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Your Guide to the Best Software for Property Managers

Property is always a good investment. But if you plan to lease it out, it comes with its own set of concerns that you have to deal with as the owner.

This is why many homeowners turn to property managers to help out.

There are now many options when it comes to software for property managers these days. These programs can be useful in simplifying property management. Property management software automates some of the processes related to the accounts. These can be everything from tenant management to communication between tenants and landlords.

The Best of the Best

Depending on what your requirements are, there are various options when it comes to software for property managers. Some work better for small landlords, some for landlords on a budget, and some for landlords with many properties that need to be managed. Some consulting companies, such as
BalancedAssetSolutions work closely with all software options and so can point you in the right direction.

Let’s have a look at some of the top choices in software


This is a program geared as both software for property managers as well as landlords. Right from the marketing stage through to the maintenance of properties, this program supports various property types.


Buildium is a highly rated software for property managers. It was created especially with them in mind, as well as property management companies. It is designed to handle many property types and contains every feature needed to manage your property, from leasing and accounting to operations. Pricing is based on the number of units you have – the more units, the cheaper the cost per unit.

Tenant Cloud

Tenant cloud is a great software option for landlords who want to manage their properties. It helps you with much of the admin side of leasing properties and helps create a streamlined online system for

Tenant cloud also offers a free tier for smaller operations. So even if you have a strict budget you need to stick to, you can still enjoy the software program.

MRI Software

One of the best options for those who manage commercial properties, MRI software has advanced since it was created in 1971. It has an easy platform to use, focusing on easing the management of commercial property management. You can also chat with helpful agents who know the software very well.

Yardi Breeze

This software is a simple solution that works for those who just need to streamline their processes. It works well for property managers and small to medium-sized landlords. It does not offer an app as it is a cloud-based program, but it does offer a lot of extra features, such as allowing its users to take and upload pictures with their maintenance requests.

Software for Property Managers

The best thing about living in a digital age is making use of all that it offers us. The best software for property managers can make the rental process easier for landlords and management teams. One of the top tips for property managers is to use everything available to you and make your job and life that much easier!

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