Why We Prefer Python Web Development for Our Projects

Firstly, web development is an essential development spectrum for companies and organizations. The requirement to satisfy and proceed with web development has increased exponentially in recent times. Every business and organization is looking forward to developing its own personal website. Particularly, this is to carve a presence amongst its consumers using web development.

There are multiple and various programming languages that support web development. But recently professionals and experts have long chosen python development as its preferred technology. This is to develop a digital presence of its brand in the market.  According to a recent survey done by Statista, Python leads the web development spectrum and market share at 26.7% in 2016. This market share is expected to grow to about 32 percent by the end of 2021.

But the question is why should web developers prefer to use python. What qualities does python have to make it apt for web development? It is essential to choose the right language by developers to design a kind of website that stands the test of time. If you choose to develop using a popular programming language, you should also consider the wide variety of factors that comes with it.

The factors include handling and management of a large volume of traffic, database management, optimal security of the website as well as safeguard of user data present on the website, and integration with third-party tools. Python provides all of the above features to web developers and professional web coders.

In addition to this, there are several topmost companies that use and employ python for their web development tasks. These companies are Netflix, Quora, NASA, Google, Spotify, and many others.

Let’s check out the major and primary reasons why professionals and experts prefer to use the python web development framework:

Open Source Programming Language

The foundation software of Python supports and administers the language as an open-source programming language. Because of this reason, the python language can be used freely and the coders and developers can change and modify the code as per will. They are free to distribute and make changes to the code as well as develop their own features and functions using the language. The python developer community is open and widespread to everyone. This is the major reason why the python community is known to encourage, contribute and grows as an overall widespread community.

When it comes to the Python community, this community is ever-giving and ever helpful to everyone. When the question is about Python mobile software or any kind of web development. Developers are prone to making fewer errors and bugs to deal with.  The python language is able to provide additional security compared to any other rival programming languages out there.

Python is known to drastically reduce web development cost. Due to its robust and rugged features and functions, development becomes ever so easy for professionals.

Quick development and Enhanced Productivity

Python is well known to be an Object-Oriented Programming language. By using this way, python efficiently manages the entire web development process pretty easily and efficiently.  The language provides a way to developers to process text using its unit testing framework.

When all of the awesome python features are combined with web development, the result is the production of a secure, dynamic, speedy, and robust website.

This is one of the primary reasons why many companies and corporates prefer to use the Python web development framework. By doing this they are able to offer an enhanced solution to its users and customers.

Flexible programming Language

Python is compatible and flexible with all major kinds of operating systems and ensures maximum compatibility with it.  Major operating systems are supported for using python as the base framework for development. Including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix, as well as IBM, Solaris, VMX, and AIX platforms.

Powerful yet Simple Programming language

Python is equipped with a lot of predefined features and functions. These include standard libraries that are able to support each and every programming and development project.

Python open-source framework provides a built-in option to process images, execute calculations, as well as generate interfaces for various operating systems.

Because of the versatility that python has to offer, the developer time and efforts are reduced drastically. Also, python is ideal when it comes to web and mobile applications development.

Enables Easy Integration

Developers and programmers can use the python language to develop the backend infrastructure and then use any other language for interface development. This is done to enable rendering without worrying about any kind of compatibility issues. Python is known to integrate well with many multiple third-party tools and frameworks pretty easily and efficiently. Being a highly functional language, developers can work it out using other third-party tools and plugins.

Developer Friendly

Python provides developers access to options, syntax and can easily decipher various argument parameters with improved scalability. This is the very reason why the python language is considered to be effective for coding and web development projects.

The use of space instead of special characters and braces makes it easy for developers to indicate the beginning and the end of code. This improves the developer’s efforts and makes them less prone to mistakes and errors that would otherwise hamper code quality and efficiency.

This provides proof that readability comes inbuilt with the language.

Versatile programming language

When the question about the versatility of the programming language is concerned, developers can adopt high-level implementations and applications without changing the requirements of the customers.  Developers can do this without committing any changes to the application in the underlying components of the application.

Using Python it is possible to expand the capabilities and functions of the applications that are complex. By doing this, developers can address the requirements of the customers pretty easily and efficiently.

Integration with Internet Of Things

Python integrates well with Internet-of-things. Due to this, python developers have gained a lot of advantages over other developers. Python is able to integrate seamlessly and efficiently with IoT applications. It’s like they are made for each other. With such huge compatibility, developers and coders can derive as well as accomplish more complex things using a mixture of these two platforms.

When we talk about upcoming platforms such as the Raspberry Pi, python developers can focus on the development areas for their own physical devices.  These can include cameras, sensors, and mobile devices as well.

Works for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Python provides an enhanced tech stack that is capable to support next level technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  With never-ending community support, quicker development is foreseen using the support from all the libraries and tools that the python framework provides.

This makes it the best programming language when you need to develop applications that require integration with AI and ML technologies.  The Python syntax is extremely easy for developers to learn and understand. This can kick start the development process with AI without investing a lot of time into it.

Supports SEO Principles

As far as website development and designing is concerned, python provides support for advanced SEO techniques. This helps companies to rank their websites using digital marketing efforts that help them gain more customers for their products and services.  Following SEO practices not only makes web development much simpler but also easy to manage as well.


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We all need a website that is functional and optimal to provide information to users and drive traffic to. Python makes it possible to accomplish all of these things in the simplest and easiest way. If you are looking to Hire Python Developer then do contact us. Hope you like this article on Why We Prefer Python Web Development for Our Projects. Do read our other articles.

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