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Why You Should Visit These Two Destinations In India, While Your Trip?

Two Destinations in India- Delhi to Agra by Car

Delhi and Agra both are the most visited Destinations by travelers throughout the year. The best time to visit Delhi to Agra by car as Both are the neighboring destinations and the best place to plan trips to Delhi. I’m curious regarding the time of taking my car from Delhi to Agra, I hope somebody gets back to you. I want to see Agra on a day tour also, the same condition where I run off early morning on Saturday. So need to explore it all in one day and plan to get back to Delhi.

Taj Mahal has beautiful sunrise, which I travel lovers can’t afford to miss. The beautiful trip should be planned in the month between September to November, as the trip includes delhi to agra by car. Delhi an area has so many beautiful sites of attractions and the best time to visit Delhi and Agra in last four months as the weather is Favorable. Delhi to Agra by car takes less than 4 hours via  Taj Express Highway and NH19. You can explore both cities in 2 days trip.

Best Organizers Of Unique Festival And Events In Delhi

Dussehra in Delhi has been the most beautiful celebration ever. Delhi celebrates so many unique festivals as the capital has so vibrant culture and traditions. Delhi celebrates festival like:

  • Beautiful Dussera Celebration
  • Amazing Traditional Lohri Celebration
  • International Mango festival
  • Wonderful Qutub Festival Celebration
  • Technology festival Tryst
  • The elegance of Delhi traditions and culture

If you are from Delhi You have to be known for its culture and the most stunning events and festivals. Now if you love traveling, you can’t miss these celebrated festivals in Delhi. Delhi has so many things to visit. You should visit at least for a single day. You should grab Your delhi one day tour package now, enjoy these incredible festivals of Delhi and discover the factual grace of India. Don’t miss the best view of Ramlila in Delhi.

Incredible Festival In Agra

Agra have so many beautiful sites explore and also have a mixture of Hindu and Islamic culture. Agra rich tradition is amazing to see. Agra also celebrates so many beautiful festivals like:

  • Taj Mahotsav
  • Ram Barat
  • Kailash Fair and Festival
  • Bateshwar Fair and Festival

If you want to trip Agra don not miss Taj Mahotsav celebrated from 18th – 27th February and begins with a remarkable celebration. It is a celebrated nearby beautiful river Yamuna.

Best trip Itinerary for Trip

The best way is to depart Delhi at 6 am in the morning so that you can arrive at Agra between 9 to 10 am. If you like to take a guide you can get an English or Hindi speaking guide to the Taj Mahal which costs 150 to 250 INR. After exploring a horse at the Taj Mahal you can have a tasty lunch. After having a lunch visit you should Agra Fort and Sikandra Tomb. At around 5 pm you can Drive back to Delhi.

Agra spot for great Shopping

Agra is very famous for marble originates work with semi-precious jewelry and gemstones and it’s also well-liked for its leather shoes, but I suggest you don’t buy any product of leather as it is made up of animal skin you should buy handcrafted things.

Extend your Itinerary

You can also visit Fatehpur Sikri is also known as the abandoned City of Moguls and one of the mainly famous monuments of Agra, Lord Krishna temple in Mathura.

Best Way To Explore These Neighboring Destinations.

Car rental services are very useful and reasonable gift these days. Going on a tour with a car with a driver is like a blessing to you. So many car rental agencies providing car on rent with driver, this is the best way to travel. Traveling by car is very worrying-free. We just keep our belongings in the car and also we can cover up so many places in just a single day. Delhi is the capital that can be only explored by the car.

Delhi has several historical monuments and explorer attraction sites to trip. It is not possible to travel by public transport and the same deal with Agra. Agra is also not an excellent destination to travel by public transportation. You should book Car rental Delhi to Agra to trip in pre-arranged mannered. It is the best trip one can book ever.

Four Wheel Drive India Pvt. Ltd.

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