Why Is It Important to Invest in Early Childhood Education for Your Child?

It is one big, unpredictable world out there, and as a parent, you’ll be best prepared if your child is securely ready for the future, too. The concept of schooling has been so popular precisely for this reason.

But if the youth prepare for their life as adults through attending grade school, secondary, and in most cases tertiary institutions, how can you ensure that your young child will also be ready for the onset of schooling?

ECE and Its Importance

Bringing your child to an elementary school without any preparation will likely result in your child’s tantrums. The kid will be shocked, and such is a natural response. Your child would have no idea why you’re bringing him/her to such a strange place and even leaving there! So what can you do?

Here’s a simple solution: before your kid even starts elementary school, make sure he/she has been admitted to an early childhood learning centre that you trust.

Giving your children an Early Childhood Education (ECE) is one of the best choices you can make not only for them but for yourself as well. ECE exposes a child to activities and experiences that develop their readiness for elementary school. Its benefits have been gaining more attention from educators and parents all over the world. Consequently, there also has been an increase in the number of learning centres catering to preschool kids.

Children are taught crucial life & learning skills appropriate for their developmental age in an ECE learning centre. Kids as young as 2 to 5 years old are gradually exposed to a healthy, loving environment along with their preschool peers. Together, they learn the basics of literacy and socio-emotional skills and habits that will be advantageous for them when they finally enter kindergarten.

What to Look for in an ECE Learning Centre

If you’re planning on getting your child ECE, you might want to consider these factors in choosing your learning centre.

  1. Environment

Before your child reaches the age of preschool, you can already scout possible learning centres for them. Schedule a visit, or better yet, do a surprise one on school days to see firsthand the centre’s environment norm.

Aside from inspecting the facilities (it needs to be child-friendly!), it also pays to talk to fellow parents who have been in the centre before you and learn from their reviews.

2. Teachers

Kids learn best when taught by people they like. Make sure to get to know the adult/s who will be taking care of your child in your stead.

If possible, interview the teacher and know whether they have proper education and training in childcare and development. It will also do good for your child if you observe a nurturing, positive attitude from the teacher.

3. Teaching Method

Does the learning centre promote an interactive and engaging method of teaching? An early childhood learning centre should be student-centred and holistic. Discuss with the centre’s admin about their policies and teaching philosophies.

A preschool that encourages play is best for young kids in their care. Teachers should also make sure that each kid is cared for and guided on their way to independence.

These are only the basics of ECE. As a parent who wants only the best for the child, further research about ECE would greatly benefit your Endeavor.

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