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Features To Look For While Buying A Pedestal Fan

During the hot, sweaty summer days, wherever we go, all we look forward to are air conditioners and good fans, which may be a ceiling fan, a pedestal or floor standing fan or just a table fan. All these appliances play a similar role of circulating breeze to decrease the temperature of the room you are in, if the appliance is switched on. Air conditioners are however expensive, and won’t help you in getting rid of the humidity.

So, if you live in a place which is hot and highly humid, you would require something that can provide comfort and cool your body. The product that would be best suited for you would be a pedestal or floor standing fan. Pedestal fans can apparently look very ordinary but nowadays they too with a lot of features that might surprise you.

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Let’s have a look at some of those and why is it a great choice for homes or offices:

Portability: One of the most important features of floor standing fans are that they are lightweight and can be moved easily around your home or office. The pedestal fans can be plugged in to any source of electricity and provides ample airflow while taking up a little space.

Blade Speed: Another feature of pedestal fan that makes it special is that most of the modern fans come with varied blade speeds. You can easily adjust the need for airflow as per you wish and requirement.

Lightweight: Previously, pedestal fans were used to be made of solid iron and were very heavy and difficult to move them around. But new age fans are stylish, light and convenient to use. You can also go for a one that complements the colour and décor of your office or home. Some fans also come with wheels that will help you to move it around your home/office spaces.

Fan Swing Feature: One of the features that makes pedestal fans all the more favourable is their ‘swing’ feature. This feature helps to blow air in air directions, and as a results people sitting away from the fan also receives cool air. It also helps to cool down the room uniformly.

Multi-Functionality of Pedestal Fans: When buying a pedestal fan, you can go for something that comes with a number of functions. You can go for the modern ones that come with a remote control and/or a timer. Another modern feature that is made available with the floor standing fans nowadays is an electronic indicator that determines fan settings.

Size of The Fan: Pedestal fans are usually available in varied shapes and sizes. Fans with adjustable height are also available in the market.

Aesthetic Design: Each one of us want the home appliances to go well with our interiors, décor and colour. And that is one of the reasons that companies are designing fans abiding by the latest trends to meet customer expectations. Fans with upgraded technology and new features, you can find a range of colours in floor standing fans. Sleek, modern fans blend with modern interiors seamlessly. Smart fans that come with LED display also looks quite cool.

And now, two things that should must-be on your checklist- Energy consumption and maintenance.

When it comes to saving energy, the floor standing fans are the best. With technology advancing in almost every field, one thing that remains unchanged is the energy-saving feature of pedestal fans. These fans can actually save up to 50 per cent on your entire electricity bill.

Fans are those appliances that requires minimal or no maintenance. That is way it is good to buy pedestal fans that come with a warranty. There are a lot of high-tech fans that prevents the motor from getting over-heated and thus extends the life of the pedestal fans.

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