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Winter Cycling Apparel Guide


When the seasons’ change and the colder weather begins to roll in, we’ve learned to embrace the change in seasons as they come. When you have the right gear, riding in the cold can be something you look forward to. Thanks to new technology and innovative fabrics, you won’t have to worry about bulky insulating layers. Additionally, the seemingly endless options should fit better as companies are adopting more realistic sizing. Although winter may still be the toughest time of year to ride a bike, thanks to a revolution in winter cycling shorts, it is now much easier than it used to be. Climates require different clothing. My stubborn nature took me two years to figure out combinations that worked well in all conditions.

This discussion on clothing options is aimed at shortening the learning curve. It may sound exaggerated, but things have definitely changed since the days of boil-in-the-bag jackets and repurposed diving gloves as weather protection. You can navigate the available options and dress appropriately for winter cycling with this collection of the best winter cycling gear. Your friends and family will still be shocked to hear you say it was cold on your weekend ride, but instead of remembering the chill, you’ll remember how enjoyable it was actually to be able to spend time outdoors. Our winter cycling gear checklist has everything you need to make sure the grim weather won’t ruin your ride, from the socks on your feet to the cap on your head.

The sport of cycling is very interesting. The lower body is constantly working while the upper body is at rest. The cold wind continues to beat on your upper body. Staying warm while riding begins with your core and then moves outward. It may be expensive to buy winter cycling clothing, but a high-quality kit can last for several seasons. Deals and bargains are always available if you’re looking to save pennies.

Even if you don’t see it here, it still works. Contributors can only respond to their own needs and conditions. Different riders have different requirements under the same conditions. Make sure you take this advice with a little bit of independent thought before blindly following it. Tree leaves are slowly turning shades of red and yellow. Pull out your winter coat from the closet. Autumn is here and the temperatures are dropping. With the weather getting warmer, the motivation to ride a road or mountain bike is waning.

It doesn’t mean you can no longer ride your favorite bike outside as the seasons change. When you equip yourself with the right autumn and winter cycling gear, you’ll be well protected against any weather and can even ride outdoors when the temperature drops below zero. You can navigate the available options and dress appropriately for winter cycling with this collection of the best winter cycling gear. Your friends and family will still be shocked to hear you say it was cold on your weekend ride, but instead of remembering the chill, you’ll remember how enjoyable it was to actually be able to spend time outdoors.

Dressing for a Ride in Cold Weather

Keeping warm in the cold requires layering. It is more versatile to wear several, lighter layers rather than a big bulky one since you can add or remove clothing to match conditions. Multiple layers trap body heat and allow sweat to evaporate, so you don’t get soaked from the inside out.No matter how cold it is outside, you will never freeze by layering properly.

Inner Layer

Your inside clothes will keep you warm. As the temperature drops, always start with the core and then layer on the gear layers. To begin with, choose a base fabric that is in direct contact with your skin. Putting on thermal wear above will help you in insulating.


As far as cold weather cycling apparel goes, the jacket is our most premium option. When the temperatures reach 25-45 degrees, the Chrono Pro Alpha Jacket is backed with Polartec® Alpha® Direct Active Insulation, which defies near-freezing winds, providing warmth without excessive weight, as well as exceptional breathability and quick drying time. Its DWR coating helps shed water easily and the wrist cuffs enhance fit with winter gloves while sealing in dry warmth. The expandable rear pockets offer versatility and cargo space for longer riders, and genuine 3M® reflective details enhance visibility at night as well as during the day.

The Ambient Jacket features a loose MTB-inspired fit that makes it a great choice for days on the trail between 30 and 50 degrees. Featuring a 4-way stretch, 3-layer windproof material with a thermal fleece lining, this hooded jacket is a cozy wonder for keeping warm. The waterproof rating of 10,000mm makes it easy to shed water, while the wrist gaiters keep hands warm and dry while improving the fit with winter gloves. The zippered hand pockets provide convenience and comfort when you’re off the bike, and the genuine 3M® reflective details improve visibility at night.


What you wear next to your skin is just as important as what you wear outside. With its luxury Italian thermal fabric, the Chrono Thermal LS Jersey keeps you warm in cold, damp conditions while resisting moisture and dirt build-up. This layer pairs well with our base layers and outerwear to help you regulate your body temperature in a variety of conditions. Keep your quads as warm as your torso with the Chrono Expert Thermal Bib Tight. In addition to maintaining warmth and suppleness, your legs will also enjoy the incredibly soft feel the knit fabric offers.

Cycling Tights

The thermal fabric allows for effective moisture management while riding. The tights are soft, warm, and designed with a warm, cozy feel. CHAMOIS SELECT Escape 1:1 is soft to the skin and blends easily with the shape of the body for maximum comfort. A comfortable waistband completes the look. The tights are great when riding in temperatures between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and can also be used in lower temperatures if you need to ride hotter. It is made of thermal fleece fabric with a water-shedding dry technology. While the combined legs offer a good range of motion, the bib offers stability and support. There is also a key pocket on the side of the tights. Thanks to their reflective elements, they are highly visible. The dress is 29 inches tall and ankle-length. Polyester and lycra material provide softness to the user.


They can store in a jersey pocket. We offer Thermal Leg, Knee, and Arm Warmers that combine exceptional warmth. The comforts of Super Roubaix fabric with silicone grippers keep the cuffs in place no matter how hard you ride. Plus, they aren’t too bulky for a sunny afternoon.

Outer layer

According to the weather conditions, you can also use the mid-layer as an outer layer. Insulation is provided by the mid-layer and protection against the components inside is provided by the outer layer. Your outer layer consists of jackets that are windproof and waterproof, cycling jackets, etc. It should make of a breathable fabric.

Cycling gloves

Lightweight gloves are ideal for dry autumn/spring rides. Windproof gloves are ideal for cold, dry days, and waterproof gloves protect you from the rain. Clean your nose with a microfiber wipe with silicone grippers and reflective strips.

Cycling cap

A helmet is a good idea whatever the weather, but it won’t keep your noggin warm and dry. Keeping wind off your head with a skull cap or headband will suffice. You should invest in a good-quality cold-weather cycling cap. In addition to keeping the rain out of your eyes. The long sides and back will keep your neck and ears warm (another extremity). Considering how toasty this Castelli cap will keep your ears, we think it’s worth the price tag. You’ll protect yourself from the wind and keep your body warm with the full coverage on top and ear flaps. No more ice cream headaches with this jacket.


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