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Your Go-to Maternity Wear Essentials for a Stylish Pregnancy

When you first become pregnant, you may think that you will have to wear oversized, misshapen, and drab clothing. While this may have been the truth twenty or thirty years ago, these days, maternity fashions have become big business in many fashion circles. Departmental stores, specialty shops, consignment stores, and online venues carry more sophisticated clothing for those who are expecting. The need for better maternity clothing evolved for several reasons:

  • Many women have careers before becoming pregnant. They do not want to go from the corporate office to the nursery without looking their best.
  • Many women still work while they are pregnant and need to look professional at the workplace.
  • Women have more money to spend on clothing during this stage in their lives, so they want clothes that will make them look good throughout the nine months of their pregnancy.
  • Boosting self-esteem to curb depression during pregnancy is recommended.

Whatever your reasons, you should buy stylish, comfortable clothing and expand as you do while pregnant. Deciding how much maternity clothing to purchase will depend on:

  • Your clothing needs
  • Your budget
  • Weight gain over the term of the pregnancy
  • What you already have in your closet
  • What feels comfortable

Women feel comfortable in different types of clothing. Many would rather wear maternity pants, while others would rather wear skirts or dresses. You should choose clothing that will make you feel good about being pregnant.

You should also keep in mind that you will be wearing this clothing for nine months or a little longer, depending on how quickly you decide to lose the excess weight. Consider buying a few comfy and stylish maternity outfits that will make you feel better throughout the day.

Clothing that is too constrictive will not make you comfortable during pregnancy. Looser clothing will allow you to grow and feel nice when it is close to your skin.

What to Look for in Maternity Wear

You will begin looking for maternity clothing around your third or fourth month of pregnancy. You may be looking sooner or later, depending on when you start to outgrow your current wardrobe. Keep in mind that you will want to buy clothing that will grow with you. This means buying items that are a little larger now, which will fit better in the coming months.

When looking for maternity clothing, you should consider the following:

  • Soft and stretchy materials
  • Elastic around the waist
  • Not tight-fitting
  • Long enough to offer coverage
  • Follows latest fashion trends
  • Complimentary colors
  • It does not appear clownish or childish

You should be able to find premium-quality maternity clothing online. Remember, the key to maternity wear is comfort. As your body changes, you may find that certain materials may be more irritating than others. Being comfortable during the day will help you be able to function as normally as possible.

Maternity Wear Basics You Must Buy

Maternity wear basics are clothing that you can mix, match, and wear most days of the week and fit during most of your pregnancy. When looking for basics, find colors complementary to your skin tone, flatter your figure, and be worn with different accessories. This will allow you to get the most from your maternity wardrobe.

Below is a list of clothing that you should buy while pregnant. If you need more formal attire for work or evenings out, there are many more options than ever before.

  • Two or three pairs of high-stretch maternity leggings
  • Two or three pairs of maternity pants
  • One or two long maternity dresses
  • Four or five maternity tops, t-shirts, and shirts (short sleeve or long sleeve)
  • One or two pairs of maternity shorts if you’re pregnant during the summer months
  • Two or three stretchy maternity nightwear and PJs to stay comfortable during the night
  • Two or three nursing-friendly maternity kaftans
  • Maternity lingerie, including maternity/nursing bras
  • Yoga and workout maternity clothes
  • One or two maternity Kurtis and Kurtas
  • Padded and comfortable shoes and slippers

You may need to add more to this list depending on the weather, where you live, and what you feel comfortable wearing.

You should choose natural fabrics such as cotton or silk or a blend. This will give you room to breathe, and the materials are not clingy. If your clothing is getting tighter as the pregnancy progresses, you will have to buy a few replacement pieces to have enough clothing to last through your pregnancy.

When buying clothing, it is essential to buy slightly larger clothes as you grow into them, especially if you are only in your third or fourth month. Buying slightly larger clothes will also feel more comfortable when you are wearing them during the day.

Creating a temporary wardrobe does not have to be difficult as long as you know what you are looking for and are willing to search for it online.

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