more attention in machinery or labor. Usually, when your specialist excavation contractor is uncertain about your land, they should do a soil survey to get the facts straight.

Demolition Contractors Geelong has the best excavation experts in Australia and suitable equipment for any case, urgent or not. We have a variety of excavation machinery to guarantee you a reliable, resistant, and profitable success of your project. Let us advise you and help you with your project.

Several Factors the Developers Look for During Demolition of a Building


Neil Andrews is a finance advisor and part time content writer.

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