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WordPress Hosting UK Affordable Hosting for Bloggers

WordPress Hosting UK Affordable Hosting for Bloggers

WordPress is a great hosting service for bloggers. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of features, making it the perfect choice for keeping your blog afloat. However, while WordPress is great for hosting your blog, it’s not the only hosting service out there. There are other great hosting services, but they all have one thing in common – they are affordable. That’s why we’ve made this guide to the best WordPress hosting in the UK. We’ll guide you through every little detail so you can get the best WordPress hosting for your business.

WordPress is a powerful and affordable hosting for bloggers. It’s great for linking to your blog from your online presence, conducting online marketing, and storing your content. WordPress also comes with a lot of features, such as security, performance, and customer service. What’s more, there’s a platform-based hosting plan that’s perfect for all levels of blogging.

The diary writing ritual of the 60s and 70s has been replaced by blogging in the 21st century. However, a significant change is that the journal never helped anyone earn even a single penny. On the other hand, blogging is a great tool to generate income while satisfying your creative writing urge at the same time.

Most Writers Are Not Technical People

But, blogging is not possible without using technology, and bloggers are not necessarily developers. Bloggers are just good writers, and they want something that makes technology easy to use. That calls for WordPress hosting UK. We will shortly explain how. 

CMS Fill The Gap Between Creativity & Technology

CMS stands for Content Management systems. They help website owners manage their content without going into the nitty-gritty of technical aspects. As a result, they do not need any third-party webmasters to give their website a fresh and live look. 

Here, the word content refers to a broad spectrum of written documentation like articles or blogs and graphical data such as images, infographics, or videos.

Which are The Best CMS? 

As of 2021, WordPress empowers more than 455 million websites. That number is more than impressive since there are almost 1.3 billion websites on the internet. In addition, nearly all experts recommend WordPress as the most user-friendly and easy way to build a website. 

WordPress Hosting UK – Why WordPress Suits Bloggers? 

No Technical Knowledge: WordPress is Beginner Friendly

An incredibly intuitive interface makes WordPress very easy to use. Writers can create new pages, and add new images and blog posts, daily. It is just a breeze. Technology is so simple, and it takes significantly less time to upload.

No Device Compulsion: You Can Use Any Computer For Website Management

Yes, this is so because WordPress is a browser-based CMS. Any computer with an active internet connection lets you log in and manage your website. Yes, blogging lifestyle calls for this feature. 

You Do Not Need Any HTML Editing or FTP Software

Yes, that is because WordPress is a self-contained system. Other systems may need you to install Adobe Dreamweaver. 

The creation of a new page or blog post demands no technical knowledge. Also, zero coding knowledge is mandatory if you have to format any text or upload images or documents. 

Search Engines Love WordPress Sites

Search engines can easily understand and index a site’s content, thanks to WordPress’s clean and basic code working beneath. In addition, WordPress sites are much more organized, and Google loves organization. 

All pages, images, and posts have their meta tag keywords. They also have their own description and title. Finally, SEO experts optimize all of them for a single keyword. These tags also help you boost your SEO efforts.

It’s Your Website: Enjoy and Exercise Full Control 

Unlike many other CMSs, there is no long waiting for minor updates because your web designer is busy. WordPress gives you control of every website aspect and does not require any technical expertise.

You Have 100% Authority to Customize The Design of Your Website

Saying WordPress is the engine of a website would be a good metaphor. Make your blog shine by giving a great look and feel. 

Blog Creation is a Matter of Minutes

Since WordPress was initially created to be just a blogging platform, it is super easy to publish blogs using it. It is easy to link other pages with the latest posts. 

Moreover, you can even set up RSS/email subscriptions on the comments. Yes, you can set them up to the commenting abilities of your blog. Hence, extending your company’s reach and making your blog interactive and dynamic is easy.

The plethora of Plugins Are There Take Functionality of Your Site To The Next Level

You may have to add certain things to your website. It could be an event calendar or video gallery. In some cases, you have to link a Twitter Feed or Facebook Fan Box. WordPress plugins make all of this super convenient. The majority is either available free of cost or has a reasonable price. 

Scale The Website As The Business Grows

Even having thousands of pages or blog posts has zero impact on the working of a website. The administrators of a WordPress site can create multiple users. They also have the power to give them varied levels of access and skills. Sometimes you are not the only writer on the blog. It is a useful feature in those cases. You hire other writers, so you need multiple user accounts.

Best WordPress Hosting UK?

It is the best option to get the hosting that supports WordPress CMS with such tremendous benefits. But how to find out the most trustworthy and reliable option. 

Let us briefly explain the services of two hosting companies that offer the best WordPress hosting services.

TheEmailShop – WordPress Hosting UK

TheEmailShop brings an excellent platform for managing your business with WordPress. The convenient and feature-rich pricing plans with exceptional scalability promise you impressive growth quickly.

Understanding the needs of bloggers, TheEmailShop arranges the most brilliant technical support department ever that is always there to serve. From minor hosting problems to significant issues, they resolve each problem efficiently. The support is accessible on live chat and phone as well.   

The UK is home to its top-tier data centers. These are super-fast data centers whose top-quality and professional practices result in a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In addition, TheEmailShop is compatible with different email clients and has an extensive list of templates and plugins. 

You also get the latest version of WP Engine built-in, which results in enhanced performance and blazing-fast speed. To harness the full potential of the best blogging system, WordPress, to take your blog to the next level. Also, security systems are more intelligent than you think. Installation of many things is a matter of click. 

Grid Hosting 

Grid Hosting makes it easy to create and manage your blog or eCommerce website. Moreover, they offer a highly-intuitive cPanel to make the management accessible and website flexible, making them worthy of the title, best cPanel hosting UK

Grid Hosting’s cPanel understands that you are a blogger and do not require any sound technical knowledge. There is a simple dashboard that lets you manage almost every aspect. Monitor the traffic, review the traffic, check SEO efforts and results, and manage social media and keyword selection issues. 

Grid Hosting allows you to review changes you make before you publish them live.

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