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10 ways to sell a Garden Landscaping Design

Landscaping will list below some useful, simple and intuitive tips to make garden design or more attractive to our customers.

First of all, when we are in front of a potential client, the first thing to do is to give a good impression and tune in to his idea of ​​a garden. Furthermore, appearing competent and passionate is undoubtedly a guarantee of success. (Nobody would entrust their garden to a person who does not show passion for what they do!).


When we design the garden it is good to tune in with the person, couple or family who will come to ask us for advice. This will be the right moment, like the next one of the inspection, to inform us about the customer’s habits, styles or tastes. The garden is in fact a place where people usually relax; it is therefore important that they feel represented by their surroundings.

2) Landscaping COMPETENCE:

when you go to a “specialist in the sector”, we want him to appear competent. Being competent does not mean using technicalities or big words, but it means, for example, showing (with the help of paper photo books, computer media or online) previously carried out work so as to be able to provide creative ideas to our client, which may feel inspired by activities we have done in the past.


green spaces (as research confirms) have the power to relax people. Spending hours immersed in nature allows you to reap benefits such as lowering blood pressure, lowering the heartbeat and improving mood. It is therefore important (even taking the risk to seem fussy) to carefully choose every detail, also using software. (Below are the benefits of using a software).


Using a landscaping software is undoubtedly a winning weapon as it allows you to “give life” to your thoughts. The software makes it possible to make the idea that the customer or gardener has in mind to be three-dimensional. In fact, customers often have few ideas or do not know what they want. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences or misunderstandings, the software allows you to see how the project will be and therefore helps us in the “proposal” of our idea. It is therefore necessary to consider the software for the design of outdoor spaces and gardens as an indispensable tool both for the effectiveness of our job proposal (presentation, competence) and for the objective help that it can offer to the same professional.


landscaping  another point in favor of selling is definitely being objective and not forcing the customer, under penalty of a hasty and wrong choice. In fact, often selling does not mean forcing at all costs, but it means understanding the real needs of the customer in order to help him understand if that type of garden is for him; if he can identify and see himself in that place. In fact, let’s not forget that the garden is now a place where people spend their free time perhaps in company (having parties or barbecues). It is therefore essential to propose and create a “person-friendly” space.


Another point to take into consideration concerns the spread of “do it yourself”. Currently, in fact, to “do it yourself”, to make small adjustments at home, or simply to furnish your home yourself, it is not necessary to have great skills, but a minimum of good will. In this regard, we can help the customer by making him feel an active part of the process; however it is good to leave room for the buyer, but always follow him closely, this because the “hand” of the expert is always indispensable. Therefore, one way to urge the customer can be to take the customer with them when choosing the plants and flowers, or to leave them free to experiment with the software we have available.


landscaping  advertising is known to be the soul of commerce. Green light therefore to flyers, cards and billboards, but not only. In fact, it is good to be present on multiple online platforms (facebook, twitter and instagram in the first place) and so on. The competition aspect is important; therefore it is necessary to always be attentive to prices, products and services offered by other operators in the sector, and large retailers.


landscaping  word of mouth online is essential. Through social networks you can post photos of your work. Here too it is important to take care of the details; a good photo will be remembered more than a bad photo. It is also possible to bring people through links on the online software and start making them try to “furnish” their own garden.


landscaping  proposing work that is out of fashion is obviously counterproductive. It is therefore important to always be updated on the latest fashions and trends. This means, for example, also opening up abroad, especially to America, which is often the bearer of innovative ideas. For example, we can add gardening experts from other countries to our online profiles.

With whom it is possible to exchange opinions and photos of the work we are completing. Having your garden taken care of by an expert known in the area and who has perhaps carried out recognized works (for example, taking care of gardens and exteriors of wealthy people) could certainly prove to be an added value.


No matter how obvious it may seem, loving your job is what will make us most successful in our business. In fact, the customer tends to be easily suggestible. If he perceives the expert as listless and not attracted to what he does in first person, he can certainly give up. This means always maintaining a captivating and engaging style; always be available for the customer; provide guarantees over time regarding products and their maintenance. Make yourself available for any clarification even after some time and therefore become the point of reference for the buyer.

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NBL and RP SOFT, a leading company in the field of management and labeling software for the world of horticulture, have entered into a collaboration agreement with the aim of providing integrated solutions for the design and management of greenery in the Outdoor and Gardening segment. The experience gained in the last two decades and more precisely since 2000 has seen the progressive affirmation of the Nbl company in the horticultural sector with specific solutions for the graphic design of gardens. RP Soft, with the know-how of its founders of over 25 years in the design and implementation of management software for greenery, supports the Nbl offer with the OK management platform and the new Giardy App. The goal is to provide the professional gardener and gardening company with an integrated tool that,

In this section of the site NBL presents Giardy, the app created in an iOS and Android environment for carrying out the Gardener’s activities. With Giardy you can create an estimate, manage the scheduling of work based on the weather and create work reports. Giardy has been designed for the Gardener who wants to be autonomous in all phases of work, even outside the company.


The pruning of hedges, plants, shrubs and bushes is carried out in the most suitable periods for each essence of the plant in order not to cause suffering and stress to the plant, keeping the shapes as natural as possible or, where possible, to create shapes according to the customer’s taste.

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