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Real Estate

Why do you need to Invest in Commercial Property in Mangalore?

Commercial Property for sale in Mangalore

Mangalore or Kudla ( referred to as Kudla in the local language ) is a famous port city in Karnataka. It has been an important port on the Arabian Sea for decades now. If you visit Mangalore today,you will be able to see a bustling, vibrant and lively city. There are functional commercial spaces in Mangalore since the port city boasts of significant infrastructure. It has been labelled as a great real estate investment opportunity for commercial space.

In recent years, Mangalore is witnessing quite a  buzz in terms of real estate development. Many quality-oriented developers are developing amazing residential and commercial spaces in the Mangalore.

What is an excellent real Estate Investment?

You can term your investment in real estate as pleasant and profitable if it grows in terms of capital over a while. For commercial properties in cities like Mangalore, the criteria to be considered is the time factor too. The earlier your money grows, the better the investment; this is the simple logic to follow while looking out for commercial properties for sale in Mangalore. It could also be termed as an investment on a commercial property that fetches a high rental income to the investor.

Usually, experts consider an excellent commercial property to be the location that is not only growing currently but also has the potential to grow over the years. Some factors to be considered before investing in commercial properties in Mangalore are its location, income of the population, infrastructure, job growth and a couple of other relevant factors. According to experts, commercial land for sale in Mangalore is seeing this trend and can be termed as one such high growth investment opportunity in India.

What makes Commercial land for sale in Mangalore the ideal real estate investment choice?

Geographical Location 

Before we invest in any commercial property, the location needs to be considered as the top priority. Commercial building construction in Mangalore has the advantage of being a major buzzing port of the country. This has led to large business and trading activities. Mangalore has attracted a lot of people to make the city as their home. Virtually the demand for commercial properties in Mangalore has been observed to be organic and perennial. This essential parameter has determined the growth of commercial spaces in Mangalore and globally too.


Mangalore can be termed as the largest and most developed city in Dakshina Kannada district. It is interesting to note that the city has a multi-cultured hub. This makes it a very favourable aspect of the town concerning commercial properties. Since different cultures of people freely interact and stay nearby, there is enormous potential for that area to grow due to the diversity of the population. The social structure has played a massive role in pushing the growth of commercial properties in Mangalore, and the strong influence of multiple demographics, religions and diversity in skills make the commercial properties in Mangalore an ideal investment choice. The diverse population living peacefully with each other has given birth to various industries, businesses and other opportunities. Mangalore also boasts of fertile tropical monsoon climate.

Strong Economy

Mangalore is a massive reservoir of natural resources, and the local economy is driven by not just the port activities but also the industrial, commercial and agricultural activities.India’s significant exports of cashew nuts and coffee is through Mangalore.Mangalore ports are the gateway to India’s high demand for crude oil. All these factors have attracted global companies to invest in commercial properties in Mangalore.

Strong Industrial sector

Mangalore Special Economic Zone Limited ( MSEZL) is India’s multi-product SEZs with an investment of over $2 billion. A major compelling factor for the high demand in commercial land for sale in Mangalore is the MSEZ, which is now the favoured manufacturing destination in India.

Mangalore has been a witness to steady growth in the IT companies, and other global corporates that have put up their base in this city. Also noteworthy is the fact that a skilled, highly educated workforce that could have helped grow the commercial properties in Mangalore.

This bustling city has two huge IT parks called Export Promotion Industrial park.

A recent survey conducted by a global team of real estate experts shows that commercial spaces for sale in Mangalore has been receiving huge investments from Non-Resident Indians. They consider commercial land for sale in Mangalore as a safer investment opportunity.

Marian Infrastructures has been at the forefront in bringing elite properties to life in prime locations of Mangalore.

Marian Infrastructures have built over 580 Homes through 16 Projects. Marian is now a leading infrastructure development company. Marian properties come with world-class amenities and is now one of the preferred features in Mangalore. The Park, by Marian, is a pioneer of the concept “Walk to Work “. They also provide a virtual tour of the elite properties so that you can enjoy the tour at the comfort of your home.

Commercial building construction is considered as the most profitable investment with huge returns. Elite and convenient commercial spaces in Mangalore at prime fast-growing locations are coming up. So if you are still wondering why you need to invest in commercial spaces in Mangalore, here we give you some more reasons to invest in Mangalore commercial land for sale:

Reasons To Invest In Commercial property in Mangalore for Sale

  1. Properties in prime areas

Commercial building construction development in Mangalore has seen rapid growth during recent years. Mangalore commercial property development is planned in a systematic manner keeping the future in mind. Both buyers and builders are happy to get access to excellent properties in centrally located and posh areas.

  1. World-class Healthcare

A recent survey conducted states that Mangalore is way beyond major developed cities for healthcare facilities. It could be attributed to the fact that Mangalore has India’s best medical colleges and hospitals. Mangalore also boasts of expert healthcare professionals and advanced medical technology.

  1. Property development in Mangalore suburbs

Mangalore is expanding in all directions. Increasing infrastructure and connectivity has led to the growth of many commercial properties for sale in the suburbs of Mangalore. In the past few years, Mangalore suburban areas are rapidly growing. There have been planned commercial developmental activities are taking place in these areas. Hence these commercial properties for sale are attracting lots of investment.

  1. High Living Standards

High quality of life is the right work-life balance that includes access to quality healthcare, education, and infrastructure, and excellent job opportunities. Mangalore has a high quality of life for all these factors.

  1. Affordable Property Prices

Commercial properties in Mangalore has been considered a better option for most investors than other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai or New Delhi. Compared to the initial amount required for financing, the gains have always exceeded expectations in Mangalore. Another promising factor is that the commercial real estate market in Mangalore has been observed to be stable in the last few decades. It has led to a considerable gap in the real estate sector with demand exceeding supply. In recent years, many well-reputed real estate builders are filling up this growing gap.

  1. The Price Escalation factor

Commercial spaces in recently developed areas of Mangalore have higher chances of price escalation. Most builders of commercial building construction in Mangalore, allow for booking the property by paying only a token amount and enabling the investor the flexibility to pay the balance amount before possession. Also, note that you can sell this property after completion as the price would have escalated. This is another factor why investing in commercial properties for sale is increasing in Mangalore.

After having described in detail, the advantages of investing in commercial properties in Mangalore, we would like to state here that this city is fast becoming a centre of real estate investment globally. Looking at the current growth, we can predict that the opportunities will be growing in the coming years as top global companies are investing in Mangalore. If you are planning to buy a commercial property in Mangalore, you can check out  Marian’s flagship project, “The Park,”  situated at a prime location in Mangalore city.

Situated in the vicinity of the famous Kadri Park, this elite space is going to be Mangalore’s first tall tower. Designed with a concept of “Walk To Work”, these towers house premium office spaces, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and much more. “The Park“is a complete township.

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