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With These Tips Promote Your YouTube Channel And Views [New]

Did you know that, after Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine? With over 4 billion videos viewed daily and an astounding 60 hours of new video posted every minute, YouTube has become a top Google product. Your material might become more visible in Google and YouTube searches by uploading and marketing your videos there. You can showcase your company’s video content on a platform that receives over 800 million unique visitors each month by creating a YouTube channel. This channel acts as the central location for all of your company’s video content. By using examples from current innovators, we’ll look at four techniques to promote your YouTube channel so that your videos get found, viewed, and shared.

1. Optimise Your Videos,  Metadata

Do you know what metadata is? All of the data you submit about a video to assist elucidate its subject is known as metadata. The metadata for your videos on YouTube determines its title, description, and tags.

Your video will rank higher in Google and YouTube if you optimise these crucial areas of the material of your videos. Remember that content is key; if your video is the kind of thing your audience wants to see, then these optimisations will help increase a video’s reach.

Metadata optimisation won’t help much if your video material is terrible to increase its visibility. We’ll look at the Zappos YouTube channel as a good example of optimised metadata on YouTube.

How do you make your metadata as optimised as Zappos’?

Give your video a proper title

Use keyword-rich titles that are succinct and detailed to help people find your video. Be as natural as you can while including YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to get a rough idea of how much traffic a specific key phrase receives on a monthly basis worldwide. Make sure to select “exact match” when using this tool for keyword research.

In the aforementioned illustration, Zappos named their video 5 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans! as a means of letting style-conscious viewers know that Zappos is available to assist with styling your apparel in addition to selling some of it. Ultimately, it helped Zappos get the film in front of a relevant audience.

Make Use Of The Description In Your Video

Each of your videos needs to have a thorough summary of its subject matter. Although Zappos’s description of this video could have been longer, they nonetheless describe the video’s contents using the same keywords as the title.

A URL at the very beginning of Zappos’ description of this film was one thing they got right. Always provide a pertinent URL to your website, whether it be the homepage or a specific page, so that viewers may access the material from your video on your company’s website.

Include your most crucial keywords in the first few sentences of your description after the URL because some of it. This is due to the length determining whether it is concealed behind the show more tab. Aim for at least a 250-word description that incorporates the keyword phrases you found for the video’s title. Remember to utilise important phrases sparingly and naturally in your videos to maintain balance.

Give your videos tags

The best method to incorporate keywords that are pertinent to your video but don’t naturally fit in the title or description is to include ten to twenty tags every video. Each tag should be a word or phrase (use phrases more often) that is pertinent to the video’s content and the methods you anticipate visitors will find it. Consider using the same keywords that Zappos uses to tag their videos, such as how to, how to dress, 2012 fashion, what to wear, how to cuff your pants, etc.

Why is the metadata for your video a useful component of your YouTube strategy?

Once more, the metadata is only a small part of the picture and won’t help your videos reach new heights unless you have valuable material to offer your viewers.

By improving your metadata, you may increase the likelihood that the right audience will find and view your videos. The higher a video ranks for various key terms associated with its subject, the more views it receives in a short period of time. All in all, the first stage in your YouTube approach should be to emulate Zappos and optimise your high-quality video material from the start, just like they did.

2. Make Detailed Playlists

You can use the playlist feature on your channel to organise your videos according to a particular subject. When it comes to increasing the visibility of the content to promote your YouTube channel, there are a few advantages to using playlists to arrange your video collections.

Create playlists by starting to compile videos on related subjects

Target made the decision to separate all of their web-exclusive material into one playlist from all of their TV advertising. Due to usability and YouTube’s search algorithm, organising your films according to their subject will increase the likelihood that viewers will click between them.After seeing a video on a particular topic, a viewer is more inclined to watch another video on that same subject.

Use titles for your playlists that are keyword-focused

The search algorithm used by YouTube considers a variety of parameters to determine which videos appear for which keywords. Remember this when naming your playlists since it’s one of the considerations YouTube makes when determining the topic of a video. Use YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool as a resource to locate keywords with a significant monthly global search volume. Keep the title succinct and descriptive. When using this tool, be sure to use exact match search terms and to only use the keyword value estimates as a rough guide.

Create a precise, keyword-focused playlist description

The maximum word limit for this description is 5,000, which enables users to quickly comprehend the playlist’s topic and for YouTube’s algorithm to take that information into account. Target used the terms “great commercials,” “exclusive online content,” and of course “Target” in a single sentence to describe their playlist of current TV spots.

Playlists are useful because they increase the number of views on your material by aiding in the definition of a video’s subject matter for YouTube’s search algorithm through the usage of the playlist’s title and description.

Additionally, the playlist bar plays an entire playlist once you start watching one of the videos from the selection, giving you another chance to play multiple videos in front of a user whose attention you’ve already captured. Because it’s so simple for a user to stop, play, pause, skip, or return to your YouTube channel by interacting with the playlist bar at the bottom of the browser at any time, this feature doesn’t come across as intrusive.

3. Use Annotations to Your Advantage

You may include interactive comments to your videos by using YouTube annotations. They serve as a call to action on your content to encourage viewers to finish a certain job, including subscribing to your channel, viewing additional videos, stopping the video, leaving a comment, following your business on Twitter or Facebook, among many other options.

The YouTube channel of Expert Village, which is a part of the organization’s larger ehow network, advances the usage of annotations by offering calls to action that don’t obstruct the viewing experience.

How can YouTube annotations be added so they look like they came from Expert Village?

On a video that has already been uploaded to your channel, choose Edit Video, then choose the Annotations tab to start adding annotations.You can navigate through your video on the annotations dashboard and choose the time window you want to annotate from the add annotation drop-down menu. There are six different sorts of annotations available to encourage more engagement with your films, each serving a particular function for content optimisation.

Using a speech bubble

It’s crucial for the user to be aware of this annotation because it adds additional text that isn’t included in the video. For instance, adding a speech bubble to someone who is speaking in a video is a simple method to supplement what they are already saying with new information.

This annotation is particularly useful because it gives you the option to connect to another YouTube video, playlist, channel, or to allow viewers to promote your YouTube channel in addition to displaying text.

Links to other websites can only be seen as text, therefore users must manually type the URL shown in an annotation into their browser rather than clicking on it. Keep connections to external websites to a minimum and stick to delivering traffic to other YouTube destinations only when necessary.

The Remark:

One of the more practical annotations is this one. It’s a straightforward square that you can fill in with text and links to other YouTube features like the voice bubble.This annotation presents links to pertinent locations like a brand’s website or Twitter account more clearly and has a professional appearance. The note annotation is used throughout the first nine seconds of Expert Village’s Garden Home Challenge video, as can be seen below. This gives the video’s opening a clear call to action and links it to the previous videos in the series.

After the first nine seconds of the video, when the note annotations changed to spotlight annotations, this video used a clever innovation. Since note annotations draw more attention and visually occupy more of the screen than spotlight annotations do, switching to spotlight annotations after the first nine seconds eliminates the more distracting calls to action from the video experience while still keeping them in a smaller form with the spotlight annotations. Expert Village used both types of annotations on this video series.

The most crucial thing you can do is to always keep in mind the viewing experience, and Expert Village does this while utilising best practises for optimisation.

The Name:

This annotation merely serves as an extra feature for videos that were not produced with a title. Users can choose the colour, font, and size of the title box they want for their entire video, or if they want, they can divide it into several portions with different subtitles. The user may more easily understand what the video is and the firm it is meant to represent thanks to this annotation, which is more beneficial for branding purposes.

The Highlights:

The sole distinction between the spotlight annotation and the note annotation is that the former spotlights a specific segment of an existing video while the latter links to other areas of the YouTube network with or without text. You can therefore include elements to your video that, when added with the spotlight annotation, appear as unique links to your other YouTube resources. By highlighting a specific piece of your video, that section now functions as a live link to more content.

The heading:

The YouTube annotation family recently welcomed the label annotation. Consider it as a hybrid of the spotlight and the note annotation, serving as a frame with room beneath it for a caption and/or link.

The Interval:

The pause feature allows you to pause the video for the duration of your choosing, after which it will resume. This annotation is useful for highlighting a certain section of a video that viewers might find useful to concentrate on for a longer period of time than the video permits.

For instance, a user may decide to offer viewers more time to copy down vital contact information about a specific product or service in a video. By virtue of what it accomplishes, this annotation would appear to be the least used.

However, it’s still helpful to draw consumers’ attention to a message or image that’s so crucial that the video requires a brief pause.

Why should you include annotations in your YouTube strategy?

Because they are a free and simple way to grow your social following, increase visibility, and add an interactive element to your content, annotations are a useful component of your YouTube strategy.

Due to calls to action you provide in your annotations, such as the subscribe option, which makes it as easy as possible for YouTube users to receive your future YouTube material, your social media following can increase as a result of your YouTube videos. The most effective social call to action on YouTube is to get people to increase subscribe to your channel, but you can also use it to promote your YouTube channel on other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Annotations give your material more prominence and give readers a means to engage with it. Using the spotlight annotation over the built-in features of the video, Expert Village’s YouTube Valentine’s Day Essentials showcases ten separate Valentine’s Day videos within a single movie. Through annotations at the beginning, middle, and end of the video, Expert Village integrated this selection of YouTube content. If your material is relevant, you can utilise annotations in this way to increase traffic, especially when showcasing videos from a series.

Additionally, annotations can help your viewers interact with your content more after they’ve finished watching your video rather than moving on to other websites.

4. Always brand your page

Whatever the marketing channel, branding is crucial. Take advantage of the free branding options available to you for your YouTube channel. One of the many methods to mark your presence on YouTube is to alter the backdrop of your channel, highlight your other social media accounts, and design a unique header.

Put Your Own Background in

Many YouTube channels have a unique background to show that this is their brand’s official YouTube presence. The background of is straightforward, of a high standard, and emphasises what they do best—food. It’s crucial to remember to include those three strategies while producing your own YouTube background. Here is a link to Line25’s YouTube Photoshop Template that you can use to start designing your own YouTube channel with the correct dimensions.

Display All of Your Other Social Media Channels

Utilising any chance to share links to your other social networks, blogs, website, etc. There are new methods to display your other web properties according to YouTube’s most recent channel design update. Many businesses, such as Oralbrush and Dell, link to their Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, and other online locations relevant to their YouTube audience in the section about their channel at the top right of the dashboard.

This is a fantastic use of the space, but has done something special with this about section: highlighted notable videos and playlists. Make sure to add your most popular, influential, or other videos and playlists to the about section of your YouTube channel, as has done below, for another way to highlight them.

As a brand channel, custom banners and layout

Although customising your YouTube channel’s layout and banner can greatly enhance the experience of your subscribers and viewers, it unfortunately costs more than these other free optimisation ideas.

You can do this for free if you’re a non-profit, but if not, you’ll need to look into your payment choices on YouTube’s brand channel product offerings page. Don’t let the fact that huge organisations are frequently the only ones to carry out these optimisations deter you from customising your channel in this way.

With an emphasis on the icons of their other social networks, built a bespoke header that had a similar branded look to their website. Look at a few other YouTube channels with customised channels to get an idea of how you may use this space more effectively.

Why should your YouTube strategy include branding your channel?

By branding your channel, you may give your subscribers and viewers on YouTube a consistent experience that they would also see elsewhere. Each marketing channel needs to have its own identity while also being connected to other channels. To demonstrate your digital knowledge and make it as simple as possible for your online supporters to interact with you wherever they are active, it might be beneficial to highlight your most significant videos on your channel along with your other social media accounts.

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