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Why Preet Tractor is Favourite Brand of Indian Farmers

Popular Preet Tractors in India

Preet tractor is perfect for various farming operations and offers best in class features for farming operations. Preet tractor has huge demand in the Indian tractor industry. It is famous for its design and style. Price is USP of Preet tractor. It’s affordable and suitable for Indian farmer’s budgets.  Preet tractor price starts from 3.80 lac to 22.10 lac. Preet tractors come in the broadest range that starts from 25 hp to 100 hp. With their modern features, it wins the heart of Indian farmers. It is suitable for Indian areas or fields. That is why the Preet tractor is a favorite of Indian farmers.

Popular Preet Tractors in India

Preet tractor offers the best in class features with exclusive design. Here, we show popular Preet tractors in India with specifications and prices. Let’s look at all of them.

  • Preet 6049

Preet 6049 is a durable and reliable tractor model in India. The tractor is a 60 hp, four cylinders tractor with an extremely powerful engine. Its widely used in urban and rural areas due to its features. It offers 12 V 75 AH battery and 12 V 36 A alternator which is the best combination for Indian farmers.

Preet 6049 has a 60-litre large fuel tank to keep the tractor in the field for long days. It comes with the dry multi-disc brakes/oil-immersed brakes (optional) for avoiding slippage. It has 1800 kg lifting capacity to push and pull the heavy implements. Preet tractor price is Rs. 7.25-7.60 Lac

  • Preet 4049

Preet 4049 is best known for its innovative solutions, and it has 40 hp, three cylinders. It offers a bundle of features for farmers satisfaction. The tractor comes with a water-cooled system and multi-cylinder inline (BOSCH) that is best during farming working. Preet 4049 comes with the 67-litre large fuel tank to stay the tractor in the farming field for a long time.

It has heavy-duty dry single 280 mm (dual optional) Cerametallic plates with 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes and multi-disc dry type mech/wet optional brakes that provide high grip and proper safety guarantee. Preet tractor price is Rs. 4.80-5.10 Lac.

  • Preet 4549

Preet 4549 is a 45 hp tractor with three cylinders. It has a 2892 CC robust engine that generates 2200 engine rated RPM. The tractor comes with a water-cooled and dry air cleaner that is the finest combination for farmers. It is mainly known for its dry multi-disc brakes/oil-immersed brakes (optional) and automatic depth & draft control.

Its accessories are another best-noticed point for farmers. This tractor manufactured according to the farmers need and order. It provides economic mileage and low fuel consumption. Due to features, it always stood in the wishlist of farmers. Check on road 4549 Preet Tractor Price.

  • Preet 955

Preet 955 tractor is suitable for modern farming, and it comes with advanced technologies that make modern farming more productive. This 50 hp tractor has three-cylinders, a superb engine, heavy lifting capacity, dual-clutch, etc. for better farming. The tractor has economic mileage that makes it sensible for implements, rotavator, harvester, cultivator, etc. It has a dry-type dual-clutch, new design and provides low maintenance.

The tractor offers power steering, heavy-duty front axle, electronic meter, different steel body, extraordinary graphics, crystal headlights, and many more.

  • Preet 3549

Preet 3549 is an excellent tractor in the 35 hp range, and it has a powerful engine. The tractor has three cylinders with a water-cooled system. It offers 1800 kg lifting capacity to lift heavy implements and 60-litre large fuel tank for long staying in the field. Additionally, it provides tools, bumper, top link, canopy, drawbar, hitch accessories.

It has a manual steering type with a single drop arm. Preet 3549 tractor comes with innovative features including, dry air cleaner, automatic depth & draft control, dry multi-disc brakes, etc. Check on road 3549 Preet Tractor Price.

Which Hp Range of Preet Tractor is Best for Compact Farming?

The 25 – 30 hp range of Preet tractor is best for compact farming. Below we show the best mini Preet tractor Price with features. Have a look.

  • Preet 2549

Preet 2549 is the right choice for orchard farming due to its features and qualities. It is a 25 hp tractor with a bunch of advanced features and provides comfort and satisfaction to the small farmers. Preet 2549 comes with 25-litre large fuel tank and 1000 kg lifting capacity, which is best called the best combination.

It provides Power steering for fast response and easy control. It has the engine power and hydraulic capacity that give strength to the tractor. Its equipped with an 1854 CC engine that generates 2000 engine rated RPM.
3049 4WD Preet Tractor Price.

Preet 3049 4WD is the finest 30 hp tractor for orchard farming which comes with 4wd and three cylinders. This tractor has hi-tech technologies that enhance production. It offers an 1854 CC powerful engine with a multi-cylinder inline (BOSCH) pump. It’s fair and appropriate for farmers.

Its steering type is Power steering from that tractor gets easy to control and fast response. The tractor multi-disc oil-immersed brakes for avoiding accidents. It performs various difficult farming tasks and is very suitable for Indian fields.

We hope you enjoy this blog, and now you get the information about Preet tractor models with Preet tractor price and features.

For more information, stay tuned with us.

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