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10 Things to Know Before Going Hunting

Hunting is very popular across various parts of the globe. There are multiple reasons why people go hunting. Some people consider hunting as a hobby, while some people do it so that they can feed their family. 

No matter what are your reasons behind going hunting, there are a lot of things you should know before you go. There are a lot of things to learn, a lot of skills to master, equipment, and tactical gear to buy. Only then you can consider yourself ready to go hunting. 

If you don’t know any of these things, then don’t worry because we are here to help you learn everything about hunting. 


Basic things to know about hunting

We will start with the most basic things that one should know if they are complete beginners at hunting. These things will come in very handy when you are out looking to hunt. 


  • Avoiding noises: The first thing you should know about the jungle is that it is very quiet. This is why your prey can hear any kind of noise you make. 

So, when you are roaming in the jungle, looking for your prey, make sure to avoid making any kind of unnecessary voice that can alert them or scare them away. It is better to not take anything noisy like a plastic bag. 


  • The art of being patient: Hunting is all about being patient and waiting for your prey. Hunters wait for a very long time for their prey, and as a beginner, you should master that skill too. Another part of being patient means that you should not walk impatiently around the jungle. When you do that, you might step on a twig that will alert your prey. Also, walking impatiently can make you miss your prey who might be near you but, you couldn’t see it because you were being impatient.


  • Knowing the landmarks: Before you go hunting, you need to do full research on the various landmarks. This will help you in case you get lost. 

If you know the landmarks, you can easily find your way back. Other than that, you can create your landmarks in the forest, this will help you in identifying where you were when you were looking for your prey. 


  • The ability to track:  Every beginner should know that finding your prey and then shooting it is not the end of your struggles. There are a lot of instances when a prey escapes to a nearby water source or his hiding spot after getting shot. 

So, a hunter has to track down the prey to avoid wasting the time and energy invested in shooting that prey. To track your prey, you should know how to follow a blood trail, and you should also know about the nearby water sources. 


  • Taking out the obstructions: Every hunter faces a lot of obstruction when he/she is searching for prey. You have to deal with various obstructions like branches or leaves, and you can easily cut them with the help of a firearm or a knife. By doing this, you can have a clear shot towards your prey.

Skills you should learn for hunting

  • Fitness: Fitness plays a very important role in these types of adventures. If you are a beginner at hunting, you should learn about the importance of fitness. Fitness is not limited to physical strength, and a hunter needs to be mentally strong too.

Physical fitness can be ensured with the help of training, exercise, and diet. You should do a lot of training before you take hunting as a hobby. Mental strength is all about being patient in the forest, and we have already discussed the importance of being patient.

  • Bushcraft: Bushcraft means having all the survival skills that come in very handy during your trip to a forest. We all know the importance of survival skills. A forest is adventurous without any doubt, but it can be dangerous too. So, one should learn all the survival skills that will protect them in the forest.
  • Navigation: Knowing how to use a compass and how to search for different places on the map can come in handy during hunting. Many people who like hunting don’t know how to use a compass, mostly because they don’t see how it is important. 

But believe me, a compass is a very important tool during hunting, and you should learn how to use it for navigation.

  • Marksmanship: Probably the most important skill for a hunter, marksmanship is the most valuable skill, and without it, hunting your prey can be nearly impossible. So, if you have decided to go hunting, you need to make sure that you have learned enough marksmanship to take out your prey.

Another part of learning marksmanship is knowing which firearm to carry and what firearm accessories would work wonders for you. For example, I always prefer firearm accessories manufactured by guntec


Hunting Equipment and Tactical gear

Now we are going to talk about all the tools, equipment, and tactical gear you are going to need before you head out for hunting. 


  • Hunting knife: It is a very important tactical gear used to cut your prey. It also comes in handy when you have to cut obstacles like bushes. Make sure to carry a sharp knife with you. 
  • Tent: Another very important tool if you are looking to spend the night in the jungle or if you want to take some rest during hunting. 
  • Binoculars: Binoculars play a very important role when you are looking for your prey. They increase the radius in which you can search for any prey. 
  • Riflescopes: Riflescopes are very important if your prey is far away. Using rifle scope needs good marksmanship so, make sure to excel in your marksmanship skills. 
  • Hunting blinds: It is used as a cover when a hunter is trying to shoot their prey, and he/she doesn’t want the prey to see them. 
  • GPS: GPS is very important in the modern age, and it has equal importance in forests too. It helps you in looking for directions when you are searching for prey or when you are lost. 
  • Compass: Compass comes in handy when you don’t have GPS or you can’t use it because of network issues. 
  • Hunting clothes: It is very important to wear clothes that are comfortable during hunting. It also im=ncludes the likes of camouflage and hunting shoes. 
  • Hunting vest: There are chances that your prey can attack you, and that is when the hunting vest comes in very handy. It can protect you from a prey’s bites and scratches. 
  • Maps: A map of the forest is very useful during emergencies, and that is why it is also included in navigation skills.


Ready to go hunting? 

I believe this was everything you needed to know about hunting before you finally went out hunting for the first time. Keep the important things in mind, practice all the skills, and you will have an amazing time out there. Happy hunting.

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