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4 Tips To Help You  Select A Floor Scraper

A floor scraper is an equipment that’s useful for removing carpet staples from particle wood floors. Construction companies and equipment rental firms benefit the most from this equipment as it significantly reduces the time spent on floor removal. As a result, it also allows the workers to concentrate on other tasks. However, a contractor engages in a wide range of jobs. So, it’s necessary to choose the right equipment. Ideally, you should look into those machines that you can operate efficiently in any place. A floor scraper machine having ergonomically designed controls allows easy and safe handling. Such a machine can also fit into passenger elevators. There are many considerations you should be mindful of before you decide on a specific machine. Given below are the key aspects to remember.

Weight and Size

A critical factor to consider in a floor scraper is the setting in which you will be employing it. In bigger spaces, like a parking lot, a ride-on scraper is an ideal option. But if you are operating in tighter spaces like an office building, a walk-behind scraper will prove to be more convenient.

Space accessibility is another factor to consider. Suppose the floor removal task has to take place above ground level, and there’s no facility for an elevator. In that case, a ride-on scraper will not prove to be suitable due to its weight and size. Here, a walk-behind scraper will be useful. 

The Availability of Power Source

Another consideration is whether your project involves outside or inside work and the availability of a power source there. 

If you are preparing for exterior floor removal projects like car parks or bridges, consider a propane-powered scraper that doesn’t require to be recharged. It will enable operators to run the scrapers for four hours on a single tank. This equipment also has a higher horsepower motor than the models that are battery-powered. For indoor floor removal projects, it’s essential to choose battery-powered scrapers. It has no emissions and a quieter electric motor.

Battery Life

Battery life plays an integral role in how fast a floor scraper can finish a floor removal task. Many manufacturers utilise wet cell batteries that use a liquid solvent electrolyte. It means that the battery will provide maximum power for the initial proportion of the run time. It then drops to a lesser discharge rate. These kinds of batteries slow down floor scraper machines during the course of a day. In such a scenario, it’s wise to buy a floor scraper that has consistent four-hour battery life. 

Pitch and Variable Speed

Do not fall into the assumption of thinking that you need heavier floor scrapers for materials that are hard to remove. As every floor is distinct, machine versatility is more important than size. You will benefit from an effective floor removal process when you can modify the pitch and the floor scraper blade’s angle. Stay away from scrapers that use a high force to remove flooring. It’s an improper technique and can cause issues with the operator as well as the floor below the material that has to be removed. 

Ideally, look for a scraper that can remove various materials and has variable speed options for varied kinds of flooring. Variable speed can also prove to be helpful in soft floors. Here, raising the speed will enable the operator to complete the job quickly.

You should not set the initial price of a scraper machine as the deciding factor when planning to purchase it. Instead, focus on versatility, design, and the performance of this equipment, as that is what will give you the maximum return on investment in the long run. A compact floor scraper machine with adjustable side plates and swivelling jaws facilitates the operator to maintain complete contact with even the most uneven surfaces. Such a design is ideal for various residential and smaller commercial applications. 

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