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13 Amazing Facts About Kochi That Make It A Popular Tourist Destination

Kochi is a prominent port city in India and has long been a big commerce hub. It is situated in the lovely state of Kerala. Even though it has a long history, it is primarily renowned for its stunning natural surroundings. It offers everything that draws visitors from around the nation, from beaches to backwaters, hills to forests. As a result, throughout time, Kochi has risen to the top of South India’s most popular tourist destinations. Learn about the amazing facts about Kochi that make it a popular tourist destination through this blog. Opt for the Kochi tour packages to explore this fascinating tourist destination in Kerala with your family or your beloved ones.

However, did you know that many tourists are still unaware of certain fascinating facts about Kochi? It is a popular tourist destination in the nation because of these convincing facts. This article is for you if you’re interested in knowing more about these facts in-depth.

1.The Land of The First European Church In India

The oldest European church in the nation is St. Francis Church, which is situated in the Fort Kochi area and is thought to have been built in 1903 by the Portuguese. Additionally, it is the location of Vasco da Gama’s original burial. However, his remains were moved to Lisbon a few years later. This beautifully constructed church is currently one of the city’s most popular historical sites. Therefore, if visiting Kochi or the surrounding area, do not overlook this historic treasure.

2.The One and Only Location to See Chinese Fishing Nets

Do you know what Cheenavala is? If not, then allow us to inform you that these are enormous fishing nets that are mostly utilized by Chinese fishermen. The only location outside of China where you can get the rare chance to see them is Kochi. According to residents, Chinese traders brought these enormous nets to Kochi some decades ago. These stunning nets are becoming one of Kochi’s top tourist destinations for photographers.

3.The Most Beautiful Place Described By Many Ancient Travelers

Unquestionably, Kochi is one of the most picturesque destinations in India. After all, it is surrounded by lush hills, lakes, backwaters, beaches, historic sites, and lush vegetation. It has been successful in keeping its natural appeal despite being gradually transformed into a modern city. Many ancient travelers referred to it as the most beautiful city in India. According to the Italian traveler Nicolas Conti, China is where you make your money, and then Cochin is without a doubt the place to spend it.

4.The Queen of the Arabian Sea

One of the lesser-known facts about Kochi is that Kochi has earned the nickname ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ due to the prominence of its port city since India’s Medieval Period when it was a significant center for the trade of spices. All other significant ports across the world can be reached from Kochi’s port easily.

5.The Only City In Kerala To Have Three Railway Stations

One of the most lesser-known facts about Kochi is that It is the only city in Kerala to have three railway stations. Indeed, having more than two railway stations is typical for major cities in North India. When it comes to Kerala, though, it isn’t. You might be shocked to learn that Kochi is the only city in Kerala to have three railway stations. Here, the largest and busiest railroad station is at Ernakulam Junction. It carries roughly 28,000 people each day on its six platforms and twelve tracks.

6.The First Church is Quite Impressive.

It was an eyewitness to the struggle for dominance in the subcontinent by Europeans. The first church in India was St. Francis Church, which was constructed at Fort Kochi in 1503. Vasco da Gama was buried in the chapel after passing away in Kochi in 1524. Gama’s remains were later transported to Portugal.

7.6-Sided Marvel

It held up over time. The oldest existing European fort in India is Pallipuram Fort in Kochi. The Portuguese constructed a hexagonal-shaped fort in 1503 to fend off adversaries. In 1661, the Dutch took control of the fort, which was subsequently surrendered to the State of Travancore in 1789.

8.Kochi Also Known As the ‘Queen of Spices’

Due to its commerce in Indian spices, Kochi has grown in importance on a global scale. High-end pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove trading are very common in the Kochi port. Additionally, the Kochi harbor quickly rose to prominence as a significant global commerce hub due to its advantageous location on the sea route connecting Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Therefore, if you travel abroad, notably to Europe, and discover the alluring flavor of cardamom in your dish there, you may readily assert that it came from your own country via Kochi.

9.European Settlements and Kochi

The European culture is significantly influenced by Kochi culture. Through Cochin, the Portuguese established the first European settlement in India. Following the Dutch invasion, the British established a colony in this area. The Portuguese referred to Kochi as ‘Little Lisbon,’ the Dutch called it ‘Homely Holland,’ and the British called it ‘Mini England.’ The port city has been significantly impacted by European settlements, and you can still see signs of European culture among the locals. Even though Malayalam is spoken officially, English is very frequently used. 

10.Kochi Saw The First Water War Ever

The first war in history to be fought aboard maritime vessels was the Portuguese and Dutch War of 1656. The conflict that erupted over Kochi’s colonization paved the door for the arrival of the Dutch, who replaced the Portuguese.

11.Longest Lake Is Found Here

The largest lake in Kerala and the longest lake in all of India are called Vembanad Lake. It covers an area of around 2033 sq km and is about 97 kilometers long. Numerous tourists flock to Kochi to take in the splendor and unmatched beauty of the lake. There is much to do here, including boating and relaxing by its banks. Additionally, birdwatchers will like the area. Simply you can book your Kochi tour packages and explore this most fascinating destination in Kerala along with these types of amazing attractions.

12.Find Significant History Here

Do you like to hear stories about commerce and power struggles? Enter the Dutch graveyard in Fort Kochi via entering. The oldest cemetery in the nation contains 104 tombs of Dutch and British citizens, each of which tells a tale of pride, power, and the pursuit of trade and development. For lovers of Dutch architecture, this cemetery that was dedicated in 1724 might be interesting.

13.Celebrate with the Old Man

There is just one special way to ring in the New Year if you happen to be in Kochi on New Year’s Eve. Participate in a tradition that involves burning an effigy of the fictional character Papanji that can reach heights of almost 40 feet. This ritual’s origins can be attributed to the Portuguese culture; the Portuguese word Pappanji means ‘Old Man.’

So, here were some of the most amazing facts about Kochi. Get the chance to explore this glorious beauty of Kerala with customized Kochi packages offered by Lock Your Trip and enjoy your amazing trip to Kerala with your family or your loved ones.

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