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3 Great Interior Design Ideas For A Dentist Office


From the Smallest To The Biggest

Basic design techniques have been popularized in the past decades. Your Desk- According to feng shui, your desk is one of the most important places because it affects and symbolizes your career. This is true whether you work from home, at work, or in a cubicle. 


It’s vital to have a permanent desk if you work in a co-working room. Since your work is linked to your life path, it’s essential to pay feng shui attention to your desk. So, even though you work a day job (or don’t work at all! ), you have a reason for being, or as the French suggest, a raison d’etre. Your desk is a sign of your life’s mission.

Color and Material of A Good Feng Shui Desk

The material and color of a desk have a significant impact on feng shui. In general, of all the available desk materials, a heavy and sturdy brown wood desk is the most comfortable and desirable. Before you make a purchase, pay attention to what you are drawn to, because the desk should be something you adore!


Incorporate the colors and textures of the five elements into your existence based on the energies you want to attract.


Glass desks are not advisable in terms of feng shui. They are brittle, and they can cause things to fall apart at work.

The Four Elements Can Help Your Design

For grounding and stabilization, use the earth part.

Browns, earthy yellows/oranges, and neutrals

Wood or painted wood/composites are the most common materials used.


  • For efficiency and transparency, a metal element is used:

White, green, and metallics are the primary colors.

Metal or painted wood/composites are the materials of choice.


  • Water as a networking and flow element:

Black is the dominant color.

Metal or painted wood/composites are the materials of choice.

  • Wood as growth and activity (active) element:

Green and blue are the primary colors.

Painted wood and composites are used as the primary materials.


  • The aspect of fire is associated with creativity and fame.

Red is the predominant color.

Painted wood and composites are used as the primary materials.

The shape of A Feng Shui Desk

Desks aren’t available in various shapes, but the most important thing is that they suit the room. The desk shouldn’t be too large for the setting, but it shouldn’t be so small that you can’t fit all of your paperwork and materials on it. You won’t thrive in life if you don’t have enough room for your job.


The best desk forms are rectangular, “L”-shaped, and kidney-shaped.

Standing desks are certainly an option. Credenzas on the side and in the back are beneficial because they provide additional support.

The Most Beneficial Feng Shui Desk Position

For successful feng shui, the location of your desk is crucial. The commanding role theory is crucial in this situation. This ensures that you should be able to see the door from your desk without being directly in line with it. This is usually on the opposite side of the fence, or “kitty-corner.”


It’s not uncommon for this set-up to be challenging to achieve. If you can’t place your desk in this spot, you can fix the commanding position with a mirror. Place a mirror, such as a small convex mirror, so that you can see the reflection of the door in the mirror when sitting at your desk.

A Few Other Noteworthy Best Practices

Where possible, avoid facing a wall. If that’s your only choice, put a mirror in front of you to broaden your perspective and career options. It’s better if the windows are on your hands. You’ll be distracted if you’re facing the view. Work when you’re at your desk and take a break to take in the scenery.


Ensure you have enough space behind you (a minimum of 36 inches) to allow for growth. You should be able to enter and exit the desk quickly.

Design In Your Dental Practice

Not all dental offices need to look the same. Your office space can be as unique as you are. It should also be a place that encourages steady, productive workflow and a safe and welcoming environment. The overall design of your office tells your patient a little bit about yourself, both you as an individual and as a professional. Therefore, the right design gives you the chance to communicate with your patients from the moment they walk into the office.

Make Use of Natural Surroundings

Use whatever natural surroundings are available to you. You can pull back the curtains so that people can see the trees and blue sky outside. If you cannot do this, bring plants to the office. You can hang plants as well as scatter them on bookshelves and other surfaces throughout your workplace. Plants are a great source of décor. They add to the environment without affecting the flow of movement between office staff and patients.


Also, do not be afraid to add texture. You can create an accent wall with something like peel-and-stick wallpaper or reclaimed wood panels. Add unique figurines along with books and plants on bookshelves, or toss some throw pillows on the furniture. Even the use of books as décor can be thought of as added texture to space.

Integrate Pops of Color into the Décor

The use of soothing colors to create a calming environment may help ease anxiety about an upcoming procedure, but this does not mean that the décor must be intentionally unexciting. Adding a pop of color or a different pattern to the walls, the carpet, and even the furniture gives patients something to look at while they wait.


Put up exciting wall décor. Create an accent wall with a single paint color, brick panels, or a pattern such as dots or stripes to create a focal point for the room. Also, consider the use of stencils to create more complex and unique patterns. Furthermore, you can also bring in furniture upholstered in bright, bold colors.


Do not be afraid to go bold with your design or to blend calming and bright colors in a way that will make your office a fun place to visit.

Incorporate Elements of Home Design

As dental contractors, you will undoubtedly want to maintain a professional environment where your patients feel free to ask questions and share concerns. But you also want your patients to feel welcome and comfortable and invited to come back for all of their future dental needs. Therefore, make use of small details in design to create an inviting atmosphere that sets your office above the rest.


Consider how you would decorate your living room. TVs are commonplace in waiting rooms to provide a source of entertainment, but you can incorporate other elements of home design, as well. Instead of basic chairs, use a sofa. Add a bookshelf with books rather than magazines to feel a little bit like home and offer patients a story to read.


A home-like atmosphere helps people to feel safe. It is also comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and fun. More importantly, a homey environment is more likely to encourage patients to come back for future visits.

Set Your Office Space Apart from the Competition

There are many ways to create a space that feels inviting for your patients. The little details that count in designing a unique space make visiting your office enjoyable and convenient. And this inviting space will encourage patients to come back to your office for all of their dental needs.

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