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Yesstyle Latest Trends and Shopping Tips

As a mixed Asian and Western woman, I’ve often wondered where the costumes in Korean and Japanese performances came from. I like Yesstyle garments since the styling and designs are unique in comparison to those found on Western high streets, and I buy their items very frequently.

Approximately seven years ago, I started purchasing clothing from YesStyle, and ever since then, I have been a dedicated customer. My present colleagues, as well as my friends and family, frequently ask me, “How do you know if the garments will fit?” My extensive background in the fashion industry has taught me a simple technique that guarantees a perfect fit for every item I buy.

Why Is YesStyle Size Different

Even when making purchases on e-commerce websites in Europe and the United States, customers rely on the sizing recommendations that are standard in their own countries. The majority of the time, people go with their regular size, only to find that the item does not fit well. YesStyle garments get the vast bulk of its inventory from East Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

These countries’ clothing fits native bodies. Because of this, a size M in Asia will be quite a bit smaller than a size M in Europe, whereas the typical Asian will find the standard fit in the West to be excessively long.

Understanding Asian Sizing

In comparison to Asian sizing, the clothing sizes offered by YesStyle are both larger and longer. This is because, on average, Asians have a smaller body frame than those from other continents, such as Europe and the United States. Comparatively, the average height of a woman in Belgium is approximately 168 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches), while the average height of a woman in Japan is approximately 158 centimeters (5 feet 2 inches) (5 feet 6 inches).

Conversion Between Western And Asian Sizes

The following table offers conversion between Western and Asian sizing standards. Size labels aren’t always correct because each item of clothing has a distinct fit and appearance. While some brands may exclusively sell items in one size or in the YesStyle format, others may manufacture their garments in a size range that is relatively similar to but not identical to that of another brand. As a result, I strongly advise carefully examining the garment’s given measurements.

Aware of Your Own Measurements

When I see a piece of clothing from YesStyle clothes that catches my attention, the first thing I do before adding it to my Shopping Bag is to verify its size information. This is the section of the website in which the manufacturer provides the item’s dimensions.

Take a look at the example down below.

You might not be able to recognize the numbers at the time, but if you are familiar with the dimensions of your body, you will be able to tell at a glance which of the sizes will be appropriate for you. In addition, for your convenience, there is a unit converter that is integrated right in.

Due to the fact that I shop so frequently, I can almost remember all of my measurements by heart. Those who are just starting out in the game are strongly advised to record these measurements in either their smartphone or a notebook, whichever is most convenient for them at the time.

How to Conduct an Evaluation of Oneself

The circumference of the area can be easily determined by simply wrapping YesStyle garments around the outside of the area you want to measure. Begin playing at the very end of the tape, at the point where the number 0 appears. It may be challenging for you to take accurate measurements of certain parts of your body on your own. It is better to have another person take your measures than to do it yourself. If you want to get an accurate measurement of yourself, it is recommended that you measure the same spot three times and then take the average of those three readings.

Tops and outerwear from the YesStyle brand

You will also need to know the width of your shoulders, the length of your arms, and the length of your bodies. Your thighs and calves, in addition to the length of your legs, are extremely important measurements to take when purchasing shorts and pants.

Another useful piece of advice is to make sure that the waist and hip measurements on the YesStyle rewards code are at least half a centimeter larger than your own.

This allows room for dessert after a meal. Another possibility is improper sizing. It is also a safer choice to pick out clothes that have a more relaxed fit around the arms and thighs so that there is room for movement. Especially in the case where the fabric does not stretch.

YesStyle I hope you enjoy your shopping!

It’s not true that everything only comes in one size and has a small fit, so if you find that you need the plus-size category, don’t let that discourage you. To narrow your search, select “plus-size” from the menu. You’ll come across enchanting names like “YesStyle clothing fashion” and “marshmallow,” among others. Choline, Chou, and Lofoten are some options for the taller ladies who are reading this. In addition, there is a plus-size sizing chart located right next to the unit converter for any items that are larger than a size L.

Here are four alternative ways to style your crop top.

It’s probable that crop shirts will be one of the summer wardrobe essentials that you reach for the most often this season. We suggest wearing in a “less is more” style when the weather is hot and muggy because it will be difficult to breathe.

Whether it’s a camisole from YesStyle clothes or a blazer with a shorter length. The ideal summer wardrobe staples for displaying flesh in style are crop tops, which are perfect for wearing during the warmer months. In the event that you are interested in other OOTD choices. Check out the most recent addition to our Fashion Menu. K-Fashion styles that feature crop tops that are ideal for the summer.

Korean-inspired summer crop tops

You can harness your inner sun by wearing a crop top with a flowery print paired with high-waisted straight-leg pants and a woven bucket hat. This will give the impression that you are the sun. For the summer, you should prioritize displaying the items in your closet that have the most captivating patterns and colors.

Breakfast Outfit Comprised Of YesStyle Garments

The combination of these high-waisted straight-leg pants and this crop top with a floral pattern. Frilled straps result in a basic but. This is a cute outfit for those times. When you don’t want to put too much thought into what you’re wearing. Pick on a woven bucket hat and crisscross flat shoes to wear on the beach. If you want to maintain a summery and upbeat attitude. Last but not least. You may add a touch of sophistication to your look by wearing gold hoop earrings and carrying a white shoulder bag.

Lunch Set

Wearing a cropped jacket with a single button. Asymmetric high-waist YesStyle clothes are an excellent way to achieve an elegant look. No of the season, blazers are always a good fashion choice. Make your go-to blazer more summer-appropriate by switching to a cropped one-button version and wearing it throughout the season. Construct your ensemble from the top down. Beginning with a cropped tank top with ribbed detailing or another piece of basic layering clothing.

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