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Studies have shown how incorporation of physical activities in the school curriculum can boost the process of learning. For the myriad of benefits associated with sports, every school is now focusing on fitness education side by side. Ideally, to excel in academia mental fitness counts a lot.

Physical fitness

But if viewed from a bigger perspective, physical fitness is deeply linked to mental well-being. Adding on, science and research have proven how regular exercise can keep various kinds of major and minor illnesses at bay.

Recently, many dissertation writing topics have been related to health related physical activities which shows the research continues to grow in this field.

Here are the major 10 reasons how sports plays a vital role in overall development of children and their progression in academics.

  1. Step into a Healthy Lifestyle

As mentioned before, incorporating physical education in the curriculum can a have a wide range of long lasting benefits related to health. Especially for children who are in their growth and development stage.  These days a sedentary lifestyle is very common among youngsters in which they spend hours being a couch potato and munching on to snacks unnecessarily.

Physical activities

Such habits eventually lead to problems like obesity and cardiac issues later in life. To avoid the occurrence of such, children should be informed of the importance of physical activities and how they can steer clear of health related issues.

  1. Boosted Self-Esteem

To be able to function well and efficiently complete the daily tasks, it is imperative to stay active. Doing exercise is like investing in your body that is going to pay back well. Indulging in sports activities can foster an individual’s sense of worth, making them feel powerful and strong.


Since it’s all about teamwork and partnership, small gestures like a high-five or thumbs up can invokes optimism in them followed by motivation and encouragement. Children also learn to embrace constructive criticism which as a result helps them perform with their full potential.

  1. Improved Leadership Skills

A leader is not the only one that requires leadership skills, in fact every player should know how to lead. That being said, it is possible that the coach is out of sight for some reason. In such cases, players will be needed to take up the role and take decisions independently. This way, collectively, they can all work on team discipline and perform better. Many researchers from British Dissertation Writers agree with this notion as well.

  1. Positive Mentoring leads to success

During sports, individuals are constantly exposed to failure and success. However the highs and lows in the emotions they go through should not affect their performance or it may lead to undesired outcomes. The team leads and coaches play an important role here.


Their regular mentoring and enthusiastic encouragement while in the game, leaves a lasting impression on the students. It not only helps them in learning how to deal with different emotions but also enables them to tackle different situation in the later life.

  1. Develop Social Skills

Goes without saying, taking part in sports activities at school increases social interaction with others. Of course it will not work without communication and planning. Especially the introverts, they get a golden chance to open up and make their friend circle bigger and better. Moreover, sports teachers are an epitome of optimism and energy.

Learn to acknowledge

Students surrounded by their vibe and mentorship tend to follow their directions. They eventually learn to acknowledge the diversity and difference of ideas around them. Progression and excellence only come from acceptance and moving on. Team mingling sessions give them sufficient exposure to real happenings and also enables them to deal every facet of life with patience.

  1. Enhanced Academic Performance

As mentioned earlier, physical and mental health are interconnected and interdependent on each other. Deteriorated mental health will affect the body adversely and the vice versa. It is evident from studies and research that there is a positive connection between physical activities and cognition.

Academic performance

The rules and regulations involved in games have to be complied with at all times, which in return improves the individual’s memory and other cognitive functions. It is proved that sporty students tend to perform better than other students because their approach changes from working hard to working smart. The efficiency in academic performance is thus, boosted.

  1. Teamwork and Cooperation

Sports matches and competitions require great amount of coordination, disciplined cooperation and consistent teamwork. These are essential skills required to encounter various situations in life, particularly at work place where you have to deal with a number of people and in a variety of settings. Besides cooperation and teamwork go a long way. Individuals are more likely to progress when they exchange ideas and work with collaboration compared to when they are on their own. Peers help each other out which ultimately leads to success.

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  1. Improved Sleep Cycle and Reduced Stress

Studies can be super hectic and stressful at times. Like everyone, children also need a break. Sports is a great escape and acts as a stress reliever, as shown by health research and experts. If there is a lot of things teachers have to cover within a short span of time, the most effective way to do so would be to have them get involved in different physical activities. It will not only freshen up their stressful minds but will develop a sense of motivation for study and excel.

Significant advantage

Moreover, a significant advantage to having sports as a mandatory subject in school is that it regulates the sleep cycle. Sleep plays an essential role in the overall well-being of a person. Often with a messed up study schedule, it is difficult to sleep on time and wake up fresh. Indulging in various physical activities throughout the day can help with this problem. A good sleep after a day of effective workout helps in reducing anxiety and stress. Even the next day, the individual will see a positive change in the mood and will be able to concentrate better.

  1. Practice good life long habits

It is during school, that students develop different kinds of habits that stay with them forever. This precious time is when educators can shape these growing individuals in a way that will benefit them in the long run. Making them invest time in healthy activities like sports rather than getting involved in disruptive conduct ensures a better and brighter future.

Practice make better

They realize the importance of time and learn to be productive during leisure. The passion to partake in sports activities makes them follow a healthier lifestyle and stay far off from catching diseases and experiencing common ailments. The discipline they learn from being part of teams stays with them forever and helps them later as they make their social conduct better.

  1. Learn Patience, Perseverance and Discipline

Patience is the most important attribute an individual can possess. And it is only taught by the unfavorable situations of life. Since teams go through failures and success, they learn to patiently deal with all the scenarios that sports can bring for them. And they are pretty much relevant to the actual life events. It helps in building resilience and coping with challenges in a healthier way. Sports is also a great method to demonstrate how persistent hard work and self-motivation pays off.

Variety of physical activities

There is a variety of physical activities that schools can feasibly arrange for children to partake in. Such as making race tracks, basketball and throw ball courts, and swimming pool etc. Just as beneficial outdoor sports will be, indoor games will substantially contribute as well. So, rooms for table tennis and board games can also be arranged. Therefore, considering all these major positive effects of sports in school, educators must make it a mandatory part of the curriculum.

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