Why Is It Essential To Have A Responsive Web Design For Your Website?

RH-Studio is a web and mobile development company that considers user experience first and aims to produce a bespoke brand image for our customers.

We understand that a website is the first point of contact between you and your consumers, so it is essential that it provides the correct perception of your business.

In the past few years, web development and design have reached new heights, with incredible video, voice helps, chatbots, unique micro-interactions, and state of the art AR/VR.

However fundamentally the most important aspect of your design must be that it is a mobile-first strategy. Google has recently revealed that 60% of all its search volume now comes from mobile.

Below we list several significant reasons to start now if you have not already created a responsive web design for your product/service.


Before we begin, let us know what Responsive Web Design is.  


Responsive web design means designing your website so that it flows easily between desktop, mobile, tablets, smartwatches and any other device that may be viewing it.

Pages, text, and images must be resized, reorganized, and adapted according to the screen size of the viewing device. This prevents the page from rendering larger than the height and width of the current gadget.


  1. Mobile-friendly design generates more traffic.


One in every three people across the globe now use smartphones on a regular basis. This highlights the extent to which surfing the net on mobile has proliferated in the last decade. A responsive web design eliminates the requirement to zoom in, scroll left and right.

Users will be given adequate visibility and space for different tabs and call to actions. Not only does this flexibility enhance search results for a mobile adapted site but it also supplies fluidity and an optimal experience for your users.

At RH-Studio, we provide web and mobile development services that are optimized to user experience, regardless of the device being used.


  1. Cost-effective and easy to keep.


By integrating responsive web design, firms do not need to separately invest money and time in a mobile version and a separate desktop version. Whether you need to grow, scale, or upgrade your website then everything can be managed from one design.

This means that the design is significantly more affordable and less time-consuming. Maintaining websites with a responsive UI is less expensive as well.


  1. Helps your Search Engine Optimization Rankings.


Your SEO is another factor that will be dependent on how user-friendly and quick your website is. Even Google has been pushing mobile-first indexing. If a user leaves your website immediately after entering it raises your bounce rate and negatively impacts your rankings.

Additionally, if consumers do not enjoy the browsing experience, then your business will receive less traffic and possibly negative reviews, which in turn affects your SEO.

Time on-page is an essential element for Google to consider when placing your website in its results. Another vital part of your search position is your page load speed.

With responsive web and mobile development, your pages will load faster, and site usability will be increased.


  1. Rich user experience.


No matter your content’s target market, flexibility and user-friendliness will be critical characteristics that make your users appreciate your website.

Responsive web design without unnecessary components, high resolution but adaptive pictures, breakpoints, media queries, SVGs, minimal layouts, readable fonts… etc. will help improve your user experience and improve your brand recognition.

With responsive web and mobile development, your website will provide your users with a rich user experience, leading to a better conversion rate on your website.


  1. More conversions and leads. 


The more responsive and professional your website is, the more users will visit, perhaps even beyond your target demographic. Shoppers, content customers or general surfers will leave your site with a pleasant and memorable user experience; because of this, they are more likely to return later. 67% to 75% of users rate a site based on its usability and aesthetic.

Hence customer satisfaction is essential to your growing your business, and it starts with responsive web design. Bounce rates decrease if the design is elegant and intuitive. Hence a small investment in responsive web design will generate much larger traffic, which converts into more sales yields.


  1. Better analytics help Superior results. 


Tracking the analytics of your website is easier with a single layout across several devices. Since most reporting and information will come from one source, your data analytics will be much easier to track.

Analysis of individual pages concerning orientation, breakpoints, and other components to monitor user’s behavior can help your developers to build new layouts in response to what causes a visitor to quit halfway through browsing.

Analytics can also help you to work out how many clicks to remove to get the customer to their destination swiftly. Understanding the comparison of page views on mobile, desktop and tablet enables you to determine precisely how to optimize your landing page and decide on appropriate call-to-actions in a way that enriches viewability and conversions.

At RH-Studio, we specialize in web and mobile development which integrates with analytics to provide easy and understandable data across platforms and devices.

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