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Why is SVU the best private university in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula is the best private university in UP because it imparts skills with strong academic knowledge crucial for realizing successful corporate careers.Since its inception in 2010, SVU has made rapid strides by incorporating an industrial curriculum that imparts job ready skills vital for nurturing future ready professionals.

About the University

SVU is a State Private University enacted by Act No-26 of 2010 of State Legislature of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and notified u/s 2 (f), UGC Act 1956, Govt. of India. The university is based in Rajabpur, NH-24, the main highway connecting Delhi to Lucknow, providing an easy commute from either side of the campus. The 60 acre lush green campus offers a serene environment for learning because a stress-free environment is vital for education.

The university campus provides world class quality education in tune with the technological advancements taking place in various facets of Medical, Engineering, Science& Technology. It also offers courses in Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, Law, Library and Information Sciences, Mass Comm., etc.

It’s the brainchild of Dr. Sudhir Giri who makes professional education affordable through scholarships because the deserving should get their due share.

Infrastructure & facilities

SVU imparts quality education through hi-tech labs & workshops that nurture practical skills, thus making it the best universities in UP. We have installed the labs in collaboration with industry because it ensures skilled manpower is available to them.

We organize expert seminars on priority because this ensures our students are aware of the latest trends. Our conference hall is engaged with activities showcasing the relevance of skills because a skilled professional gets employed with ease.

SVU understands the importance of market ready skills because they are vital for getting placed. The Intel powered computer lab fosters coding skills because the IT sector is the biggest employer even in challenging times. The Central Library & the reading hall provide the perfect ambiance for learning because it houses books & journals vital for knowledge.

Centers for Excellence

The university understands the importance of nurturing quality manpower in advanced technologies because these sectors power the Indian economy. We have dedicated centers of excellence in core areas of:.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Smart & sustainable infrastructure
  • Basic & Applied Sciences
  • Advanced Pharmacy
  • Advanced & Special Care Pharmacy
  • Microelectronics & Power Systems
  • Innovative education & Pedagogy

These centers of excellence show our commitment to research oriented education because, being a Higher education Institution (HEI) we commit ourselves to future technologies.

Experienced Faculty

Education is incomplete without the guidance of experts who have gained expertise through years of industry & academic experience. SVU takes pride in hiring the best-in-class faculty because they are the knowledge providers.

A stringent selection process entails faculty selection passing through a series of stages because our endeavor is quality education for all. We hire from IITs, & NITs as we impart futuristic education, making us the top private university in UP.

The majority of them are doctorates who encourage students to endure in labs because this nurtures conceptual understanding vital for success. We send them on FDP because upskilling is vital for achieving quality education.

Hands-on experience

Students learn & forget because they absorb through experience & practice. This guides our philosophy that practical experience is vital for nurturing industry ready professionals. SVU has earned credibility by offering courses that offer an internship opportunity.

We have partnered with leading companies offering internships because they foster practical skills vital for the job. Students complete their end semester by interning at companies, as these are crucial for gaining hands-on skills.

The majority of them get placed after an internship because domain knowledge coupled with practical skills is indispensable for companies. The curriculum at SVU is futuristic because we devised it after consulting the industry pundits. This ensures we impart competencies that are industry relevant so that corporates easily absorb our students. Our curriculum team holds parlays with industries & incorporates the desired skills to make us the top 5 private university in UP.

Teaching Pedagogy

The teaching method at SVU considers the different learning curves of the students. Just lecturing is not enough because students learn through a variety of ways like projects, assignments, quizzes, & prototypes. We involve them in the learning process because we profess experiential learning as vital for their career advancement. Students under the guidance of faculty perform experiments because this ensures they engrave concepts for life.

Awards & achievements

Science & technology are the pillars of growth for any nation because they foster innovation. Dr. Sudhir Giri Chairman of Venkateshwara Group believes we should recognize the talented because they will power India’s growth trajectory.

Dr. Sudhir Giri himself, an engineer, knows the hardships rural youth face in getting educated because of the reduced income levels. This belief evoked him to run an institution that caters to the underprivileged sections of the society through a series of scholarships. A separate Jan Kalyan Department assists the meritorious students in getting scholarships because we promote affordable education & healthcare for all. These events propelled Dr. Sudhir Giri to establish SVU in a rural area because he wants to spread education in the villages to improve their life.

The Uttar Pradesh Government recognized his indomitable efforts & awarded him the Legends of Uttar Pradesh award at a glittering function in Lucknow. The Deputy CM of UP Dr. Brajesh Pathak felicitated him with the award & applauded SVU’s efforts in spreading education.


The final destination of all academic activity is employment because it is vital for a dignified life. SVU not only imparts hard skills but also soft skills because they are crucial for climbing the corporate ladder. The Training & placement cell organizes expert sessions on corporate readiness because we assist in 100% placement.

Holistic Development

All work & no play will make Jack a dull boy. This philosophy guides us & we organize sports & cultural programs because they foster the overall development of the students. Students take part in games & sports which develop team spirit & endurance vital for a successful corporate career.

We encourage them to take part in cultural programs because it banishes inhibition & refines their personality to become confident professionals. Fashion shows are a regular event at SVU because they provide an opportunity for self-expression to make us the best private university in UP.


For successful careers, students should consider institutions that impart industry skills because hands-on skills are vital for the job. SVU attempts to inculcate high demand skills because it guarantees placements with lucrative salaries.

We foster practical skills through hands on exposure because firms hire candidates who can perform from day one. I invite all aspirants to visit the sprawling SVU campus & have a feel of our facilities created for nurturing the ideal techno-commercial professional.

The Shri Venkateshwara University, the best private university in Uttar Pradesh (UP), features a highly skilled and experienced faculty, modular learning laboratories, research facilities, a well-designed residential space, and a fantastic environment for sports and co-curricular activities.

Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula is the brainchild Dr. Sudhir Giri who provides ‘affordable education & healthcare for all’.

Dr. Sudhir Giri believes that socio-economic barriers are the major hurdles to receiving education.

Belonging to a farmer’s family, Dr. Sudhir Giri embarked on a mission to train the rural youth through affordable & futuristic education.

This endeavor inspired him to establish a world class institution called the Best Private University in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Our vision is affordable education for all, irrespective of caste & creed. Today, the rural youth struggles in gaining quality education due to lack of resources.

SVU provides scholarships to meritorious students & helps them realize their dreams, thus making us the best university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

We have established a separate Jan Kalyan Department that helps students to get scholarships.

Like the right to education (RTE) SVU believes that affordable higher education is the need of the hour.

Owing to his commendable work for healthcare Dr. Sudhir Giri received the Ideal Health Institutions 2021 award from Mr. Suresh Kumar Khanna Cabinet minister for medical education in the UP Govt.

On receiving the award Dr Sudhir Giri dedicated this award to the committed team of Venkateshwara group that includes Doctors/paramedics and nursing staff who served the covid patients day night for their speedy recovery.

We have established world class labs & workshops that give experiential learning to the students. Students gain practical skills crucial for placement, thus making us the Top University of Uttar Pradesh (UP)..

SVU has established the labs in collaboration with industry. This ensures we train the students on the latest skills crucial for employment.

We equipped the labs with the best workstations that enrich the learning, thus making us the best private university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

The industry, which ensures skilled manpower is available to them, has sponsored SVU’s engineering labs & workshops.

The library with over 7000 books & e-resources enriches the learning process, thus making us the Best University in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Our AC seminar & conference halls provide the perfect atmosphere for conventions, thus making us the top university of Uttar Pradesh UP.

The standard location on the Delhi Meerut bypass ensures we are well connected with rail & road. The well designed classrooms enable good dispersion of knowledge, thus making us the best private university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

We involve Dr. Sudhir Giri in university operations to ensure we take timely decisions. This provides support to the top management & we achieve new milestones in education.

Dr. Sudhir Giri, an engineer himself, understands the challenges faced by the rural youth to become engineers.

SVU takes part in community welfare programs. This ensures students develop team spirit & empathy crucial for success in today’s world.

SVU has its own medical college that conducts health camps for the marginal sections of the society.

Students take part in these camps & provide their services with care & dedication. This fosters in them humane values & care for society, thus making us the best university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

The group is running a dozen educational institutions that include medical colleges in India & abroad. Our commitment towards education & healthcare has enabled Dr Sudhir Giri win the International Glory Man of the year Award 2021.

The carefully recruited faculty is the pride of the university. They have years of industrial & academic experience so vital for the students. They transfer key skills thus making us the top university of Uttar Pradesh UP.

Best University in Uttar Pradesh | Top University in India | SVU

Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU), Gajraula is a State Private University enacted by Act No-26 of 2010 of State Legislature of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and notified u/s 2 (f), UGC Act 1956 of University Grants Commission, Govt. of India. We award degrees u/s22 (1) of UGC Act 1956.

The Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) provides excellent teaching & research facilities through state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with laboratories & workshops for comprehensive learning.

The 60 acre lush green campus of the Top University in India provides the serene environment for holistic learning. The Teaching pedagogy is a blend of theory with practice that ensures employability. SVU inculcates internship as an integral part of its teaching to give the practical edge to its students.

Apart from this, Guru Shishya ideology ensures they root us in our culture of respect & care making us the best University in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). Dr. Sudhir Giri, honorable chairperson of the group aimed to realize his vision of Affordable Education for all combined with academic excellence, innovative and entrepreneurial approach to make learning unparalleled.

Therefore, our mission is to turnout individuals who personify competence, leadership, personal integrity, ethics, and empathy for weak and less privileged, making us the best University of Moradabad (U.P.). The University is running over 150 undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG) courses, (Ph.D.), Diploma and certificate courses in various fields of Applied Sciences, Medical Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Languages, Design, Agriculture, Engineering & Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Paramedical, Commerce & Management, Law, Library & information Sciences, Mass Comm. & Journalism to enhance the employability of the youth.

Our vision “to educate every Indian with no discrimination at any level” is now being fulfilled as thousands of those millions of Indian youth which were denied education because of economic, region and other discriminations are now getting skill based, professional, employment based education with us and ensure their contribution in strengthening the nation making us the Best University in Gajraula (U.P.).

SVU, the top University in India, strives to unfold the full creative potential, latent in every individual with an aim of producing skilled professionals, synthesizing conventional and modern thinking with a global outlook and having the capability of adapting to changing requirement.

To accomplish this, it has hired the best faculty. The faculty is a mix of academic & industry trained who ensure the students grasp the key skills. SVU encourages faculty to take part in FDP to broaden their knowledge base & add value to the university. Majority of faculty members are Doctorates with years of experience that enable them to augment the skills of our students.

The faculty of Best University in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) takes part in research projects to enlighten a culture of research & true learning. The College lays emphasis on Internship. The best University of Moradabad has tied up with leading organizations for internship of its students. This ensures students have hands on exposure, enhancing their employability. Our unique attribute is our curriculum. The Course committee alters the syllabus according to industry demand.

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