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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing made easy: 3 tips on how to successfully implement your social media strategy

Would you have thought that? In 2019, more than half of the world’s population used social networks. The magnitude of this number shows what potential there is in the analysis, strategy, conception, and implementation of social media marketing – even if additional resources such as B. Personnel must be used.

If you think “it’s all about being there”, we have to disappoint you first. Of course, you can only win if you are part of the game. But only those who are optimally prepared and are on the pitch with the right strategy and in top form can bring home the profit (in this case the successfully implemented social media campaign).

In other words: only with an effective social media strategy and the creation of content that is relevant to your target group can you gain long-term followers and thus customers who are ready to pay.

We have given you comprehensive insights into how to create an effective social media campaign. Today we give you three tips for implementing one. Take the time to read them carefully and incorporate them into the execution of your campaign. We promise: If you take our advice into account, you can build sustainable, successful channels with relevant content and thus increase your number of followers and ultimately your sales. We wish you every success and will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice.

Our 3 tips for the successful implementation of your social media campaign:

1. Pearls in front of the followers

You want to present yourself and your company or your service on social networks, but you don’t know exactly how?

Then you should first be aware of why users use social networks in the first place. Few people open their Instagram or Facebook accounts to interact with their favorite brands. Of course there are exceptions, but most of them cavort on social media to make or find new contacts, to be entertained and to see photos of friends and acquaintances.

It is therefore important to inspire users primarily with sympathetic, appealing and, above all, authentic content for your channels. Instead of stringently placing marketing content, you have to make friends with the community. Develop a personality or persona for your channel that your followers like and enjoy hanging out with.

Also, think about what type of followers you want for your channels. What does your target group look like? How old is she? What interests does she have? Is she more female or male? When you have created a complete picture of this persona, pick them up with your content where they are. That means: serve them with content that is relevant to them, without overloading them with pure advertising or teaching them. Depending on the brand and context, they can be informative, humorous or personal in address. Most of all, you should be honest and convey the feeling that you are happy about every contact.

Although the interaction with the followers, the “community management”, is quite time-consuming, this is the real key to successful social media marketing. So when creating your social media strategy, you should keep in mind that social networks are not a “one-way street”.

2. Set realistic goals for a focus on the essentials

Why are numerous companies active in social media, but many not successful despite their efforts? The answer is easier than you might think: Often times, you have not recognized the need to plan what you can realistically achieve with your social media marketing. They know that they absolutely have to be there, but they have no idea why.

To ensure long-term success, it is absolutely essential that your social media strategy and the goals associated with it contribute to your business planning and corporate strategy. Because only if a stringent image and a sharp brand profile are created will you be authentic and bring your company forward in the long term.

It’s a great idea to have a million followers on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. But even for large, nationwide well-known companies, it is unlikely to achieve this within a year. They don’t have to either. A large number of followers who are not an active part of the community and with whom no interaction is possible are virtually worthless. “Real” followers, on the other hand, i.e. those who want to communicate with your brand and your company, are priceless. And this is exactly why organic follower growth is so crucial, even if it is more of a medium or long-term process.

Your social media goals should be individually tailored to your company and should include the following points:

  • Sharpening the brand profile and awareness
  • Increase in sales
  • Improve your return on investment (ROI)
  • Maximizing “real” organic follower growth

Also, consider beforehand which channels make sense for you and your company/service. On this basis, it is better to operate fewer channels, but with full commitment. Find out beforehand which social networks your target group spends their time on.

3. Credibility beyond social media channels

Of course, high-quality content is the be-all and end-all for social media marketing. But as mentioned at the beginning, placing marketing messages too often is an absolute no-go. The focus of the term social media is on “social”. Because originally, the social networks around Facebook and Co. were not intended as a marketing platform or marketplace on which everyone can sell their products for sale.

It is therefore absolutely essential to align your content accordingly and first and foremost to offer a good mix of entertainment and information. On the one hand, this serves to increase your reach. Because only if you meet the need for entertainment with funny and personable content will your contributions be shared. On the other hand, it makes a decisive contribution to not endangering your credibility.

If users have the feeling that you just want to sell them your products, they will turn away from your brand in no time at all. Serve them with “social” as well as entertaining content and only sprinkle a small percentage of marketing messages in, bind your followers to your channel and your company in the long term. So even though you are taking an unconventional path at first glance, you will also achieve your marketing goals.

Use the data to produce the type of content that will resonate with your followers.

What is an agile social media strategy?

The following applies to everything: Don’t be afraid to change your social media strategy. Social networks work significantly differently than classic advertising platforms. You are always on the move. It must be possible to react ad hoc to the taste and current needs of the target group as well as to current events. So your brand is and stays relevant.

What is important for a successful social media strategy in 2021?

You don’t have to dominate on every channel if that exceeds your resources. As the number of channels grows year by year, you should identify the channels that you understand best and that are particularly relevant to your target audience. Your strategy will only be successful on channels on which you can shine with sovereignty.

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Talha Fakhar

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