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Working as an SEO specialist is the whole truth.

Today I will tell you about exciting things.

In November last year, I decided to investigate what is happening in all SEO companies in St. Petersburg.

For this, of course, I had to become an employee of these SEO company myself. Otherwise, it was impossible to know how they breathe and how these offices live.

In this post, you will never come across more than one SEO blog or forum.

I wanted to publish this post earlier, but the court threatened me for disclosure just in one company.

In general, let’s start.

What is an SEO specialist?

It is a person who promotes sites on the Internet. It is the TOP manager of the site. The number of clients who come to the company from the Internet depends on the SEO specialist. So a lot depends on this person in the development of the company, a lot.

Well, that means I started my journey in search of a job as an SEO specialist.

I had six years of experience, and I was hoping for a decent salary.

First, I came to the hosting company Mozardomo.

This hosting company created a promotion department. Therefore, it recruited people. Previously, this company promoted the site at Trinet for 30 thousand a month.

The management represented by Director Imshetskiy Denis Sergeevich thought so:

We will take 2 SEOs, and each will pay 25 thousand; they will promote us and our hosting site + promote other client sites. And thus, we will not pay Trinet, and SEOs will earn for themselves and me.

Standard logic, I have nothing against it.

But I’ll tell you how it was in reality.

Firstly, the salary for the probationary period was lower.

But what is a probationary period?

Officially, the probationary period is the period during which the company cannot fire you. For this, as an employee of the company, I conclude an official contract with it. Therefore, a special commission should be created, which, at the end of my probationary period, should evaluate whether I am suitable for the company or not.

But in reality, there was nothing of the kind. I just came to work in complete trust, and I could be fired at any time without any reason.

Here’s a trial period.

But let’s move on to my further work there.

My salary was 25 thousand rubles. After the trial period, the salary was 25 thousand +% of the promoted projects. As a result, it came out somewhere 30 thousand.

But the “white” salary was only 8 thousand rubles.

Yes, if any of you think that the leading hosting company has white salaries, I will disappoint you. All company employees had white salaries of 8 thousand rubles; the rest was white envelopes.

In general, everything was fine; the team was excellent.

But it all started after the New Year. As you know, for the New Year period, there are few hosting sales. Well, someone else must have been to blame for this. Therefore, the Director accused all SEOs of this and deprived everyone of the prize. For me, this has already become a reason for dismissal. There was nothing for which they were deprived of the award. The site did not sink; we are to blame for the fact that people are resting. But this wasn’t easy to prove. Nobody listened to our words and did not want to hear them.

We often had meetings with the Director. They usually went like this:

SEOs came. The Director asked us a question on any issue related to SEO.

Do you think he wanted an answer to it? It was not there. He decided everything for us long ago. And all our statements for him had no meaning for him.

I always had a question – Why are you asking us something if you had already decided for us a long time ago?

I said that the site needs to increase the amount of content, add unique content, improve the site.

But these words meant nothing to him. He had already decided everything for us a long time ago and asked just for statistics.

In the end, we broke up. I quit somewhere at the end of January.

And I began to look for a new company, I needed to bring the investigation to an end, but for now, I have only one firm.

I began to visit various firms.

If you think that Experienced SEOs run CEOs in these companies, you are deeply mistaken.

In most cases, the head of the Marketing Department comes to the interview from the company. He is not kicking in SEO.

But he is trying to interview you. And this CMO doesn’t need your SEO knowledge at all; he needs a loyal person. He believes that any idiot can be engaged in SEO; this does not require any knowledge.

I remember one interview that lasted precisely 30 seconds. Some redneck came to me, looked at me from under his brows, and said that you were not suitable for us. He immediately realized that I was not a manager, and he just needed a manager, not an SEO specialist.

He needs a man loyal to him, and whether he does soy or not, he is deeply cared for.

I was at an interview at the Mega group company.

It is precisely the company that produces websites on terrible engines.

The head of the promotion department is some girl there. In SEO, she is frail. They have an SEO staff. Do you know how they promote their sites?

Seoul !!!

And when I told them that Seopult is heresy, she was shocked.

I went to many interviews and worked in several offices, with terms ranging from a week to 3 weeks. The time was such to find out everything about everything.

The last company in which I worked was left.

In this firm, everything and all office SEO manifested itself.

A Day in the Life of an SEO Professional
Many people are aware of search as a tool, as it is an important component of marketing for both small businesses and large multinational corporations. However, few people fully comprehend it, particularly search engine optimization, or SEO. Most marketers believe that a few keywords strewn across a few pages will suffice, and there’s a lot much more great SEO than just that.

That’s when SEO knowledge comes in handy. The truth is that getting websites and web pages to rank effectively requires a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of organic results. Businesses who want to win on the search engine results page realize they require somebody on board who knows more than the basics, so they hire an SEO consultant to help them.

As a result, there is a high demand for Seo specialists. According to Smart Insights m, SEO is the most in-demand digital marketing expertise. According to Indeed.com, there are many more than 10,300 SEO-related jobs available in the United States and 8,400 in the U.k. Over 5,700 jobs on naukri.com in India require SEO expertise.

If you’ve dabbled in SEO or Digital Marketing services and want to take your career to the next level, whether for more thrill, greater money, or both, consider becoming an SEO specialist. To make, SEO experts optimize sites and manage content and links across a number of platforms.

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