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Cost of Different Types of Tiling

Different Types of Tiling

There are many types of tiles available in the market. Ranging from cheap wall tiles to expensive ones, there is a variety of tiles that come in the market. It is up to the customer to choose the desired tile but most of the customers go with the reliable ones with economical prices. The expensive tiles do not gain much of the attention of the buyers as they see them as something not good for long term use. Tiles need to be selected as per the styling and the pricing. The selection of tiles in this way comes out to be a constructive and more open choice for the individuals. As per the costs of the tiles is concerned following is the list of tiles as per their pricing and types.

Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic tiles are easy to use and are made up by heating the clay. The tiles are widely used in homes and offices as these are budget-friendly and looks good too. The tile cost $1.53 per square feet which is very much economical. With this price, you can easily change them when you feel that they are getting out of order.

Travertine Tiles

These are the tiles made up of limestone. The tiles have naturally printed patterns on them which make them eye-catchy. The tile cost $3 to $30 per sq. ft. which is a good choice. You can place these tiles everywhere you like as these are not just meant for any specific space.  People most of the time prefer these tiles to be placed in living rooms and lounge as these give a spacious effect to the place. These are light in color which adds more points to its purchase.

Slate Tile

The tile is made up of metamorphic rock.  The color of the tile varies from dark black to navy. This made the tile very much favorite. As per the pricing is concerned it cost $13 to $30 per square ft. The average cost of this tile is $20 which is a fair choice.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are one of the budget-friendly tiles available in the market.  They simply cost $7 per square ft which is nothing less than cheap tiles. The tiles have a good life too, they can last up to 5 years which is a good choice in this way.

Wood-Look Tiles

The pure wooden tiles are expensive to buy. The wood-look tiles are a copy of the real wooden tiles which are available in the market. The tiles are pocket friendly and cost just $8 per square ft. This gives open options to the buyers to make their rooms look good while investing smartly.

Marble Tiles

These are the favorite tiles when it comes to give the aesthetic look to your rooms. The tiles cost $20 per square ft which is high on budget when you look for an overall room revamp. Such tiles can make the room attractive and by this, the spaciousness of the room also remains.


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