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4 Best Worthy Home Renovation Ideas 2022

Home renovation projects aren’t always grand, expensive, and large-scale. Most of the time, these projects take up two to three days, depending on the availability of materials and skill level. Some are easy enough to pull off within a day, with little to no cost at all. 

See, renovation projects aren’t limited to what you see on home transformation shows. This 2022, we will invest more in worthy home renovation ideas to maximize the comforts of our homes.

Finance Your Ideas 

The first consideration for worth-it home renovation ideas is, of course, the cost of the project. Even a small, one-day project will be costly considering the materials to be used. The price also ramps up if you need to hire a professional. 

A roundabout and easy solution is to apply for home renovation loans. Experts in home renovation loans in Florida state that applying for a loan for home renovations is the same as investing in your house. Ultimately, it helps increase your net worth. 

Application for such is much more simple and straightforward than bank and personal loans. As the lenders already know the estimated amount for particular projects, they can guide borrowers not to over or under borrow the renovation capital. 

With financial worries out of the way, here are some worthy home renovation ideas that are worth investing time, money, and effort for. 

Read on! 

1. Maximize Area Under the Stairs

Your house can never have too much space. There’s always a need for more storage as you continue to live comfortably in your space. One idea that’s worth spending for in 2022 is to maximize the hidden nooks under your staircase. 

It might be full of storage boxes and dust now, but a new cover of paint, lights, and overhead cabinets will do the trick. Brighten up the area by applying fresh coats of bright or neutral paint. Stick-on wallpapers will also do the trick if you want to have quirky and accent walls that don’t take days to complete. 

Utilizing the area under the stairs can be an excellent reading and resting nook. Most of the time, houses are solely designed for utility—completely foregoing that there’s use in resting nooks too. 

2. Spruce Up Your Laundry Area

Try spending about two hours on popular social media sites to consume home renovation content. In that time, you’ll come across about 10 different people who are in the process of upgrading their laundry area. And, it’s actually a worthy investment. Here’s why. 

Doing laundry is a regular occurrence. Almost every week, you spend hours in the area. It’s only right to upgrade the utility and aesthetic of the area. This might be a long-term project, depending on the extent of changes. 

One of the simplest renovation projects to do is to build overhead cabinets to store all laundry essentials. Containers of detergents and fabric conditioners take up a lot of space. It’s best to have a separate space for them on the cabinets while making sure that they are still easily accessible. 

Also, your laundry area can use some color. Most laundry areas tend to be all concrete and wood because of their usual location. It’s a drag to look at, much more to stay in. You can paint a solid bright color on the wall behind the machines. The added color will immediately elevate the place. A low-cost, high-reward project. 

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3. Work On Your Bathroom Space

Aside from one’s bedroom, the bathroom can be considered as a safe place and area for relaxation. A renovation to make it even better will be worth the money, effort, and time. 

You can start off with something simple, such as replacing the hardware on your cabinets, shelves, and dressers. This simple task will provide a modern touch on years-old furniture. Additionally, replacing your old mirrors with wider ones and with modern frames will add to the aesthetic value of the place. 

Other bathroom renovation projects also include retiling and regrouting. Most of the time old tiles give off dull colors making the room look messier than it actually is. Replacing them with bright-colored tiles will brighten up the place, and make it look more spacious. It also helps with the upkeep since dirt is easier to see on light surfaces. 

Whether you choose to do simple or complex projects, don’t forget about the little things that make a space better. Choose shower curtains that fit the style; the same goes for the towels. Add scented candles on the counters. Add hooks behind doors and near cabinets for added storage space. 

4. Open Up Your Kitchens

From one most used home area to another, kitchens also deserve renovation projects. 

One of the most major renovation projects happens in kitchens. And that is to install or change kitchen islands. Kitchen islands provide more working and dining areas, and more storage space. On top of that, it also makes your kitchen look more expensive.

Home renovations that include the installation of kitchen islands tend to run for several weeks depending on the design of the island. Aside from that, changes in the floor design shall also be addressed. 

In this type of project, it’s always better to look into renovation loans mentioned earlier. Regardless if you’re only renovating a small part of your kitchen, it will still cost a lot because of all the underlying systems that will be affected. 

If you’re not looking for anything grand, a simple kitchen renovation includes installing open shelves. These shelves are just simple sturdy planks that are drilled into kitchen walls. With a few coats of finish that fit your style, new sets of storage space are available. On top of that, you can display dishes that are too pretty to eat on. 

Invest in Home Renovation

Expensive or cheap home renovation projects are an investment to your home and net worth. Simple yet worth it projects to make your homes more livable and comfortable. Make sure to focus your resources on areas that are always used first, before investing time and effort on areas that are rarely used. 

Be smart with your investment. Look for home renovation loans that will provide you with enough capital and flexible payment terms. 

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