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Why Is My Outdoor AC Unit’s Fan Not Spinning?

The summer season is around the corner, and you are going to rely on your AC for days and months together. So, unless you have a reliable air conditioner that serves you efficiently without major breakdowns, it’s difficult to survive the scorching heat air conditioning in Sydney.

One of the significant issues homeowners face with their air conditioners is a non-functional AC unit fan. If the fan stops spinning, you won’t enjoy the cool air. You need to call your HVAC company that repairs and services air conditioning in Sydney before the summer’s heatwaves start creeping in.

Wondering what made your AC fan stop spinning all of a sudden? Here are the possible reasons.

  • Faulty Capacitors

If your capacitor drops dead, your AC unit’s fan will stop spinning. This is a prevalent issue since capacitors are subject to wear and tear over time. The small, cylindrical-shaped capacitors transmit energy signals to drive the fan motor and help the entire AC unit. Replace them immediately to resume the performance and efficiency of your favorite cooling device.

  • Blocked or Dirty Air Filters

Air filters get dirty over time, and as a result, they may be blocked by dirt, debris, and other pollutants, especially if they are left uncleaned over a prolonged period. Besides, blocked air filters can cause ice build-ups, thus hampering the airflow.

Depending on the intensity of the blockage and the type of the filter, you can either replace or clean the air filters to enhance your room’s air circulation. Blocked air filters are one of the many reasons to prevent the fan from spinning, causing the AC to shut down.

  • Power Issues

Your AC unit’s fan may stop working due to a simple power issue, such as a tripped circuit breaker due to overheating. In that case, your AC will stop working since the main power has been cut off automatically. This issue can be easily fixed by flipping the dedicated circuit breaker switch back to turn it on.

However, switch it on after about 30 minutes to allow the device and the power line some cooling time.

  • Broken or Burnt-Out Motor

Burnt out or broken fan motors may prevent the outdoor AC unit’s fan from working. It happens when your AC is left unserviced and unmaintained for a long time, and the fan motors receive work overload. It’s costly to repair or replace AC fan motors, so it’s best to service your AC unit from time to time by hiring an experienced HVAC team for air conditioning in Sydney.

  • Problems with the Contactor

The contactor switch of your AC is located within the compressor unit and is responsible for sending voltage to the fan and the condenser unit for running the AC. These contactor switches may get damaged or frayed over time, thus preventing your fan from spinning. Replace bad or broken contactor switches immediately.

  • Broken or Faulty Belt

Although the belt system is not found in newer AC models as they use direct motors, the old ones do have fan belts. AC belts do age and wear out with time, and as a result, they may produce weird squeaking, clicking, or clanging sounds. Fix or replace a broken belt immediately by contacting a professional and specialized AC servicing company like Sydney Air Conditioning Services.

Final Words

To ensure your air conditioning system will work well and provide relief indoors, you need to start checking its performance from now itself before summer approaches. Abstain from diagnosing the problem yourself and let an expert determine what went wrong with your AC unit.

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