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Why Having an Attendance Management Software is Important?

Being able to track your employee’s time and attendance is an essential part of your business. It allows you to accurately pay your employees for the amount of time they have worked and seek issues that might be leading to a decline in productivity such as late comings or absenteeism etc. But this process doesn’t have to be tedious for human resource managers. That is why every business needs attendance management software.

Attendance management software

An attendance management software allows the HR department to document the total hours an employee works every day and the time they punch in and out of the office. Having such details allows you to eliminate issues during payroll processing and protects you from time theft. These softwares also allow you to manage employee leaves efficiently.

Choosing the Right Software

Ease of Access

The first thing an attendance management software should have is a user-friendly interface. Since this software will be used by every employee in every department in your organization, it needs to have an interface that’s easy to use. A user-friendly software often gets a higher rate of adoption. You should also be able to access it from any location and device, as long as you have the credentials.


Make a list of features that you are looking for. Though it’s not easy to understand what gesture you need in such software if you are buying one for the first time. You can look at different vendors to understand what features they are offering and then make a list of features you actually need for your business. Once you have the list, choose software that checks out all your requirements.

Ratings and Reviews

Always check the ratings and reviews when looking for essential softwares for your business. Reviews allow you to understand what previous customers think about the product. You can also understand where software is lagging with the help of these reviews. Visit their site for testimonials or search the internet for reviews. You can also check Videos to understand the interface of the software.


Ask the Vendor for a demo. A demo version of the software allows you to check all the features and interface of the software with limited functionality. This is the best way to figure out whether the software is user friendly or not. It will also help you understand if it’s worth the budget you have set.


Look for software that offers integration with other softwares you already have in your organization. There no point in having 5 different software who can’t work together, since it will only confuse employees and decrease engagement. Your attendance management software should easily be able to integrate with payroll management software, which will help you streamline the payroll process.


Since your business is still growing, the attendance management software you are opting for should have the ability to support your organization’s growth in the future. Have a discussion about the same with your software vendor and understand how their software will adjust to satisfy the future requirements and regulatory compulsions.


A good employee management software should have the ability to handle a huge number of employee time data. It should allow managers to generate detailed reports of any employee within the company. Automatic notifications are another handy feature that notifies you if an employee missed punching in or out.

Tracking Leaves

Your software should be able to track leave applications of employees and approve them based on the recorded data. It can help HR managers decide whether to approve the application of an employee by crosschecking the tracked data.

Exceptional Support

Every software is as good as the support it comes with. You can ask questions from their customer support team and understand how well they respond to your queries. This is one of the best ways to understand the kind of support you will be offered once you get their product.

Tips for Efficient Attendance Management

  • Integrate Attendance management with payroll. You can automate the process to save time and reduce the burden on the HR team.
  • Offer employees to use the self-service portal, being in control of their information can encourage the employees.
  • Choose a time and attendance management software that offers mobile usability.


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