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Why you should buy perfect kit lifts?

Perfect Lift kits are best suitable for your cars

Why buy Perfect Lift?

When you choose Perfectlift, you can rest assured you’re getting some of the best lift and leveling kits on the market today.  Perfect Lift founded and run by a group of truck and Jeep enthusiasts, Perfectlift is your one-stop shop for all your aftermarket suspension needs. Learn what makes the Perfectlift brand name so special.

Catering to Truck and Jeep Enthusiasts

Truck and Jeep enthusiasts tend to obsess over their vehicles. From the latest factory models to unique DIY suspension systems, being a truck or Jeep enthusiast is like belonging to a special club.

At Perfectlift, we understand how truck and Jeep enthusiasts think because we happen to consider ourselves enthusiasts as well. All our products are designed to meet the needs of DIY enthusiasts as they go about modifying and upgrading their current ride. We’ve tried dozens of lift kits and suspension systems over the years, so we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. In fact, our kits are some of the highest-rated in the industry.

From expert customer service to knowing the ins and outs of the installation process, buying from Perfectlift gives you access to an entire community of truck and Jeep enthusiasts. We’re here to make your suspension dreams come true.

Lifted in the Australia

At Perfectlift, we’re proud of our Australian heritage, and we take every opportunity to show it off. That’s why we try to manufacture all of our suspension components here in the Australia. We know our customers love supporting Australian-made businesses and products, so we’ve stayed true to our patriotic roots over the years.

We also know that Australian steel and suspension components tend to outshine their competitors. Imported steel just isn’t the same. When you buy Perfectlift, you’re getting an Australian-made product that can stand the test of time.

We Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Manufacturing and selling lift kits is one thing, but how do we know if our products are any good unless we use and test them ourselves? That’s why the Perfectlift team is proud to use the products and suspension systems we make. Many of us own an off-road truck or Jeep, so we know how well these products work in the field. We’re constantly heading out on off-road excursions, making sure these lift kits stand up to all types of terrain.

If you contact the Superlift team with any questions or concerns, you will get to speak with some of the longest tenured in the suspension industry. A member of our team will help you find a solution to your problem in no time, so you can get back to enjoying your lifted ride.

Always Thinking Outside the Box

At Superlift, we have a long history of thinking outside the box. Like so many truck and Jeep enthusiasts, we’re always looking to outdo ourselves. That’s why we’re always coming up with new lift kits and suspension systems that are sure to get our customers excited. We were the first company to release a full 6″ lift kit for an IFS (independent front suspension) vehicle for the 1988 Chevy and GMC pickups, and the first to introduce a Ford TTB (twin traction beam) lift kit to the 1980-1996 F-150s and Broncos.

These new inventions helped drivers reach their goals on and off the road. As a member of the Superlift community, you’ll be the first to hear about our latest products, so you can continue to upgrade your truck or Jeep year after year. It’s just another reason to always choose Superlift.


Award-Winning Kits and Components

Superlift regularly participates in SEMA’s massive trade show in Las Vegas. This star-studded event attracts the biggest truck and Jeep enthusiasts in the industry, as manufacturers unveil their latest models and modifications. Our kits and components have won numerous awards over the years, including the Ford Motor Company Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Design for Project Vehicle for our 2011 Ford Super Duty Matchbox Brush Truck. But we don’t manufacture our products for awards; we do it for our customers.

At Superlift, we’re always going above and beyond for our customers. We understand how much you value your truck or Jeep, so we’re here to help you take your ride to the next level. Discover what your vehicle can do and choose Superlift for some of the best kits and components on the market


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