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Yoga Streaming Platform: How to Build Online Yoga Studio

Many fitness enthusiasts have preferred yoga programs for stabilizing their mental and physical balance. The rise of yoga streaming services during the COVID era is disrupting the physical yoga training centers. As the physical yoga centers were closed during the COVID period, online yoga classes were the only solution for fitness enthusiasts.

According to a survey, 25% of fitness buffs in the USA have decided to never go to a physical fitness center post-COVID. In the post-COVID era, 42% of Americans prefer to take fitness classes from home rather than taking a gym membership. You can also provide live yoga classes & an online fitness streaming platform and can target fitness enthusiasts that do not want to visit a physical centre.

During the COVID pandemic, the physical fitness markets fell up to 53%. It happened due to the ban imposed by regulatory authorities on the operation of physical fitness centers. However, with the second wave of COVID pandemic on cards, you can launch an online yoga studio to generate revenue. Let us know how to start teaching yoga online.

Why Create a Yoga Streaming Website/App in 2021?

You can see many people sharing their yoga videos on social media platforms. Many yoga instructors have built a vast community on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The reasons for launching a teach yoga online platform in 2021 are as follows:

  • Build a Global Community: With a physical yoga center, you will be limited to only one geographic location. An online yoga platform can help you in attracting students from various countries.
  • Obtain Passive Income: An online best yoga streaming platform will provide you income even while you are not taking yoga classes. You can generate income by selling the same online yoga class to different customers.
  • Help Yoga Enthusiasts: With the aid of an online streaming platform, you can teach yoga to many students. You would never accommodate so many students in your physical fitness center.
  • Leverage the Power of Social Media: You can create yoga videos and can share them on social media to generate views and revenue.
  • Become a Yoga Star: Once your yoga streaming platform gains popularity, it will also make the instructor an influencer for fitness enthusiasts.

Perhaps the studio where you want to work is looking for people to teach power flow yoga, but you prefer to teach restorative yoga. When you teach yoga online, you are almost entirely free of constraints. You have the freedom to teach what you want when you want, and where you want.

Why Fitness Freaks Can Pay for Yoga Videos on Online Streaming Platforms? 

One can find yoga videos for free on YouTube and Facebook. Why would users pay for viewing yoga videos on your streaming platform? The reasons that compel fitness freaks to pay for viewing yoga videos are as follows:

  • Spending Habit of Fitness Freaks: The global fitness app/website market worth is increasing with a CAGR of more than 20%. People are spending more on fitness streaming platforms, and they will pay for a reliable yoga platform.
  • Saves Time: Your students won’t have to travel to the same location for taking yoga classes. They can take yoga classes from home and save their time.
  • Urge to Pay: Anyone can watch fitness videos for free then why are there so many gyms. It is because people feel obligated to do something when they pay for it. For ensuring that they are regularly practicing yoga, people will pay for your yoga streaming platform.

How to Build a Yoga Platform and Start Earning in 2021?

You need a proper business plan before launching a yoga streaming platform. A definitive guide on how to build a yoga studio online and start earning is as follows:

Select Your Niche 

There are many types of yoga like Hatha, Bhakti, and Mantra Yoga. You can also create customer personas to know about the preferences of your target audience.

Select Your Monetisation Model

The best yoga streaming apps follow a reliable monetization model to generate huge revenue. Various types of monetization models to choose from for your yoga streaming platform are:

  • SVOD: You can offer monthly, yearly, or quarterly subscriptions to your yoga streaming platform. All the yoga content present on your streaming platform can be consumed by the users during their subscription period. Video marketing is critical on both websites and social media, and it is an essential component of marketing campaigns. According to recent surveys, 93 percent of marketers have gained new customers as a result of using video on social media.
  • AVOD: Some of the best yoga streaming services show advertisements in between their online yoga classes. Viewers will have to pay the platform owner for removing ads from yoga classes. This type of service refers to ad-supported video on demand that is provided to customers for free. Ad revenue is used to offset production and hosting costs in this case.
  • TVOD: A transaction-based yoga streaming platform will charge users only for the videos/online classes they watch. It is essentially the inverse of SVOD in that you are charged per video or video package rather than having access to the entire catalog.

Develop Your Yoga Platform

You need a reliable video streaming solution to teach yoga online. You can contact a platform provider to develop a yoga streaming platform with the required tech stack. You also need to set up a billing and communications system for your yoga streaming platform.

Launch Your Yoga Platform

Set the pricing of your yoga videos and classes and launch the yoga platform. Make sure your yoga platform has a USP (Unique Selling Point) that sets it apart from other yoga streaming platforms. Amidst the high competition in the online fitness program streaming market, you have to provide appealing content to attract customers.

Sell Downloadable Materials

You can sell downloadable workout plans or meal plans with your user base to generate revenue. Make sure to integrate the payment process in your yoga streaming platform to facilitate the customers.

Sell Products

You can also sell yoga products via your yoga streaming platform. You can also promote your yoga products in your online classes and highlight the main specifications.

Provide Free-trials

How to take online yoga classes when you don’t have an audience? Well, you can offer free trials on your yoga streaming platform to attract an audience.

Adopt Marketing Strategies

You can run paid advertisements on social media sites to market your yoga videos. You can also adopt other marketing strategies for your yoga platforms like email marketing and referral programs. Video marketing is critical on both websites and social media, and it is an essential component of marketing campaigns. According to recent surveys, 93 percent of marketers have gained new customers as a result of using video on social media.

Focus on Analytics 

Once you build your own yoga studio, you need to collect customer data to make marketing strategies accordingly. Our advanced video analytics feature collects a wealth of information about people who watch your live streams and video-on-demand. Furthermore, the platform presents this data through an engaging, powerful user interface that makes it simple to identify patterns and make sound business decisions.


You can teach yoga classes online to attract students from various states/countries. The best way to teach yoga online is via a VOD platform. You can contact a white-label VOD fitness app provider to launch your online yoga platform.


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