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Web Hosting

Why You Must Choose VPS Servers for Your Websites

Choosing VPS Server for your website is a very smart move for your business. Whether your business is small or big, in this case, the size of the business doesn’t matter. VPS hosting is a middle way solution for the two traditional platforms of dedicated hosting and shared hosting as it found suitable to all types of business.

As a beginner, everyone starts using a shared hosting server. And later when your website has become really successful, and you’re receiving thousands of visitors a day, and your sales have gradually increased, then the real problem comes. When your business grows steadily, and you’ve got plans to extend your website and launch a new marketing campaign to bring more traffic, the shared hosting package cannot fulfill all your requirements and expectations. While using shared hosting, its hard to cope with the current demand, and increasing traffic, and adding new apps can require updates.

What is the answer to these issues? A few years ago, the only solution to this problem is a dedicated server. But in a modern age, we have modern solutions. There is a center point between dedicated and shared hosting, called virtual private server (VPS Hosting), which is a type of mixture of both. In this article, we’re going to discuss the need for VPS Server and why VPS Hosting is the best solution for your website.

What is a VPS?

VPS is a virtual server, one of the numerous forms that are created on a single physical server. It has both shared and dedicated server facilities because you only rent a part of the physical server for yourself. Compare to other hosting servers, the VPS server cost very low. However, the computing resources and the space you receive with the VPS server are expressively more than the other hosting.

Superior to shared hosting

As a small business holder, they basically start on a shared hosting platform, and later it becomes unsuitable for their business once the traffic increases to their site. Shared hosting has limited resources, and that’s the major problem with it. Another problem with shared hosting is when there is a flow in traffic, the website will slow down radically, and several times the server may crash too. In this case, the business will not be available to their visitors and customers.

Like shared hosting, VPS hosting also has many websites hosting on one server. However, in the VPS server, each website is allocated dedicated resources and is contained in individual parts, which give them more privacy and security. Compare to shared hosting VPS server is higher in cost but comes with more features and resources that are supreme for a growing business.

In case another account holder creates some fraud or a problem, the VPS customers are given a dedicated IP to safeguard them. And they account holder is blacklisted. But in shared hosting, all the account holders share the one common IP, and this imperils to all the sites if one account is banned.

Matches the dedicated server in features

A single powerful physical server segregated into smaller portions – this is how the VPS server is created. Each of the parts works like a dedicated server, and it runs its own operating system (OS). As mentioned before, in the VPS server, every account has individual and independent resources, isolation, and complete privacy. It means even though a website has all the features that a dedicated server provides and shares the server like in shared hosting but at a far more reasonable price. It has become possible because the hardware expenses are all splits across the customers that are sharing the server.

Available in both Windows and Linux operating systems

A VPS server can be set up promptly, and users can select between Linux servers and Windows. Even though the operating system did not make much of a variation as far as the working of the server goes, there is a change in the price structure. Windows is a commercially sold operating system, and it’s more expensive than the open-source Linux software. A Linux based website is designed with the scripting languages like Python, PHP, Perl, and MYSQL database while Windows-based website is build using MSSQL, ASP.NET Tech, MS Access. To manage your account, you are provided with a control panel – cPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows.

Complete control to use in any manner

VPS server provides complete root access to the server. It helps the customers to install any software that they need or wish for their business. VPS hosting is useful in several ways. You can use it as a personal or private game server creating rules and unique levels. At the same time, you have to be careful about the consumption of resources especially while you are using a Microsoft Azure virtual desktop or dedicated virtual server hosting.

Instead of storing your application in the traditional methods of hard drive, you can use VPS to backup all your digital applications. It is also useful for designers and web programmers to experiment with their coding and applications. As mentioned above, there are many more different things that the clients can do with the VPS server.

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