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Why You Need To Hire An Injury Compensation Lawyer

When you report to work every day, you hope to have a great day and go back home at the close of business. However, no two days are similar. You may have ended the day well one day but things take a turn the next day.

The work environment is filled with unforeseeable hazards that may cause bodily harm to a worker. Many workers injure themselves in the line of duty. The accidents come with medical expenses that must be settled. As the employees recuperate, they lose wages because they are incapacitated by the accident. Enter Injured Workers Law Firm.

A skilled injured workers’ compensation lawyer helps an employee get the maximum settlement amount according to the labor laws.

The lawyer can also help the employee get the best medical attention to facilitate quick recovery.

Who is an injury compensation lawyer?

A workers compensation lawyer is an attorney who pursues an employee’s benefits and related benefits. A workers’ compensation lawyer pursues an insurance provider to ensure they honor their due. An employer is primarily concerned with only what benefits their firm.

 An injured worker who is absent on sick leave may be neglected and forgotten. A workers compensation lawyer comes to bridge the gap between the injured employee, and the insurance provider at the employer’s workplace.

When is the best time to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Many workers find themselves confused on the issue of hiring a compensation lawyer because they aren’t sure what to expect. The best time to hire an injured workers’ compensation lawyer is immediately an accident happens at your workplace.

First, you need to inform your employer about the accident. The employee must then fill out an accident report claim soon after the accident occurs. Then, seek medical attention. While at it, call the legal professional immediately, because the attorney can help you get the medical attention of your employer’s choice.

Common types of workplace accident 

  • Some of the accidents that qualify for injured workers compensation include;
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Machinery accidents
  • Broken bones
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Crushed limbs
  • Blindness
  • Burns
  • Deafness
  • Electrocution soft tissue injuries
  • Toxic substance exposure
  • Respiratory complications

When a lawyer is not necessary

You may not need to hire a lawyer if your injuries are minor. When an employee suffers minor accidents, the insurance provider is likely not to dispute your compensation claims. 

Compelling reasons why you need to lawyer up

An injury compensation lawyer is typically necessary when a dispute arises between the injured employee and the insurance provider. You should hire a legal professional if:

  • Your claim is denied

Insurance companies are in the business of making the most of their clients’ policies. As such, they can at times deny claims for several reasons. For instance, the insurance provider may claim that you filed the case too late or that your injury was outside the workplace.

An injury compensation lawyer helps you pursue your claim. The attorney can first appeal through the employees’ compensation law. The paperwork is a necessary process that varies from state to state. However, the law requires one to file evidence before the hearing.

  • A disputed or underrated disability rating

Compensation for permanent disability demands a hefty settlement from the insurance provider. Consequently, insurance companies tend to award minimal amounts or deny the claim. The company may dispute the doctor’s disability rating.

When discrepancies occur, the insurance provider may require the worker to attend an independent medical examination. The recommended doctor is the insurance provider’s choice. Consequently, the permanent disability rating will likely be lower than the former evidence.  

A workers compensation lawyer assists you to get a fair settlement. The legal professional can also convince the lawyer that you deserve a higher permanent disability rating.

  • One has a pre-existing condition

It is possible to sustain an injury on the same part of the body with an existing condition. Pursuing such compensation with an injury company without a lawyer can be an uphill task. The insurance provider will blame your injury on the already existing challenge and not the workplace activities.

It becomes difficult when making a claim for injuries or damage that develops over time rather than in an instance of a single work accident.  For example, pursuing breathing complications compensation is a challenge because the doctor needs to prove the condition is work-related. 

  • You have challenges getting befitting treatment.

Insurance providers are hard to part with money. They often deny hefty medical interventions such as surgery. A workers’ compensation attorney puts pressure on the insurance provider to accept and approve the recommended medical intervention in time.

  • Your performance at work is hampered.

Some work-related injuries may be too severe to allow you to perform optimally. If one can never work again, they have lost their ability to have gainful employment in the future. Therefore, you need an injury compensation lawyer to help you structure your claims to last you a lifetime.

On the other hand, you may need to train afresh to handle a different career. An injury compensation lawyer helps you make a claim that can pay for the vocational training and induction in the new line of work.

  • You have to answer to a workers’ compensation hearing.

An insurance provider may refuse to honor your due claims. Other times, the company may play lowball settlement packages making it necessary for you to prove your injury case in a court hearing. And because a hearing is similar to a mini-trial, a worker is likely to get a substantial settlement if they have an injury attorney representing them.

  • The employer retaliates against you.

An employer may fire, demote, or victimize you if you take too long to resume work because of the injury. When a worker faces such aggression from the employer, an injury compensation lawyer can help an employee argue the penalties as unwarranted. If the harassment continues, the attorney can advise on further intervention available to the worker.

An injury compensation lawyer is a friend to every employee who sustains injuries at their workplace. A legal professional helps the injured worker to get a deserved settlement for their troubles.

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