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3 Affordable Tennis Racquets

Tennis is a widely popular sport all around the world. People use tennis to pass the time, a sport, and a means of exercise. Unlike other games, there isn’t much equipment involved with playing tennis, and the main thing you need to care about is the quality of tennis racquets.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of best tennis rackets on the market, but I’m here to help you out. We have shortlisted and reviewed the three affordable best tennis rackets for the budding Nadal in you. 

Things to remember while buying a tennis racquet

Playing Style

Playing style: Your playing style ultimately decides the ideal racket for you. If you already have a powerful and fast swing, you need to purchase a racket that gives you more control over your gameplay. If you aren’t sure about your playing style, ask your trainer to analyze for you.

Racket Length

The length of your racket makes a huge difference. Always remember that longer rackets can reduce your grip over the ball. Choose one that doesn’t get in the way of your game but also gives you the reach you want.

Grip size

The grip of a racket is an integral part of your performance. This measurement is called “grip size.” Measure yours by the length between the second line on your palm and the tip of your ring finger. Determine the perfect racket according to it. 


Professional players generally buy the frame of the racket and get it strung by the professionals. Prestrung tennis racquets sometimes have weak strings that will get in the way of performance.

Three Most Affordable Tennis Racquets

1. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

If you are searching for an efficient yet affordable tennis racquet for your practice sessions, the Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket is the perfect item for you. With over six thousand ratings and reviews, the Wilson Adult tennis racket is one of the bestsellers of 2021. 

The length of this item is 27.5 inches which allows you to hit the ball from a distance. Its size also will enable you to hit forehands better. It also offers amateur players the proper amount of spin, momentum, and power necessary for their gameplay.

It comes with a well-knit string, and its strength is quite impressive. This tennis racket is equipped with technology that makes it solid and sturdy. This feature underpins moves and makes your backhand shots powerful. Also, it provides the stability of your shots and movements. This makes it the ideal choice for players that are not well-skilled and beginners. 

The head is strung tight that makes sure that power is optimally used. It strengthens your servings and does the job more than your hands. 

This stylish racket is available in three colors. This racket comes with a massive sweet spot that makes it able to deliver powerful shots. It helps beginners so that they do not use a lot of their energy. This size of the sweet spot makes sure you hit well and hard.

Also, it comes with a headlight balance that makes your game more robust. 

This product is very light in weight to not experience fatigue in your palm while playing. 

Additionally, this racket’s rust-free synthetic materials make it a long-lasting and economically sustainable product. 

2. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung Head Light Balance 27 Inch Racquet 

Head is a big name when it comes to tennis racquets. The Head Ti Conquest Racket is a perfect example of its excellence. Additionally, it has a high-tact grip that improves your control and swing.

This product is perfect for beginners. The Head Ti weighs 275g with the strings. So, it is a lightweight racket even with the strings since the strings add more weight to the whole racket.

Such lightweight is handy for intermediate players and beginners, mainly because it offers easy movement. Not only that, but also they can practice their tennis game for a longer time without any fatigue in their hand.

With Conquest, you will get an enormous head. It comprises 108 square inches, which means the player will have very little chance to miss the ball.

However, you may not get a good grip due to the oversized head, but a long experience with this racket will benefit you.

This racket comes 27 inches in length. With such size, you will have more power and reach than your expectations.

When it comes to balance, Conquest belongs to the light head category. These kinds of racquets provide an outstanding balance to the players who play in a doubles format.

The racquet comes with a good grip. So, it will not slip even if your hands are wet. So, this is a big plus point.

To add more, the size of your hand matters a lot when it comes to the grip size of the head. Conquest has 3 different sizes of grip. Out of the 3, this one comes in 4.5 inches according to US size and 4 according to Euro size.

Although it will be spot-on for the players with medium-sized hands, you can try it out if you want.

3. OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket is one of the best tennis rackets for amateurs. Not only efficiency, but it also boasts affordability.

This tennis racket comes with a comfortable, well-built wooden handle that gives you a vintage feel. Also, it is powered by Double Shock Absorption Technology that offers you an accuracy of the shots. 

The combination of the face and the handle creates a triangle that absorbs bad vibrations, making the strikes more steady and comfortable. 

Also, it comes with a wooden handle equipped with shock-absorbing hand glue. It filters lousy vibration and improves the comfort of the grip. This feature lets you switch the racquet angle with ease.

Each threading hole on the racket adapts independent rubber hole position and comes with the double hole technology, which has beautiful looks and makes the racket more durable. 

This small hole threading protects the ball line, extends the racket’s lifespan, and maximizes the elastic effect when you smash the ball, giving you a good sports experience.

The racket frame is made of aluminum mixed material, carbon fibre, and the handle is made of wood. The racket’s face has a durable mesh-made belt, which enhances the racket’s performance and increases the stability and strength of each serving.

The weight of the unstrung OPPUM racket is 0.61 pounds. You can enjoy your tennis match longer than usual and do not have shoulder pain caused by the heavier racket.

This tennis racket is affordable, and the quality of the racket is superb, especially for beginners, entertainers, and amateurs. 


When choosing tennis racquets, you must do the research. Ensure to opt for the racket that suits your gameplay and has the features you are looking for. Please make use of our three best affordable picks or search for your own; buy the one that suits you and get on the court to have a blast!

Is there any other racket that you use and have got commendable results? Do share with us. If you want us to review any particular model, get in touch via comments and we will be happy to share details with you.


A Tennis Player and a Tennis Coach, I review Tennis Gears at to bring best equipment for tennis lovers.

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