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10 Personal Hygiene Products For Elderly 

Personal hygiene is one of the most crucial virtues that is taught to children from birth. It not only helps you to maintain good physical health but can also impact your daily behavior. People with poor personal hygiene are more prone to infection and diseases. 

Even on a social level, no one likes to go close to a person with poor personal hygiene. Thus, resulting in loneliness and isolation. Hence, no matter what your age is, maintaining personal hygiene should be the top priority. 

This article will focus on personal hygiene for the electric shavers for elderly man. We have listed down 10 essential products for maintaining personal hygiene in seniors. 

What is the importance of personal hygiene for the elderly? 

To help our seniors to maintain their confidence and enthusiasm, it is crucial to assist them to maintain good personal hygiene. 

When a personage, he or she gets confined by various issues that make it difficult for them to have a comfortable living. Moreover, when a person is unhappy about his or her appearance then it can lead to a loss of self-esteem. Hence, it is essential to help your elderly loved ones maintain good personal hygiene. 

Personal hygiene is much more than grooming. It includes bathing, oral hygiene, toileting/continence care, dressing, and more. Helping your elderly maintain personal care can boost their confidence and promotes positive thinking in them. They will be able to live a more relaxed and optimistic life. 

10 Products that will help the elderly to maintain good personal hygiene 

We have brought to you some ideal personal hygiene products that will help you to maintain good personal hygiene for your elderly more conveniently. 

  1. Electric Shaver 

Shaving can be a difficult task for elderly men. With shaking hands or loose grip, the risk of cutting yourself increases while shaving. 

An electric shaver is pretty easy to use and prevents the risk of cutting. These are safe and comfortable to work with. Thus, making them a perfect choice for elders. Moreover, these are more cost-effective in the long term. 

You can easily find several electric shavers in the market. Finding the best electric shaver for elderly men can depend on several factors such as the brand you prefer, types of blades, multiple or static blades, maintenance, and many more. 

  • Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence Underwear is an undergarment that is designed to, especially for elders. It absorbs urine and is a great alternative to incontinence disposable products that are pretty uncomfortable. 

Incontinence underwear is reusable and elders can use it for a long time. However, since seniors are going to wear it for some time, it is essential to choose a product with high quality, durable and comfortable material. Also, do not forget to check the absorptive capacity and odor control of the diaper. It should have side leak barriers to prevent unwanted leakage from the sides. 

Ensure the diaper is comfortable and fit for the user. Or else, it can cause skin problems like rashes, sores, redness, itching, etc.  

  1. Waterproof Wet Pad 

As you age, incontinence becomes a real challenge. It becomes difficult to have a comfortable and sound sleep at night while protecting your mattress. However, with the help of a waterproof wet pad, this problem could be solved. 

Some features to consider:

  • Absorbency – Remember, the purpose of the bed pad is to absorb moisture and not repel it. It should be able to quickly absorb moisture giving your loved one a dry and comfortable feel.
  • Non-Slip Backing – The bed pads come with an absorbent top layer that absorbs moisture and provides a waterproof backing. Also, ensure the waterproof material of the bed pad should be resistant to slipping and stay in the same place for the whole night. 
  • Disposable or Reusable – Bed pads are available in two types that are disposable and reusable. Disposable bed pads are convenient to use and require less work. You just need to use and then throw them away. However, these are not cost-efficient. Reusable bed pads, on the other hand, can be used again and again after washing and drying. 


  • No-Rinse Wet Wipes

No-rinse wet wipes are useful, especially for people that have undergone any surgery or operation recently. It is also helpful in case of some emergency. Or sometimes, your loved one would like to have a break from the normal washing routine, thus, making no-rinse wet wipes an ideal option. 

You can easily find a variety of no-rinse wet wipes in different aromas or types. They help you to feel refreshed and eliminate the awful odors of the body. You can even get no-rinse shampoos in the market easily. Thus, allowing you to plan a complete hygiene routine for your loved ones. 

  • Rash Spray

As the elderly need to wear diapers most of the time, they can lead to several skin infections such as rashes or redness. These rashes can become a major issue and make seniors feel extremely uncomfortable. In many cases, rashes are accompanied by itching and burning, thus, making it even more difficult for elders. 

However, these days, you can easily find a variety of rash sprays and creams in the market. They help to relieve the burning sensation, reduce itching, and treat mild rashes caused due to diapers. They provide a cooling effect and thus, allows elders to live their life comfortably. 

  • No-Rinse Shampoo Caps

Just like the no-rinse wet wipes, you can also easily get no-rinse shampoo caps in the market. These caps are useful to clean a person’s hair without having to rinse it. Thus, a perfect choice for those lazy days. 

The no-rinse shampoo caps come with dry shampoo and conditioner in them. You just need to put them over your head and massage it till the hair becomes saturated. They help to provide a clean and fresh feel to your hair without actually washing them. 

In case your hair is filthy, then first remove the foreign material from your hair, and then massage with the help of a no-rinse shampoo cap. 

  • Nail Clippers 

 One of the basic personal hygiene is keeping fingernails cleaned and trimmed. Long nails can acquire dirt and germs and can spread infections, such as pinworms. Hence, it is advisable to keep nails short and clean the undersides regularly. Also, remember to clean your nail equipment like the nail clipper, and files, before using them. 

Moreover, elders have nails that are hard to reach and cut. Hence, you need a proper and easy-to-use nail clipper, that allows your loved ones to cut their nails without any trouble. You can also use a toenail clipper to make the work easier. 

  • Shower Brushes 

Dermatologists claim that brushing can increase circulation, provides exfoliating benefits, and stimulates your body like in a massage. There are two types of brushing:

  • Dry skin brushing
  • Wet skin brushing 

Dry skin brushing involves rolling a dry brush on your skin in a specific rotation. It helps to remove the dead cells of the skin and enhances circulation. 

Wet brushing is useful for scrubbing the skin. It exfoliates the skin and boosts energy in the body. 

  • Bath Visor 

Many elders are resistant to bathing and washing hair. Especially, in the case of dementia patients. However, using useful tools can help to minimize their resistance. For example, using a bath visor can protect their eyes and ears. It does not let water and soap reach their face. Thus, providing them with a spa-like satisfying experience. 

  • Automatic soap dispenser 

An automatic soap dispenser refers to a device that automatically delivers the right amount of soap solution. They help conserve the amount of soap and at the same time hinders the spread of contagious diseases. These are pretty useful for people with diseases such as arthritis, limited mobility, Parkinson’s dementia, and more. 

All of these personal hygiene products are pretty affordable. You can easily help your loved ones without going out of budget. Moreover, we have also ensured that these products are easily available. You can shop these products online or can visit your nearest department store. 

Wrapping it up

How you carry yourself can have a great impact on how you interact socially. When a person feels good about himself, he will be able to radiate positive and encouraging energy on others.  

However,  grooming and maintaining personal hygiene becomes pretty difficult as you age. Lack of mobility, low energy, diseases, etc make the elderly skip crucial personal hygiene tasks. Nevertheless, equipping them with proper tools and techniques can make these tasks way more convenient. 

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