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4 Tips for Successfully Installing Anti-Bird Netting in Luton

Are birds causing you a lot of problems in Luton? When birds are roosting and nesting on your building, this can be a nightmare. We are talking about leaving a mess behind, getting aggressive and generally becoming a health and safety hazard. This is why more property owners are choosing to have anti-bird netting fixed to their building. Indeed, this is a humane solution to the problem that deters birds rather than harming them. Here are four tips to make sure that anti-bird netting is successfully installed.

Hire a Bird Control Company

Let’s not beat around the bush. The best option is going to be to hire a bird control company. You are going to find anti-bird netting out there online. It promises to deter birds and protect your building. But, in reality, it can be substandard quality and not do the job. In particular, it can be dangerous for you to install if you have never done it before and you need to install it on high spots on your building.

Therefore, choose a bird control company that has the experience to install anti-bird netting for you. this is going to make sure that the best materials are used that are durable and suitable for your building. For instance. Apex Bird Control offer a dependable service that you can check out at They have a professional team that knows how to make sure the netting is secured in place, making it safe and ensuring it acts as a barrier. Then, you can say goodbye to your bird problem.

Identify the Bird Hotspots

So, you have decided to call in a bird control company and have anti-bird netting installed. This is a great decision and one that is going to pay off.  But, in order to be successful with this approach, you need to make sure you know where the birds are. In other words, where are they on your building?

Identifying the bird hotspots is going to allow you to have the netting installed in the right place. This could be on certain areas with ledges and windowsills. Alternatively, it could be a on a roof or somewhere that gives birds shelter from the elements. Watch the birds and see where they are going. Again, a bird control company are going to be able to help you with this if you are not sure about the best spots for netting. But, if you can have a good idea in advance, this is going to achieve the best results.

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Select the Right Gauge

If you have a bird infestation, you want to make sure that your anti-bird netting keeps this species away from your building. In other words, you need to select the right gauge that the birds not going to be able to get through. After all, anti-bird netting forms a barrier around areas of your building. So, you need to make sure it is the right size and thickness to do this effectively. For instance, if you have small birds, they might be able to get through the netting if you do not know your reach.

Anti-bird netting is going to be available in different gauge sizes. For instance, this can be 19-, 50- and 75-mm. think about the species you want to protect your building from. Then, you can select the right. If you are not sure, remember this is why it is best to work with a professional bird control company. They are going to be able to offer you advice on the right solution.

Consider the Look

Of course, the most important thing is that anti-bird netting does its job. Namely, it keeps pests way from your building, blocking off the popular hotspots and making the birds fly away to find another place to nest. But, you also want to be happy with the netting you have installed. You are not going to be happy if it looks hideous and does not complement the aesthetic of your building.

If you want to make sure that anti-bird netting is a long-term and successful investment for your building in Luton, consider the look of it. Namely, there are going to be some bird control companies that offer more options than others. For instance, you can get the opportunity to choose the colour of the netting. This allows you to select a colour that is going to blend in with your building and become less noticeable. After all, most people want a permanent but discreet solution.

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